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What Does Daily 60 Mean on Washing Machines (How to Use It)

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With the evolution of washing machine technology, manufacturers are innovating washing programs by the day. All this is to beat the competition. 

Of course, the overall winner is the washing machine user, for they get to benefit from the latest technology in the washing machine industry. 

Daily 60 is one such innovative program with unique benefits to your laundry cleaning. If you’ve just stumbled on it in your washer and have no idea what it is all about, this article is for you. You will learn what it is and how to use it.

What Is Daily 60 Setting on a Washing Machine?

In a nutshell, this is a setting found in most modern washing models. It is designed with a specific mechanism to remove most heavy soiling on clothes within a specific period. 

Once set in this program, clothes can be thoroughly washed at 60 degrees for 60 minutes. It is perfect for washing dirty cotton, heavy linen, and colored clothes.

The "Normal" Washer Program;: When and how to use it
Here is a video I made on how to use this program.

How to Use the Daily 60 Program

As noted above, this is your perfect program for washing heavily soiled and primarily thick fabrics. 

Before starting, you want to be sure your clothes are compatible with this program. To know this, the starting point is the garment care label.

Do not expect to see the exact symbol showing the garment is ready for a daily 60 program.

But as a rule of thumb, if the fabric has symbols indicating it can withstand average temperatures of 60 degrees, it is suitable for the program.

After having certified the garments suitability for the program, all you’ve to do is to load your clothes, add the right amount of detergent (and water) then run the daily 60 programs.

After 60 minutes, you can run the rinse cycle and dry your clothes.

Benefits of the Daily 60 Wash

Washing clothes on this program works perfectly, making it the choice program for people who want quality wash for heavily soiled clothes.

Here are a few of the benefits you get by using this program.

1. Dirt and Stain Removal

Most heavy soils and stains cannot withstand high washing temperatures.

Depending on the fabric type, when washed at 60 degrees, the high temperatures penetrate and soften the fabric making it easy to lift the heavy stains and soiling. 

2. It Saves Time

This program puts the clothes through a rigorous 60 minutes of thorough washing, which removes most dirt. 

Averaging 60 minutes, this is a relatively short time compared to other wash programs, taking a much longer wash cycle.

3. It Saves Power and Water

Since the washing duration is restricted to 60 minutes, power and water consumption is much lower in comparison to other programs taking over an hour.

Thus you spend much less on utility bills.

4. It Can Be Used for Sanitization

At this temperature, you are likely to kill the majority of the germs in the clothes. That is the best choice especially when washing towels, bath robes, reusable diapers, or clothes for sick people. 

Of course, stubborn bacteria require a much higher temperature, so supplementing this program with a disinfectant, or using the sanitizing program would give even better results.

Drawbacks of the Daily 60 Wash

1. Higher Running Costs

Although we found the power consumption to be low due to the 60-minute cycle, that is not always the case.

Due to the high temperatures of 60 degrees, in some cases, power consumption can increase, incurring high power bills if you generally use a colder wash.

For this reason, it is always good to monitor power consumption as there are other intervening considerations before deciding to use this program. 

For example, to mitigate the power cost problem, you can use the program only once in a while. Also, power costs vary greatly from location to location of course.

So if power is not a huge factor where you live, it might be considered not much of a drawback at all. Overall it is a trade-off where you get a quality wash while it incurs some higher costs from electricity or gas.

2. It Cannot Be Used on Delicates

Much as this program is great for removing soil, it cannot be used on delicate clothes. This is because of the high temperatures and the abrasive nature of the wash cycle. 

Using the cycle on fabrics such as chiffon, silk, or woolen will cause them to shrink or otherwise lose their structural firmness.

Can I Wash Mixed Color Clothes on Daily 60?

Just as with other programs, the starting point in this washing program is first sorting your clothes. You need to know which clothes are compatible with what washing variables. 

For that reason, you’ve got to consider factors such as color and fabric type. For instance, the daily 60 program uses relatively high temperatures compared to other programs.

At this temperature, some clothes might bleed color. The same goes for fabric types, as some might not be compatible with high-temperature wash.  

So unless you are sure they are colorfast, it is always advisable to select this program only for clothes you’re sure are compatible with this program.

Which Detergent Can I Use for the Daily 60 Program?

Daily 360 is a program recommended for heavy fabrics and soiling. Obviously heavy soiling require heavy-duty detergents.

The best heavy-duty detergents are enzymatic, with stain-removing surfactants. 

When used in combination with high temperatures, this makes the program quite effective at eliminating stains and soiling. 

Final Thoughts

Daily 60 is one of the underused cycles in modern washing machines. And the reason is that most washing machine users do not know how it works.

Moreover, they do not know how much benefit they can gain from using it. 

Fortunately, you’re not one of those people anymore. We hope after reading the tips we have shared here that you are now in a position to put this program to your benefit. 

Of course, the program has a few downsides, which you have to be wary of. Nonetheless, nothing should stop you now from benefiting in the best way possible from what the daily 60 program has to offer. 

I’ve also created a comprehensive guide on how to use all the settings on your washing machine that may interest you to read next.


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