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About Organizing.TV

Organizing.TV is a content marketing website that teaches people about laundry, how to fold clothes, and how to organize their homes to save space. Organizing.TV is best known for its popular YouTube channel Small Space Organizing where it teaches people to fold clothes, clean electronics, and how to live in a small space

We help people clean and organize their clothes and homes to be more happy in their own space.

Tor from Organizing.TV

Our Story

After being a semi-nomadic traveler for 6 years, Tor Rydder was forced to stay home due to the troubles of 2020 and 2021. During this time, he integrated his minimalist travel lifestyle into everyday life in a small home.

This included reducing his wardrobe size by half with purging and then reducing the space it took up by half again with folding.

Shortly after being grounded, Tor Rydder started the YouTube channel Small Space Organizing to share his folding and organizing techniques with the world. The channel grew slowly at first, but after a while it started to build up momentum to a point where thousands of people now watch the videos on folding, organizing, and cleaning every day of the week.

The website organizing.TV is an extension of the successful YouTube channel. In addition to embedded videos, you also find illustrations, infographics, and written guides on folding and organizing topics here. You can read about our Editorial Policy here.

Our Audience is on YouTube!

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We are located in Norway, but Our Audience is World-Wide!