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How to Fold Towels: Fast and Neat (Video + Illustrations)

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As a professional organizer, I have picked up a bunch of excellent ways to fold towels over the last few years. So I have put all my best tips into this complete guide for you.

Generally, I prefer using the ranger roll and the file-folding method on my towels as they are relatively quick, and look great. However, there are a few ways we can fold towels really fancy if you prefer the luxurious hotel/spa look.

3 Clever Ways to Fold Towels (Fast and Space-Saving)

How to Fold Towels to Save Space

The best way to fold towels to save space is to do the ranger roll. It takes a little practice to get the hang of, but once you’re there, you can really compress down your towels quite a bit.

I use this method for travel as well since the roll holds together really well in a suitcase/bag.

I recommend that you watch the video above first, then try to do it yourself by following the illustrations listed below.

If you have a large towel, you may want to fold it in half once or twice before starting step 1.

How to File Fold Towels

File-folded towels look great when stacked next to each other. I recommend using this method for the bulk of your towels since it is significantly faster to do than the other methods in the guide.

The disadvantage is that they will fall apart easier than the ranger rolls.

How to Fold Towels Fancy

While it takes a little longer to fold towels fancy like in the video below, you will end up with a beautiful fold similar to the ones you can find in nice hotels and spas.

It is often when I have guests dear to me visiting, or if I’m looking to impress someone that I like to use this fold since it does take some more effort than the ranger roll and file fold.

But if you can get the hang of it, I’m sure it can work great for everyday use too.

5 Beautiful Folds for Towels (What Spas and Hotels Do)

I also have a guide on how to fold your bathrobes like hotels and spas that may interest you.

How to Fold Small Towels

Small towels like hand towels, or even face towels can also be folded into a roll, or simply file-folded and stacked next to each other.

3 Clever Ways to Fold Washcloths (and Small Towels)

I recommend testing out both methods to see what works best for you. The nice thing about ranger-rolling the small towels is that you can make the tag stick out and hang the towels, which looks great.

Here is my guide on how to make your towels soft and fluffy again.

How to Fold Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels are folded the same way as the small towels. The big difference is the thickness of the fabric, so it is better to make a smaller pocket if you decide to ranger roll them.

If you end up file-folding kitchen towels, it can be beneficial to fold them over in half once or twice to add some thickness. This way it is easier to make the towels stand up once you’ve folded them.

All About Kitchen Towels (5 Folding and Organizing Options)
As a bonus, I have added my video on organizing kitchen towels as well.

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