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A Complete Guide to Adding Scent to Dryer Balls

Dryer balls are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and chemical-free accessories that separate clumps of wet laundry and improve the ability of the dryer to dry the clothes in record time.

And if you’re wondering, since the dryer balls are tumbling in there, why not make them scented to rub some fragrance off on the laundry? You’re not alone. More and more people are adding scent to dryer balls these days.

You can use both fragrance oils and essential oils to give the dryer balls a great scent that eventually ends up in the laundry. Essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, and balsam fir are ideal for wool dryer balls. But you can always use your favorite scent with any dryer balls you have at your disposal.

The wonderful world of essential oils and fragrance oils is vast and exciting. So why not add some pizzazz to your laundry during the dryer cycle with scented dryer balls? Read more to find out all about adding scent to dryer balls.

Can you Use Essential Oils in the Dryer?

The idea of adding essential oils to dryer balls is not new. Since the dryer balls in the market are mainly using fragrances, then why not buy unscented dryer balls and infuse them with essential oils of your choice?

But the question is, is it safe to use essential oils in the dryer? Isn’t there a risk of the inflammatory oil catching fire?

Actually, that risk is quite low, considering that there’s not enough vapor emitting from the dryer ball to ignite a fire.

Granted, essential oils have a low flash point (the temperature at which the vapors ignite) between 104 and 110 degrees F, and the temperature in the dryer is between 125 and 135 degrees F. But as long as you add only a few drops to the dryer ball at a time, it’s quite safe to use essential oils on dryer balls. 

Can you Use Fragrance Oils in the Dryer?

The same rules that apply to essential oils also are pertinent to fragrance oils. Both fragrance oils and essential oils are flammable.

But since people have been using scented dryer sheets and scented dryer balls in the dryer without incidents, then it’s safe to say that you can use fragrance oils on the dryer balls as long as you limit the amount you add every time to just a few drops.

As long as there’s not enough vapor inside of the dryer to cause a fire, you won’t have any problems. One rule of thumb is to add between 3 to 4 drops of the oils using an eyedrop to the balls before tossing them into the dryer. The balls will dry out fast, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What Essential Oils Go with Dryer Balls?

When it comes to fashion, you always try to follow the trends. But when it comes to your home and your life in it, your personal tastes and preferences take precedence.

This applies to the fragrances and scents that infuse your laundry. That said, here are a few essential oils that have many benefits that most people have come to embrace.


Lavender is a soothing scent with an amazingly calming effect. A whiff of lavender does wonders to your stress levels. I recommend using lavender essential oils with dryer balls when you’re doing the bed sheets, linens, homewear such as pajamas, and duvet covers.

When you go to bed at the end of a long day, the calming scent of lavender will prepare you for sleep in no time.


Eucalyptus is a trademark scent of spas and health clubs. It has a similar effect on the mind and body as lavender but with a refreshing twist. It’s the ideal essential oil for bathroom linens such as towels and washcloths.

Not only will it keep the bathroom smelling fresh, but it will also turn it into your personal spa.

Balsam Fir

Balsam fir is a rejuvenating essential oil. It perks you up when you need to and calms you down when you just want to relax and shed the stress of the day.

You can use balsam fir oil with all types of clothes and fabrics. It goes well with home clothes, activewear, office wear, and even casual wear. You cannot go wrong with balsam fir.

You’ll probably like my list of all the best essential oils to use on dryer balls too.

How to Add Scent to Dryer Balls

Dryer balls have many advantages over dryer sheets. But since dryer sheets are scented while dryer balls are not, people prefer to use dryer sheets.

But now, you can add scent to your dryer balls and enjoy the absence of static and the shorter dryer cycles, which translate into lower energy bills. Here’s how to add scent to dryer balls. 

  1. Select the essential oil you prefer according to the type of laundry you’re doing.
  2. After you drop the wet laundry in the dryer, pick up the dryer balls one by one.
  3. Add a few drops of essential oil using an eyedropper. You shouldn’t exceed 4 drops per ball at any time to keep the dryer safe.
  4. Repeat with the rest of the balls. If you’re using more than 6 dryer balls together, then limit the number of essential oil drops to 2 at most.
  5. Toss the dryer balls into the dryer and let them do their magic.
  6. By the end of the dryer cycle, the laundry will come out dry and scented.
  7. The dryer balls run out of essential oils after every use. So you’ll need to infuse them with the scent every time you use the dryer.


Dryer balls are a better option than dryer sheets. They’re economical, eco-friendly, and keep the laundry smooth and wrinkle-free.

The one drawback about them is that they’re not scented. But you can infuse them with essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, or balsam fir to give your laundry the right scent. Don’t use more than 4 drops of essential oils per dryer ball at a time.

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