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Can You Lock A Fridge Without A Lock? Here’s the truth!

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There are a lot of fridges nowadays that do not come with built-in locks, so if you are trying to baby-proof your home, or you are living in a dorm, and what to keep your food safe, it can be challenging and frustrating. So, is there any way to lock a fridge without a lock?

You can lock a fridge that does not come with a built-in lock. There are many fridge door locks on the market, each with different installation processes and different operating difficulties; there are also budget-friendly options that work well too. These door locks will keep your produce safe. 

What are some of the best fridge door locks available that are also budget-friendly? What are some considerations you should go through before deciding on a lock? Let us find out!

Can You Lock A Fridge Without A Lock?

There are several motives you may have to lock your fridge, including traveling with an RV fridge, baby-proofing your home, or living in dorm rooms. But the refrigerator that is available to you may not have a built-in lock, so is there a way to lock a fridge without a lock?

You can lock a fridge that does not have a built-in lock if you need to. Many products on the market are easy to use, budget-friendly, and easy to install that can lock your fridge. There are different fridge door locks to choose from, depending on your needs. Let us have a look at a few different door locks, so you can see what would suit you best. 

The Top 5 Refrigerator Locks On the Market

Several fridge door locks are available to you today; whether you need one to help keep your RV fridge closed on travels or you just need to baby-proof your home, you will find what you need. Let us go through the top 5 refrigerator door locks so you can choose the best one for you!

1. Refrigerator Door Lock With Padlock

This refrigerator lock has two bolts that meet together and can be locked in a padlock. If you are using a single-door fridge, then one side of the mechanism will attach to the side of the refrigerator, and the other side will connect to the door. 

Then the padlock is placed through the holes on the bolts and will prevent the door from moving. But this door lock will also fit and work well with a double door fridge too. 

You would just attach one bolt to one of the doors and the other bolt to the other door, locking it with the padlock in the middle. This door lock will need two hands to open as the padlock may move around, but it is an easy-to-use lock. 

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2. Guardianite Premium Refrigerator Door Lock

This refrigerator lock is like a fridge lock with a padlock, but its locking mechanism is built into one side of the unit itself, with the cable being placed inside it, and then you can lock it with a key. 

These types of locks are far neater than the locks that use padlocks, so if appearances are important to you, this type of lock will suit you better. This locking mechanism can be operated with one hand if needed as the mechanism stays in a fixed position, so they are easy to use. 

This refrigerator lock is one of the strongest on the market, meaning if you need to keep medications in your fridge or you need to keep an RV fridge closed while you travel, this is one of the best locks you can get. 

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3. Safety 1st Refrigerator Door Lock

This fridge lock is a strap-type lock, which is a lock that is locked into place with plastic straps that connect the two sides of the lock together. These locks are extremely easy to install, as they have an adhesive side that sticks straight onto your fridge, so there is no need to damage your fridge to install it. 

The strap is removed from one side of the mechanism when you push down the button, so it is pretty easy to use. This type of fridge door lock is used primarily to keep toddlers out of the fridge for safety reasons, and it is not used for keeping adults out. 

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4. Child Safety Strap Locks

These door locks are similar to the door lock above; these are also meant to help keep children out of fridges for safety reasons. This door lock is great for fridges as it is easy to install and use, as it has adhesive on the back of the strap units that stick to the fridge well and do not come off easily. 

This pack comes in a useful four-pack, and these door strap locks can be used on more than just the fridge door; you can use them on cabinets, waste bins, toilets, ovens, and your dishwasher machine. So, if you are trying to baby-proof your house, this four-pack is just the thing you need, and not only for your fridge!

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5. Safety 1st Lock Release Fridge Latch

This door lock is a great one to have for your fridge. This lock is marketed as a child safety fridge lock, but it will prove useful to anyone who needs to lock their fridge that does not have a built-in lock. 

This fridge door lock is sturdy and easy to use; this lock and also be disabled for temporary non-use if you need it to. This fridge door lock is great for people with RV refrigerators for traveling as you need to press the lock in a specific location to unlock it, so your fridge will stay closed as you drive. Another great aspect of this door lock is that it is also compatible with a deep freezer.

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Considerations When Picking A Fridge Lock

Before you decide on a door lock for your fridge, there are a few considerations you should go through first. 

When you are choosing a fridge door lock, you need to keep in mind who needs to access the fridge, for example, do you have older children that need to access the fridge or a partner, or are you living in a dorm room, and you just want to keep your snacks away from roommates.

There are different types of locks available, all with varying difficulty levels to operate, so you need to find the kind of lock that will be easiest for you to use. 

You need to keep in mind the installation process, as some locks will require more work than others to install, including sometimes drilling into your fridge. You need to ensure that the door lock is compatible with your fridge, as some locks will not be suitable for a double-door fridge. 


If your fridge does not come with a built-in lock, you can still lock it if you get the right equipment that suits both you and your fridge. There are many fridge door locks available on the market today that suit just about any refrigerator or even freezer door that are easy to install and use. So, you can still take your mini-fridge on your travels in your RV without anything spilling out of it. 

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