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How to Hang Pants: Step-By-Step (and the Best Hangers)

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Hanging your pants is a great way to store them if you want to avoid wrinkles that may occur from folding them. There are generally two types of hangers you can use to hang your pants, and in this article, I will go over how to hang your pants on both of them.

In the second half of this guide, I will also make some recommendations for hangers in case you are in the market for some new ones.

How to Hang Pants

The simplest way to hang your pants can be done in only a few seconds on a coathanger. This way is more than sufficient for most uses, whether it is for suit pants or just for hanging your jeans.

Here are the steps:

  1. Start by laying the pants down on a flat surface.
  2. From side to side, fold the pants in half so that one-half of the backside faces upwards.
  3. From the end with the pantlegs, pull your pants halfway through the hanger.
  4. Let the middle of your pants lengthwise rest on the lower end of the hanger.

I made an illustration for you below to clarify.

How to Seville Fold Your Pants

The Seville fold is the best way to hang your pants if you want them to stay in place on a coat hanger. This is especially useful if you’re going to travel with a suit and want to keep the pants and jacket together on the same coat hanger.

The steps are:

  1. Lay your pants down flat with the side facing up.
  2. Pull the top leg back all the way past the waist of the pants so that the entire crotch area of the pants is visible.
  3. Take your coat hanger and place it at the knee of the lower pant leg with the hook of the hanger facing away from the crotch of the pants.
  4. Pull the lower pant leg through the hanger and let the leg opening rest against the crotch area of the pants.
  5. Now take the top pant leg and pull it back down.
  6. Put it through the hanger so that its knee rests on the lower half of the hanger on top of the lower leg.
  7. Lift the hanger up, and the rest of the top leg should fall in place, securing the pants to the hanger.

I can understand that this can be tricky to master in the beginning, so I’ve put together a training video for you so that you can follow along with me and practice the fold.

3 Clever Ways to HANG PANTS: A step-by-step guide
Video from my article on hanging pants. Seville fold starts at timestamp 1:37 in the video.

How to Hang Pants on a Pant Hanger

Pants hangers are a great option for those looking to store their pants in a closet.

Personally, I prefer coat hangers, but I’ll show you how to use the pant hangers as well since a lot of people prefer them.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Place your pants down with the front or the side facing upward. The side up is great if you want to maintain a crease down the middle of, for example, a suit.
  2. If you have wide pants and have them facing up, you can optionally fold them in half from side to side now.
  3. Adjust the clasps on your pant hanger to the width of the top of the pants.
  4. Ensure all layers of the pant’s waist are evenly lined up and put the clasp over all of them on both ends of the waist.
  5. Lift the pants up, and put them back in your closet.

For the remainder of the article, I want to dive into the various types of hanger options available to you.

I also have a really practical video on how to store your jeans if you have little space in your closet. You can check it out here.

The Best Hangers For Pants (An option for every situation)

Some hangers save space, and others are made of wood for style and durability. There are hangers with clips like we just went over how to use above and hangers that let you fold the pants easily and conveniently.

Best Hangers for Pants

Here are my six recommendations in short:

Best Overall
ZOBER Slack/Trousers Pants Hangers – 20 Pack
Best Heavy Duty
Bumodel 20 Pack Heavy Duty Pants Hanger
Best Wood
Nature Smile Solid Lotus Wood Deluxe Wooden Pants Hangers
Best Multi-functional
Hong Feng Pants Hangers 5 Layers Multi-Functional Pants Rack
Best Space Saving
DOIOWN Pants Hangers 5 Pieces Non-Slip Space Saving Hangers
Best Budget
Hanger Central Space Saving 25 Pack, Slim Clear Pants Hangers
Best Overall
ZOBER Slack/Trousers Pants Hangers – 20 Pack
Best Heavy Duty
Bumodel 20 Pack Heavy Duty Pants Hanger
Best Wood
Nature Smile Solid Lotus Wood Deluxe Wooden Pants Hangers
Best Multi-functional
Hong Feng Pants Hangers 5 Layers Multi-Functional Pants Rack
Best Space Saving
DOIOWN Pants Hangers 5 Pieces Non-Slip Space Saving Hangers
Best Budget
Hanger Central Space Saving 25 Pack, Slim Clear Pants Hangers

Please note that all the product links in this article are paid and will take you to Amazon or Walmart.

1. Best Overall: ZOBER Slack/Trousers Pants Hangers – 20 Pack 

  • RUBBER COATING – Say goodbye to wrinkled pants on the floor. These clothes hangers have a non-slip grip to ensure your pants, skirts, scarves, or whatever you’re hanging up stays in place
  • PERFECT FOR ORGANIZING – Tired of the disarray of denim? Losing your patience with the pants rack? Try out this hanger organizer set and watch your closet go from cluttered to clean in minutes

If you have read my other hangers’ reviews and watched the videos, you have probably noticed that Zober is featured on almost every list. That’s a testament to the quality of their products.

But there’s more to this 20-pack of hangers than just having a brand name on them. They are as functional as they are elegant. Slim, streamlined, and strong, they’re the right hangers for pants, slacks, and trousers.

The hangers are made of metal and coated with chrome to fight off the rust. The bars are coated with rubber to prevent slipping.

You can use them to hang pants, towels, scarves, or linen. The open-ended design of the hangers makes them suitable for any purpose. They’re sturdy enough to carry the weight of denim clothes even when they’re wet. 

2. Best Heavy Duty: Bumodel 20 Pack Heavy Duty Pants Hanger

  • 【Top Quality Metal Material】Bumodel pants hangers with clips is made of excellent metal material.A layer of rubber protective layer is added to the body,becoming more robust and can withstand greater weight.The metal is not easy to rust.Metal shorts hangers with cilps is more durable than wooden or plastic pants hangers.Fit for coat hanger,scarf hanger,tie hanger,jeans hanger,sweater hanger,dress hanger,suit hanger,kid’s hanger,children hanger,blouse hanger,shirt hanger.

We all know that pants are a lot heavier than other items of clothes you have. Between the thickness of the fabrics and the amount of material that goes into the pants, you need a sturdy and heavy-duty hanger to handle your jeans, chinos, and other heavy pants.

Bumodel has the answer for that. Metal hangers with clips to hang your pants straight and prevent creases and wrinkles.

The slim hangers save space and allow you to keep your pants in the wardrobe no matter how small space you have for them. When you fold the pants, they take up double the space of a pair of pants hanging straight down.

Both the hangers and clips are made of metal, and the body of the hanger is coated with rubber to protect against rusting and slipping. 

3. Best Wood: Nature Smile Solid Lotus Wood Deluxe Wooden Pants Hangers

  • Set of 10 premium lotus wood pants skirt hangers.
  • Smooth Surface protect your hand and clothes from abrading.
  • Non-slip steel grip clips with Cushioned clamps for hanging pants skirt
  • A chrome 360 degree hook lets users easily hang clothing from any angle.
  • Heavy duty hardwood strong enough to sustain all kind of pants and skirts.Dimensions: 14″L x 0.47″W x 6.7″H.

Wood is still the go-to material for stylish decor and elegance. If you prefer wood over metal, Nature Smile has a set of 10 hangers made of lotus wood. They go with every setting and design theme.

The polished wood maintains its natural color and has smooth edges to avoid cuts, snags, or abrading. Both the hook and the clips of each hanger are made of steel for sturdiness and loading capacity.  

The clamps of the clips are cushioned with rubber to have a tight grip on the pants without leaving a mark or dent in the fabrics.

The swiveling hook turns 360 degrees to let you hang the pants anywhere and at any angle. 

4. Best Multi-functional: Hong Feng Pants Hangers 5 Layers Multi-Functional Pants Rack

  • 【Space Saving】Each pants rack can hold up to 5 slacks or jeans at same time. Unique design will save at least 80% of space and keep your wardrobe clean&well organized. Functional hangers keep trousers in natural shape without any wrinkle, making them compact and organized.
  • 【Durable Material】Our jeans hangers are made of durable stainless steel and abs plastic, sturdy while lightweight. They are strong enough even if your pants are oversized or heavy duty. The edge of hanger is smooth, which protects your clothes from scratching and creases.

If you don’t have that many pants, but have other items of clothing which are tall and flowing, then hangers for just pants might not be what you’re looking for.

What you want is a multi-purpose hanger that lets you hang everything from scarves and skirts to ties and leggings.

That’s what Hong Feng set out to achieve, and this 5-layer hanger checks all the boxes. It’s sturdy, multi-functional, and saves space.

Each hanger has two plastic hooks, and between them, you have 5 open-ended metal hangers above each other.

The two hooks are for convenience and allow you to hold on to the bottom hook while you take out a pair of pants.

Being open-ended lets you hang heavy and oversized pants or jeans without getting them creased. 

5. Best Space Saving: DOIOWN Pants Hangers 5 Pieces Non-Slip Space Saving Hangers

  • ❤ Upgrade non slip design — Each pants jeans hangers were added a non slip black plastic tube to avoid the pants fall off and keep them in the place
  • ❤Stainless Steel Multi Pants Clothes Hangers — Our multi use pants organizer hangers made of prime quality stainless steel with sturdy construction to ensure lasting and won’t get rust. Multi use in pants organizer for closet, jeans hangers, scarfs organizers, slack hangers, trouser hangers. Great multifunctional pants rack for closet

Doiown Took out all the bells and ribbons and delivered a 5-tier non-slip hanger made entirely of stainless steel that also saves space.

No swiveling hooks, no rubber, no plastic, no coating. Just the skeleton of a hanger.

But despite its austere design, the hanger is surprisingly stylish. But more than its visual appeal, the hanger is very much functional. You can hang all your jeans on it and save plenty of space in your closet.

The bar of each tier has a plastic tubing that keeps the pants in place, hence the non-slip.

6. Best Budget: Hanger Central Space Saving 25 Pack, Slim Clear Pants Hangers

  • 👖 STURDY QUALITY – Made from durable heavy-duty clear plastic, our clip hangers for skirts measure 14″ in length and 5″ from the top of the hook to the bottom bar. These clear plastic pants hangers with clips from Hanger Central are an essential purchase for your home or clothing business!
  • 👗 ORGANIZE YOUR CLOSET – They are inexpensive but work just as well as more expensive hangers. Our slack hangers make your closet much more manageable — nice to have uniformity. You can stack the uniform dress on the hangers and clip a short or pant on each a clip. This has been a huge space saver in your closet which never looked more organized.
  • 🩳 CONVENIENCE DESIGN – The bottom hangers with polish chrome swivel hook are pretty convenience that hangers can be hung from either direction. Load bearing up to 7.7lbs, the clips are easy to open, yet they strong enough to hold the shorts and skirts effectively, which don’t slip out of the grippers. No more pants on the floor of the closet.

Hangers are not generally expensive except for the ones made of natural wood. But if you’re on a budget and you see a hanger pack that is quite affordable and functional, why not choose it over another one that’s pricey?

Hanger Central offers a 25-pack hanger that costs less than a dollar each.

And while the hangers are made of heavy-duty clear plastic, the clips, hook, and bar are made of metal.

The swiveling hook can conveniently hang on any rod or bar at any angle. One pack of hangers can free up plenty of space in your closet.


Pants need sturdy and non-slip hangers. Open-ended hangers are convenient and allow you to hang oversized pants on them. Hangers that come with clips avoid wrinkles and creases and take up 50 percent less space than those that let you fold the pants on them.

Next, you can check out my step-by-step guide on how to fold your pants.


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