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What Is Cotton Eco in Washing Machines (vs. Normal Cotton?)

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In recent times, the need for environmental conservation has increased tremendously. That is why most brands take center stage to promote eco-awareness with green products. 

The washing machine sector has not been left behind in this trend, with manufacturers creating washers with environment-centric wash programs. 

One such program is the cotton eco. Read on to learn what this washing program is, how it differs from standard cotton and more.

What Is Cotton Eco Wash Mode?

As the name suggests, the cotton eco program is designed to optimize the usage of the main requirements in washing in the most ecological possible way. 

With this wash mode, washing machines use less water and power, contributing to the conservation of natural resources for a greener world.

Cotton Eco on Washing Machines: Better Than Regular Cotton?
Here’s a video I made for you on what Cotton Eco is, and how to use it properly.

As we’ve highlighted above, the washing process boils down to three significant variables; water, power, and time. 

When in eco mode, the washing machine runs at lower temperatures and uses less water than in other settings.

Consequently, the washing cycle takes much longer as well. And this is designed on purpose to cut down on the usage of both electricity and water. 

Heating is slower, taking longer time so as to use less power. Water heating accounts for much of the power usage, so a washing program that accounts for a slower heating process conserves power.

Therefore, it’s a trade-off; you sacrifice time, so heating takes longer, but you benefit from lower power and water consumption.

Advantages of the Eco Mode Program

Eco Mode Is More Cost-Effective

While a hot wash can deliver better quality wash, you can attain the same level of quality by using lower temperatures. 

All you have to do is sacrifice time. By lowering the level of temperature, you can reduce power consumption by up to 60%. 

And as we saw above, another benefit of this mode is low water usage. By slashing the usage of both of these variables, it means your utility bills go down dramatically.

Eco Mode Is Excellent for Average Wash Loads

The eco mode will deliver fantastic laundry results, as long as you have got the patience to wait longer wash cycles. 

But since what you lose in time spent, you gain in energy and water savings, this mode is worth it.

It’s Eco-Friendly

The whole essence of eco mode is to get the best wash results while optimizing the usage of resources. 

With this energy-conserving program, there is less discharge of greenhouse gasses, as electricity production to the mains grid will be reduced.

The results from water conservation are apparent. The world’s freshwater supply is becoming scarcer by the day. Plus, effluent from wastewater increases pollution to the environment.


Not Effective on Heavy Soiling

If you are washing heavily soiled large loads of laundry, you might want to choose a different option. In general, hot washes guarantee better soil and stain removal. 

Unfortunately, this may not happen with this setting as the temperature is usually lower. That is why it is advisable only to wash clothes with mild soiling on this program.


The eco mode takes much longer than the average settings. Therefore this mode needs more patience and time. 

This is not your mode for today if you’ve got numerous other chores waiting in line. You can revert to different modes and use this one when you have sufficient time.

I made quite an interesting article about the average time it takes to wash clothes that you can check out as well.

What Is the Difference Between Cotton and Eco?

The normal cotton cycle is a standard cycle found in most washing machines. It refers to a cycle with higher spin speeds, resulting in more agitation and abrasiveness. 

Consequently, it is harsher on clothes than the eco mode. For this reason, it is not recommended for delicate clothes.

Nonetheless, you can use it on heavy fabrics such as cotton clothes, jeans, and towels. Notably, all this leads to more power consumption and water usage.

In contrast, the eco mode is milder in agitation, temperatures, lower spin speeds, and water usage. It is the most recommended for washing delicate fabrics and mild soiling on clothes.

Other Eco Modes Settings

From the basic eco modes, brands have devised variations of this setting. Some of these variations have proven to be quite innovative in how they improve on the eco mode effects.

Let us take a look at a few examples.

Samsung Ecobubble

These are designed with a mechanism to generate bubbles from below the drum. This helps in pushing the cleaning solution through the clothes. 

In effect, the bubbling motion helps in soaking the clothes much faster for easier washing. With easier and gentler washing, less water and power are consumed.

HotPoint ActiveCare Design

HotPoint is another of the brands with an ingenious eco-washing mechanism. Once you activate this mechanism, it is easier to wash clothes cleaner and faster, even with standard modes. 

This method has been proven to remove heavy soiling and stains at just 20 degrees of water temperature.

This method is fantastic for conserving water and energy.


All smart washing machines designed with this mode have equivalent features that make the machine eco-friendly. With this option, you can remotely monitor the operation of the washing machine. 

This is fantastic when you want to control your power and water usage. And that is an excellent contribution to environmental conservation.

Final Thoughts

Eco-Friendly settings are becoming a standard in most electronic devices, and washers are no different. As we found out, activating the eco mode has a variety of benefits and some downsides too. 

As such, whether you want to use the eco mode depends on several factors. Among them are your patience with washing longer cycles, the soiling level, the fabric type, and your desire to save energy and water. 

But like all things in life, you cannot have everything. It is a give and takes, where you lose some and gain some. 

So it is up to you to know what you want to achieve with your laundry and your views on its environmental impact.

But overall, this mode is great for your laundry and for the planet. 

I’ve created a comprehensive guide on how to use all the settings on your washing machine that may interest you to read next.


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