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How to Fold Ankle Socks Fast: Step-by-step guide + video

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Ankle socks folding can be an enigma for some people. But in reality, it is a lot easier to fold these low-cut socks compared to the taller regular-sized ones since they are significantly smaller.

In this guide, I am going to teach you how to fold your ankle socks in two ways; first, a quick fold that looks very neat, and then I will show you how to roll up your socks really small which is great for travel or if you have a lot of socks.

Feel free to check out the video first, then move on to the step-by-step illustrations underneath.

How to Fold No Show Socks (And Low Cut Ankle Socks)
The first fold is the space-saving one, then at timestamp 1:31, you can see how to file fold these low-cut socks.

How to File Fold Ankle Socks

File-folding ankle socks are very similar to how we do it for regular socks but we are able to skip a step since they are so short.

  1. Lay both socks flat with the heel facing down.
  2. Put one sock directly on top of the other.
  3. Fold the socks over in half from heel to toe.
  4. Stack the socks vertically with the heel and toes facing down.
  5. Place multiple folded sets next to each other to support the structure of the fold in your drawer.
I use this fold when I just want to fold clothes fast, but I prefer the next fold for general use.

Tip: If you struggle to make the socks stand up, consider folding them a third of the way down from heel to toe twice. This way they will be a bit bulkier and shorter, this makes them easier to balance in your dresser drawer.

Placing the most unbalanced socks against the wall of your drawer is also useful. Other than this you can consider investing in an organizing system for your drawers. I use this one from IKEA and I can recommend it (Amazon paid link).

Read my guide on file-folding clothes for more details on organizing your file-folded clothes.

How to Fold Ankle Socks to Save Space

The Block Roll is the most effective way to fold low-cut socks to save space. It takes a few seconds more than the file-fold, but as a reward, you get a much more structured fold that will also be more organized and take up less room in your drawer (or luggage).

  1. Place both socks with the heel down.
  2. Put one sock on top of the other but keep the bottom socks heel exposed.
  3. From the toes, roll the socks up to the end of the heel of the top sock.
  4. Pull the elastic of the bottom socks opening over the entire roll to secure it.
  5. Adjust the edges to create an even roll.
  6. Flatten one of the ends of your roll entirely.
  7. Place the sock roll vertically on the flattened side.
  8. Place multiple sets of rolls together in your dresser so that they support each other.
This fold takes slightly more time than the other fold, but it is far superior.

This fold is fantastic, as the rolls can very easily be blended together with your regular socks in your dresser.

Next, you can check out my guide on how to organize socks and undies if you don’t have a dresser, or my comprehensive guide on folding the rest of your clothes to save space.

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