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The 4 Best Wardrobe Organizing Apps (And why you need one) 

How often do you stand in front of the wardrobe, looking at the multitude of clothes of different colors and wondering what to wear? I bet that happens more often to you than not. And you’re not alone.

The more items of clothing you have in the closet, the more time you spend trying out different outfits. In the end, you accept the first outfit that matches and walk away from the wardrobe with resignation. You need a wardrobe organizing app.

I tried and tested the best wardrobe organizing apps, so you don’t have to. I shortlisted the following 4 apps for your consideration.

1. Cladwell

2. Pureple

3. Closet+

4. Stylebook

What are Wardrobe Organizing Apps?

The idea behind a wardrobe organizing app is that you can turn the app into a virtual copy of your actual wardrobe. Think the metaverse. But instead of the virtual offices, buildings, and entertainment venues, you only have your closet and all the clothes it has.

When you want to find something to wear, you don’t have to take out a bunch of clothes every time and try to find two items that match. You can use the app instead.

Why do you Need a Wardrobe Organizing App?

When you think about it, you actually spend a lot of time just searching for clothes that suit the occasion, your mood, and the weather every time you want to go somewhere.

Sometimes you get lucky and find something you like quickly. Other times, you have to empty half the wardrobe without success, then you settle on something you wore a couple of days ago.

A wardrobe organizing app not only cuts down on the search and hunt time, but lets you zero in on the type of clothes you’re looking for without distractions.

You get to organize your clothes into categories. You can group them by type, season, occasion, or purpose. One category would be work clothes, another is for clothes you wear in the evening. A third category for casual wear and yet another category for seasonal wear.

Now all you need to do is browse the category you like and start mixing and matching to find the right outfit. Some apps will give you ideas to help you create a new look for yourself. When you’re happy with an outfit, you can save it to come back for it later.

I also wrote a guide on how to organize small dressers that may interest you.

The Best Wardrobe Organizing Apps

1. Cladwell

Cladwell is more than just an app to display the content of your wardrobe and sort them into categories. It also gives you suggestions based on the number and type of clothes you have.

The app goes a step further, allowing you to enter as many details about each item of clothes you own as you like. The more details the app gets, the better it can pair and match new combinations of clothes for you.

Key Features

Cladwell is packed with features. As you get comfortable with the app, you’ll start using some features almost on a daily basis. Other features might be seasonal, or you might not use them at all. Here are the key features of Cladwell that might interest you.

  • Weather-Appropriate Recommendations: The app checks the weather forecast on a daily basis and gives you recommendations for the most suitable outfits based on the weather outside. If you don’t like the outfits the app offers, you can edit and customize your preferences. The more you use it, the more personal suggestions it will present to you every day.
  • Style Analysis: Cladwell keeps track of the colors and styles you use more frequently. It collects this data, analyzes it, and presents it with stats that help you shop for the right clothes for you. With a better understanding of your taste in clothing, you can tweak your look and style.
  • Shopping Suggestions: Based on the style data and analysis, the app suggests certain items of clothing that meet your expectations. It also recommends which clothes you already have can go with them and how to wear them to look your best. You can think of it as your personal fashion designer and stylist.

Availability and Price

Cladwell is available both for Android and iOS systems. It offers a 7-day free trial period. If you want to use the app after the end of the trial period, you’ll need to buy a subscription. There are two subscription plans available. A monthly plan for $4.99 or a yearly plan for $48.68.

Why you Might not Like it

Some of the drawbacks of the app include:

  • It takes time for the app to collect enough data to give you accurate suggestions and recommendations that match your taste.
  • Although the app allows you to customize the style suggestions, it often ignores those customizations and resets itself to the default setting.
  • The shopping suggestions could use more tweaking.

2. Pureple

Besides the usual clothes cataloging that every wardrobe organizing app has, Pureple also offers an outfit planning feature and a calendar. That way, you can plan what to wear one week in advance.

This is a nifty feature for those who work in the office as it takes out the hassle of deciding what to wear every single day of the week. The app has a powerful wardrobe insight feature that is quite handy and informative.

Key Features

Pureple takes some of the common features of similar apps and refines them. Some of the best features of this app are the following.

  • Extensive Catalog: Setting up the catalog in any wardrobe organizing app is a time-intensive effort. But Pureple cuts down on the time and effort by offering items of clothing in the app to choose from. You just search for a similar blouse or skirt and add it, then key in the details such as the color, fabric, and style.
  • Planning Future Outfits: If you have an important event that you need to dress for or if you need a different outfit for the office every day, then you can use the built-in calendar to plan those outfits. Once you’re satisfied, take out the actual clothes from the wardrobe and keep them on separate hangers. 
  • Wardrobe Declutter: After using the app for a few months, the app starts building up a list of the least worn clothes in your closet. Based on this information, you can adjust your clothes shopping habits, and when it’s time to declutter the wardrobe, 

Availability and Price

Pureple is available for both Android and iOS. The app is free to use, although the free version has ads and limited functionality. The pro version removes the ads and offers more features than the free one, including using it on multiple devices. It costs $7.48 a month.

Why you Might not Like it

Some of the issues you might not like about the app include:

  • The app ignores your preferences sometimes. It will offer you the same outfit that you have disliked before.
  • Advertisements are a major drawback. The intrusive ads in the free version take up to 30 seconds at a time and interrupt you when you least expect them.
  • The user interface is rather poorly designed. It’s not intuitive or easy to use. Overall, the app has a steep learning curve.

3. Closet+

Closet+ takes a different path as far as wardrobe organizing goes. Instead of offering plenty of features that hardly anyone uses and do nothing but bloat the app, Closet+ is a simple and straightforward closet organizing app with few but very useful features.

The app has a clean design, and you can get the hang of it within a short period of time. 

Key Features

By limiting the number of features it offers, Closet+ expands on these features and refines them to a great degree. The following are three main features you’ll be using regularly on the app.

  • Outfit Creation: With all your closet content grouped together by type, color, or purpose, it’s easy for you to create outfits by mixing and matching the items. This is a lot easier to do in the app than in real life. It also saves you a lot of time. You’ll be surprised at the number of outfits you can create from a few items of clothing.
  • Outfit Planning: The app has a calendar that lets you plan which outfits to wear on what day. The calendar is simple but powerful, and if you already have a list of outfits, you can plan outfits for a whole week within minutes.
  • Packing List: A nifty feature that helps you pack for a vacation. You can choose the outfits to pack, write down notes, give yourself reminders, and make your packing hassle-free.

Availability and Price

Closet+ is only available for iOS devices. It has a free version with limited functionality and lots of advertisements. The pro version has many plans. Starting from $2.98 a month, the app also has $4.98 and $8.98 monthly plans.

Why you Might not Like it

Closet+ is a simple app that is not for everybody. Some of its drawbacks include:

  • It has a limited number of features. If you’re an advanced user who spends hours every day creating outfits and searching for new ways to revive old clothes, you would need another app.
  • No catalog in the app. This is a major issue since you cannot create outfits without knowing what exactly is within your wardrobe. Again this app is not for power users.
  • The ads in the free version are annoying. They can interrupt your planning or packing list creation, and you lose your inspiration while you wait for the advertisement to play out.

4. Stylebook

Stylebook lives up to its name and introduces some top-notch features that will make your fashion life a whole lot easier and more satisfying.

Besides the usual catalog building, outfit planning, and outfit creation, the app also makes it easier to organize your actual wardrobe and remove the clutter and the items you hardly ever wear.

Moreover, it lets you upload images of your clothes with no background.

Key Features

If you’re a power user and fashion is your life, then you’ll love the powerful features in Stylebook. This is an app that cuts down on the hard work of organizing the wardrobe and decluttering it. It makes creating outfits based on actual images of your clothes a lot easier.

  • Looks: This is a powerful feature that lets you create new styles and looks by mixing and matching the actual items of clothes you have in the closet. The process is easy to master and quite intuitive as you drag and drop clothes and accessories to create the right look. 
  • Closet: The app lets you build a catalog of your closet content by uploading images or taking pictures with the phone camera. You will use these pictures to create outfits later and keep track of what’s in your wardrobe.
  • Packing List: You can create different lists for different trips. Each list will have a title and date, and you can rearrange the list or discard or add items at any time.
  • Calendar: The calendar in Stylebook works the same way as in other similar apps. It lets you plan outfits in advance. If you don’t have outfits in the library, you can create the outfits on the fly and add them to the outfit plan.

Availability and Price

Stylebook is only available for iOS devices. It costs $3.99 upfront to purchase the app. There are no subscriptions involved, and all the features are available to all users who buy the app.

Why you Might not Like it

  • Uploading images of the clothes is time-consuming.
  • Editing the images to remove the background doesn’t work every time.
  • Outfit suggestions are a little clunky.


If you want to streamline your fashion selections, a wardrobe organizing app such as Stylebook or Cladwell is a must. For light users, Closet+ is a good app with few features and a simple design.

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