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Does a Dresser Need a Mirror? Organizer explains

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A dresser is one of the most essential parts of the bedroom while also being the most useful. While there are countless styles of dressers, one of the most commonly seen are those with mirrors attached. These dressers have been around for years and continue to be very beneficial. 

Dressers can be purchased with or without an attached mirror. These mirrors are often useful but can be outdated on some furniture. It is up to the owner as to which style best fits the home’s aesthetic. 

If you are interested in purchasing a new dresser, you may be wondering if one with a mirror is the right choice for you. We will further break down how these dressers can be useful or how you can even remove the mirror if desired. To learn more, keep reading!

What is a Dresser with a Mirror Used for?

A dresser with a mirror is used similarly to any dresser that a homeowner would purchase. The drawers of the dresser can be used to store clothing or other items that the owner needs. The mirror itself is great for using to get ready and some even utilize it as a vanity.

Overall, the opportunities are endless when it comes to a mirrored dresser. These dressers will have the mirror attached to the top in some type of frame. Some other ways that these dressers with mirrors can be useful are:

  • They are Easier to Style – Often, purchasing a dresser with a mirror attached is easier to style in a bedroom than a dresser alone. Most homeowners add decor to the top of the dresser, but it can be hard to create a display that matches your aesthetic. When a mirror is added, it is a built in decoration along with adding some height and detail to the piece. 
  • It Ensures Coordination – Most bedrooms will have a mirror hung in some area and this can be hard to coordinate with other furniture. By having the mirror attached, you guarantee that it matches the dresser or dresser set perfectly. This can give your room a more cohesive look and give you all the furniture that you need. 
  • They Are Just Super Convenient – Since dressers are designed to hold clothing, having a mirror right above your dresser is a great way to check out the outfit you are wearing. Not to mention, many get ready in their bedrooms, making it a great place to store your vanity items. In many ways, these dresser / mirror combos can serve as several furniture items in one. 

Overall, many have found that dressers with mirrors are very convenient and can serve several purposes.

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Are Dressers with Mirrors Outdated?

One reason that some are shying away from adding dressers with mirrors to their home is in fear that these are outdated. While this is somewhat true, they are still very common to find and can be styled in a modern way. Dressers with mirrors attached are not as commonly seen as they once were, but are still a staple in many homes. 

If you want to purchase a mirror and dresser combination you can easily do so and still create a very modern look. In fact, many furniture design companies offer more modern takes on this classic staple. Most modern designs are a bit sleeker and have a simpler look than the elaborate mirrored dressers of the past. 

Of course, you can also go for a more antique and classic look by purchasing a vintage dresser. These mirrors often have a vintage glass appeal that many love. To modernize the look, you can add decoration to the top of the dresser.

Overall, the idea of a mirrored dresser may seem a bit outdated but is still very much seen today. These furniture pieces add a lot of functionality and style to a bedroom. 

Here is a modern dresser with a mirror, and here is a more traditional one (Amazon paid links).

Should I Remove the Mirror from my Dresser?

Much of deciding what style of dresser you want in your room is your own decision. If this is something that will fit your style and needs, then by all means you should purchase a dresser with a mirror. If it is something that is not necessarily your style or you find passé, opt for a different style. 

If you already own a mirrored dresser and are hoping to remove the mirror, this can often be done quite easily. It is important to note that this does involve handling glass to an extent and caution must be taken. However, most mirrors can be removed from a dresser by following these steps:

  • Step 1 – Move the dresser away from any walls. Having a clear access to the back of the dresser is a necessity.
  • Step 2 – Figure out exactly how the mirror is attached to the dresser. This is most often done through a frame that is bracketed on. In some less common cases, the frame is part of the dresser and cannot be removed.
  • Step 3 – If you can clearly see brackets holding the frame onto the dresser, you will want to remove the frame from the dresser. It is best to remove the frame from the dresser first and if you would like to remove the mirror later, this can be done. Start by laying the dresser down on the floor if possible.
  • Step 4 – Once the dresser is lying down, you will need either a standard or Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws that secure the brackets to the frame. Usually, you will simply need to unscrew the screws found in the brackets. If there are no brackets present, you will skip this step. 
  • Step 5 – At this point, if you simply want to remove the mirror and frame from the dresser, you will be complete. If you want to remove the mirror further for use outside of the frame, you will want to continue. Look at how the backing is attached to the frame itself. This is done through bent staples, nails, or small clips. 
  • Step 6 – Use a screwdriver to remove any clips or pry up the bent staples. If you find that nails are holding the backing in place, you can pry these up with a hammer or pry bar. You can then pull away the backing and will have access to the mirror itself. 

Many reuse these mirrors for other purposes or decoration in the room. You will want to be careful handling the mirror and ensure that you are using it appropriately. However, if you simply want to remove the mirror from the dresser, removing the frame, mirror, and any brackets is key. 

More details on removing the mirror from your dresser here.

Get Convenience and Style with a Mirrored Dresser 

While dressers with mirrors have been around for decades, they are still commonly seen in many homes today. They can be a convenient and easy addition to any bedroom. If you do find that your mirrored dresser is looking outdated, you can always remove the mirror for a fresh look.

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