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What Is Easy Iron on a Washing Machine? (+How to use it)

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Don’t we all wish washing machines could go the whole hog in the clothes-washing process? Won’t it be wonderful if they did the ironing as well? But, unfortunately, no washing machine does that yet. 

But there are washing machines with “easy iron” functionality in their program, which eases the ironing process.

This article will explain what it is, how to use it, and other related questions. Read on to learn more.

Easy Iron Feature Explained

Easy iron is the functionality of some washing machine programs designed to make washed clothes ironing easier. Machines with this feature can be set to spin much slower to ensure the clothes come out much less creased, shortening ironing time and energy. 

Permanent Press on Washers (No more creases?)
I made a video about the Easy Iron setting. This setting has many names. In the video I refer to it as Permanent Press.

Advantages of Easy Iron Washing Machines

Ironing Is Made Easy

The creasing of clothes in the washing machine is a real headache for anyone washing clothes. So this can be considered a huge plus for these kinds of washing machines.

Reduces Wearing Out of Clothes

With other washing machine programs, there is a lot of twisting and wrinkling of clothes which can wear them out sooner. 

In contrast, this feature is more gentle, reducing wear and tear that can happen in washing machines without this feature. 


With fewer creases, it means ironing takes less time. This is a noticeable reduction in energy consumption. This obviously eases the pressure on your wallet. 


Water Consumption

Machines in this mode have been shown to consume more water than in the ordinary modes. Sometimes this can go up to 30% more. While saving on electricity, this is a big issue when it comes to water costs.

Ineffective Rinsing

This method is less effective in rinsing clothes well. This is due to low rinsing speeds, leaving detergent residues on clothes.

Reduces the Washing Machine Load Capacity

For an easy iron setting to work, you shouldn’t load the machine to its full capacity. Doing so creases your wash just like in the regular wash cycle. 

Keep in mind that these merits and demerits are general observations. As such, different washing machines have slight variations in their working of these washing machines. 

The best thing is to explore the features of specific washing machines.

I also wrote an article on using easy iron on your dryer that may interest you.

Other Wash Settings

Modern washing machines have a wide range of wash programs. Just like the easy iron, they have their subtle benefits, which you could be losing out by not trying them out. 

Let us consider a few below.

Extra Silent Wash Setting

This is a wash setting that makes the washing machine super silent. This is quite handy if you intend to do your washing at odd hours. 

For example, late at night, you can opt for it to avoid waking up babies, older and sick people in your house, or in the neighborhood.

Time Delay

This is another wonderful feature you can utilize to organize your wash. It works by setting the start time of the washing machine. 

All you have to do is to load your machine as usual, including the program time, and then set the start time. The program allows for up to 24 hours of delay. 

This allows you the convenience of controlling your washing while doing other things.

Spin Speeds

Spin speeds are an essential feature when it comes to drying. If you are in a hurry, you may desire a faster drying time. 

Other reasons could be not having a tumble dryer or living in areas of low sunshine. For whatever reason, you can use this feature to hasten the drying of clothes drying.

Intelligent Dosing

Intelligent dosing is a feature found in washing machines with an integrated dosing system. It is a feature that automates the application of solutions such as detergents and fabric softeners. 

With this, all you have to do is to add the solution and leave the dosing and dispensing to the washing machine. It is an effective method to avoid detergent wastage.

Delicates Program Setting

If you’ve ruined your silk, rayon, and other delicates in your washing machine, using this feature could save you a lot of woes. Most are the times you load these fabrics, they either shrink or get torn. 

Before starting with this setting, you want to first check if the care instructions are compatible with this program. If so, you just set your delicates, and they come out more gently washed, even better than with hand wash.

Quick Wash Programs

Perhaps you want to finish your washing fast and attend to other chores. Or, simply you do have a light wash load and you want to get it over quick, this is the program to use.

With this, you can benefit from time settings of as low as 15 minutes. 

Sportswear Programs

Sports clothes soil consists mainly of sweat, compared to other types of soil. Washing machines with this type of program make it relatively easy to wash sportswear. 

The wash and rinse cycles are simply short and at low temperatures to allow for delicate care of the fabrics.

More on washing sports clothes here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Hygiene/Anti-allergy Setting on a Washing Machine?

This is a feature designed to rid the wash off allergens, bacteria, and other contaminants. It works by maintaining high wash temperatures or using steam, making it quite effective in killing infectious microorganisms.

What Clothes Can I Wash With Easy Iron?

You can wash all types of fabrics with the easy iron feature on the washing machines. This is mainly for clothes that are prone to creases. 

Also, it is pretty favorable for washing delicate clothes. If you frequently wash rayon, silk, chiffon, and other delicates, this is the washing machine you need. 

How Do You Wash Clothes to Avoid Them From Creasing?

To reduce the chances of clothes creasing, do not overload your washer. Creasing results from clothes getting crammed in a small space and getting twisted and squeezed. 

Alternatively, you can use warm instead of cold water, as it straightens creases.

I’ve created a comprehensive guide on how to use all the settings on your washing machine that may interest you to read next.


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