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How to Fold Pants (with video examples)

Folding expert Tor from ‘Small Space Organizing’ will teach us the best ways to fold pants with a focus on organizing and saving space. First, let’s do a quick folding method.

  1. Fold the pants from the side over in half
  2. With the back facing up, fold the pants in half from the waistband down to the cuffs
  3. Again, fold the pants over in half and place them in your dresser

This is the simplest and fastest way to fold pants. This method does however not save a lot of space compared to some of the other methods I will teach you today.

How to Fold Pants to Save Space

The best way to fold pants to save space is actually to roll them. You can do a roll with a pocket to keep them together. But this does wrinkle them a little easier. Here are the steps:

  1. Fold pants from the side over in half
  2. With the backside facing up, flip top leg 90 degrees out at the knee
  3. From the waistband, roll the pants all the way down to the cuff
  4. Lift up your rolled pants
  5. Pull the free leg down over the rest of the roll inside out

This way you will create a perfect roll that saves a bunch of space. This is great as long as your pants legs are not too tight (some women’s jeans and non-stretchy men’s jeans skinny jeans).

This fold is also the best one if you are going out traveling, as it holds the pants together nicely while saving a bunch of room in your suitcase at the same time.

I have added a video demonstration of how to roll the pants below. See timestamp 2:38 for the example.

How to Fold Pants (to Save Space)

Here is also an illustration if you prefer to see it laid out. I have added a download link at the bottom of the page if you want to download these prints and put them on your washroom wall or something.

Here is a guide on how to fold shorts you can check out if you enjoyed this article.

How to File-Fold Pants

The file-fold is an excellent way to fold pants. It saves significant space and is fast to perform. It does wrinkle the clothes a little, but I find it to be more flimsy and easier to unravel than many of the other folds. But it certainly is a great option. Follow the instructions to file-fold pants:

  1. From the side, fold the pants over in half so that the back faces up
  2. Fold the pants in half from the waistband down to the cuffs
  3. From the waistband and cuffs part of the fold, fold the pants one third down
  4. Fold the pants over one third down one more time
  5. Pants can now be stacked vertically while resting on the two folds at the bottom

For a video demonstration of how to file-fold your pants, see the video below from the 0:24 timestamp

Check out this article for more details on how to file fold all your clothes.

How to Fold Fold Jeans (Quick Ways to Save Space)

How Do You Fold Dress Pants to Save Space?

For dressier pants, I don’t recommend doing any folding besides the simple roll as most folds tend to create unnecessary wrinkles on your pants. Here are the steps:

  1. From the side, fold the pants over in half so that the back side faces up
  2. Make sure you line the pants up properly and flatten out any uneven fabric
  3. From the waistband, gently roll the pants all the way down to the cuffs

If you want a more traditional fold for your suit pants you can also do the first fold in this article, but I do recommend doing this roll over that one.

See timestamp 1:07 for a video demonstration of how to roll all pants (not only slacks) to avoid wrinkles.

How to Fold Pants (to Save Space)

I’ve also added an illustration in case you prefer to get a visual overview. Like with the previous print, you can download this one as well at the bottom of this page.

Is It Better to Hang Jeans or Fold Them?

Your jeans will breathe better while on a hanger. They will also not crease from being folded. They do however take up a lot more room in your closet while hung than they would if they were folded.

Generally, I recommend folding jeans as they tend to stretch out nicely once you put them back on. If wrinkles and creases on pants are of big concern to you, hanging them would be the better option.

As for dressier pants like slacks, it is better to hang them if you want to avoid all wrinkles. The second best option would be to do the simple roll as described above in the article.

Learn about hanging shorts here, and how to hang t-shirts here.

Is It Bad to Fold Jeans?

No, it is not bad to fold most jeans as they are very durable. Creases from folded jeans will even out once they are worn. Only raw denim jeans should be hung if stored over long periods to avoid imprints from being folded.

But if you have the room in your closet and prefer to hang your jeans there is nothing wrong with that. Like I mentioned above you will completely avoid creasing your jeans if you hang them.

The next part of the series is on folding underwear. Tap the blue text to check it out.

If you want to learn in a step-by-step manner how to reorganize your dresser to save the maximum amount of space, I made a video course you can check out here.

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