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Are Bathtub Faucets Universal? Here’s The Truth!

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It is no secret that there are countless bathtub faucet styles, allowing you to design your bathroom in the most unique way possible. What you might not know, however, is whether the installation process and construction of bathtub faucets are the same for every model. So, are bathtub faucets universal?

Not all bathtub faucets work the same way. You might have to dig deeper than you think to find a faucet that fits and works best for your bathtub. There are many styles and constructions that are similar, but not all bathtub faucets have the same measurements and installation processes.

Continue reading to learn about the details of whether bathtub faucets are universal. Just because not every faucet will fit your bathtub spout does not mean it will be difficult to find one that you like. There are plenty of options on the market with different styles and other attributes.

Are All Bathtub Faucets The Same?

No, not all bathtub faucets are the same. Depending on the faucet itself and the water spout it connects to, there are several differences in bathtub faucets. However, this does not mean that you will have trouble finding the right bathtub faucet for your bathroom. 

There are so many options to choose from that finding the correct one should not be a problem. 

There is no specific reason bathtub faucets are not universal besides the fact that different contractors install different types of bathtub spouts when building the bathroom. 

So, ultimately, it all depends on how your bathtub is built. If you already know enough about bathtub faucets, you should be able to tell your contractor what type of spout you want for a certain faucet.

Assuming this is not the case, you may not know to tell a contractor what you need. So, you would be stuck with whatever spout is installed in your bathroom. As said before, however, this is not the end of the world. There will be plenty of bathtub faucet options that fit the description of what you need.

How Are Bathtub Faucets Different?

There are several variations to consider when discussing how bathtub faucets are different. You do not only have to consider the size of the faucet you are looking to buy. All things to think about before buying your bathtub faucet include:

  • The dimensions of the bathtub spout
  • The installation details of the faucet
  • Whether your faucet will fit your pipes and spout
Here is my wall-mounted bathtub faucet. I had to extend it a bit to make the water properly fall into the bathtub.

To cover one of the basics, first, you need to look at the actual spout that the bathtub faucet will be connected to. There are two main types of bathtub spouts: 

  • A threaded connection type – Threaded connection spouts screw onto the water pipe 
  • A slip connection type – Slip connection spouts slip on and are secured with one screw

You might be wondering how different spouts have anything to do with the bathtub faucet. Well, even spouts of the same type can have different circumferences. Just because you have a faucet that fits an older slip spout does not mean you can fit the same faucet – or any other faucet – to the same spout. Before getting your faucet, you must make sure you know the dimensions of your bathtub spout.

The most important detail to consider involves the installation process that your bathtub faucet will require. There are several different bathtub faucet models, making the installation process dependent on what type of faucet you have. 

Below are some of the most common bathtub faucet models and how they differ in installation.

Single-Hole Faucets

These are one of the most common types of faucets because they are in such a high supply. They include any type of faucet in which the control to make the water hot or cold is connected to the faucet itself, only requiring one hole – thus one pipe – for the plumbing. 

However, these faucets may not be preferred because it can take longer for the water to turn from hot to cold. That said, they also tend to be the most affordable faucets.

Three-Hole Faucets

Three-hole faucets come with the faucet as a stand-alone appliance itself and also include two separate handles, one for hot water and one for cold. While the separation of the faucet and handles allows for better control of the water temperature change and water velocity, installation is more expensive because it requires three different pipes to be cut and run through the plumbing.

Wall-Mounted Faucet

Wall-mounted faucets are relatively similar to three-hole faucets. They, too, need three pipes for installation. However, it can be even more pricey since you have to install the faucet on your wall. This is especially the case if it is just drywall. You might have to pay extra for a support system to hold the faucet up.

There are a handful of other faucet types, but these are most popular among bathtubs. It is useful to learn about different faucets because, since they all have completely different installation processes, they will likely require different spouts. As said before, the faucet must fit the spout perfectly. You cannot get by with a spout and faucet that are even a few millimeters off.

What To Look For When Buying A Bathtub Faucet

The best way to approach looking for a bathtub faucet is to follow the information above. Before anything, you must make sure you get the dimensions correct. The faucet has to fit the spout. 

In addition, there are a few other things to consider.

Your financial situation is highly influential on the type of bathtub faucet you can buy. Even when you are on a budget, however, you will still have a wide range of options to choose from

Just know that it is not only the type of faucet that can cost money but also the entire installation process. The price can rise quickly with faucets that require more complex piping and other materials.


Bathtub faucets are not universal, but that does not mean you will struggle to find one that works for you. As long as you gather the information necessary for knowing the dimensions of your bathtub spout, the installation materials you need for your faucet, and the faucet itself, you will come to find that there are dozens of options out there. 

Keep in mind, also, that choosing a bathtub faucet can be exciting. Making your bathroom style fit with the rest of your home is a great way to capitalize on some interior design talent.

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