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How Much Does It Really Cost to FULLY Furnish a Kitchen?

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Are you moving into a new home? This can be a fun and exciting time. But it can also be very stressful, especially if you are moving from a place that is fully furnished into one that you will have to furnish yourself. This can leave you asking how much it will cost to fully furnish your kitchen. 

Generally, the cost of furnishing a kitchen highly depends on the type of utensils, dishes, and decorations you want to have in your home. But even if you buy some of the cheapest items, you should still plan about $2000 to be able to fully furnish your kitchen.

Of course, there may be some items included in that estimate that you don’t want in your kitchen, so keep reading to find out where that estimate comes from and exactly what you can expect when it comes to furnishing a kitchen.

What Large Items Do You Need to Furnish a Kitchen?

When it comes to furnishing a kitchen, what you need to buy will depend widely on the type of cooking you do and if your new place already has appliances or not. 

If your new home doesn’t have all of the basic appliances like a fridge, oven, and dishwasher, then you will want to buy those things first—and you will likely exceed the $2000 estimate. But, if all the large appliances are accounted for, then it’s time to look at what small appliances you think you might like for your new home. 

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Most people like to have a couple of basics like a toaster and a blender. But if you love to cook, then you may want to get a mixer or a food processor. Toasters and blenders can be as cheap as $30 each but can extend up to $200 depending on the model, while a decent mixer or food processor will run you about $60. 

Don’t forget there are also items like a crockpot, waffle iron, and a griddle that you may also be interested in. However, if you don’t use these items every day and are looking to cut costs, it may be worthwhile to wait and buy them at a later date. 

What Small Items Do You Need to Furnish a Kitchen

Now that you’ve got some of the big purchases out of the way, you might be thinking that you are out of the woods price-wise, but sometimes the small items you need to furnish a kitchen can be just as expensive!

The small items include things like silverware, dishes, mixing bowls, pans, cooking utensils, and of course, a knife set. Like everything in the above list, these items vary widely based on where you buy them and the quality you are looking to get. Below is a chart of some of the prices that you can expect. 

ItemPrice Range
Silverware for 4$10-$200
Set of Dishes for 4$25 and up
Set of Mixing Bowls$10-$40
Set of Pots and Pans$40 and up
A Knife Set$25 and up
Cooking and Serving Utensils$20-$50

And of course, this chart doesn’t include auxiliary items you may want, such as wine glasses, Tupperware to store food, or something specific like an egg masher. Even if you buy the cheapest items on this list, the total will still come to over $155. And the cheapest items aren’t always the best or the ones you would prefer, so be sure to shop around!

Furniture You Need to Furnish a Kitchen

Is your head starting to hurt a little? This isn’t a surprise, as it can be easy to forget just how many items are needed for a kitchen! And this is without talking about one of the largest expenses—furniture. 

The furniture you will need for your kitchen will widely depend on the layout. If the dining area is in the kitchen, then you will want to start by purchasing a table and chairs. This will cost you a significant amount of money, though it is possible to get an inexpensive one at IKEA for around $300—but you should be ready to shell out some cash on this purchase for sure. 

If your kitchen has a built-in bar, then you will want to buy a set of barstools as well. Backless bar stools can be found inexpensively at about $10 a stool, but if you want something a little more comfortable, then you should be prepared to pay $60-$75 per stool.

Don’t forget that you will probably want a rug to stand on while you wash the dishes. This will help keep your feet comfortable and keep people from slipping. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may want to have another rug located in another location as well, such as under the table and chairs, but this is ultimately up to you. 

Decorations to Furnish a Kitchen

The good news is, even if you’ve blown your budget before you got to this section, don’t worry, as kitchens rarely need too many decorations. This is because the cabinets in the kitchen typically cover a large portion of the walls. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean you won’t want to add a few touches of your own, but when it comes to the kitchen, these shouldn’t be too expensive. Maybe a decorative fruit bowl and a welcome sign are all you need! 

But if you love decorating, then definitely go for it and make your kitchen look like the one in your dreams! Just realize that you will need to plan for much more than those above the $2000 budget to make your dreams a reality.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, the final cost of furnishing a kitchen will widely depend on your lifestyle and decoration choices. But even if you are stingy and only stick to the necessities, you should definitely plan to spend at least $2000 to fully furnish a kitchen. And don’t be surprised if you exceed the amount.

However, once you have your kitchen, you will be so glad you spend the money on it and will love preparing meals for your family in your new home! 

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