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What Is a Gentleman’s Chest? Organizer Explains

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When remodeling or designing any bedroom space, the first pieces of furniture most people head for are a bed, bed frames, and dressers. One of the more popular options for a dresser is a gentleman’s chest.  So, what is a gentleman’s chest, you ask? Let’s take a look.

A gentleman’s chest is a large piece of furniture that stands tall and contains drawers for clothing storage and a hanging rack. It is given the name “gentleman’s chest” because of this hanging rack that is perfect for hanging suits, jackets, and ties.

Although the primary purpose of this dresser is hanging men’s clothing, that is not the only way you can utilize this type of furniture. Continue through the article, and we will better explain what the gentleman’s chest is and the best ways to use it. 

Why Is It Called a Gentleman’s Chest?

The idea for a gentleman’s chest links back to the early 18 and 19-hundreds and the Victorian era.

In order to keep high collared shirts with long jackets, fashionable pants, and many accessories (including lots of hats) looking presentable, it only made sense to piece together a wardrobe that separated these items in the proper spaces. 

In a gentleman’s chest, there is a long row of smaller drawers on one side and a hanging rack on the other, with two or three larger drawers located underneath. This gives every clothing item you own its own place.

What Can You Use a Gentleman’s Chest For?

A gentleman’s chest can always be used for the very reason it was created, holding men’s clothing items. However, this is not the only way to utilize this great piece of furniture.

Here are a few other things you can do with a gentleman’s chest that don’t include gentleman’s clothes.

Use it in a Nursery

Anyone with children knows that babies’ clothes are super small, which means they don’t take up much space. Using the lower larger drawers for clothing offers plenty of room. Leaving the top drawers perfect for diapers, wipes, and other accessories you need a little extra space for. 

Then use the hanging rack for the cute little dresses, suits, jackets, blankets, etc., keeping everything you need nice and tidy in one location.

Use It as a Hobby Space

If you love crafting or have one (or more) hobbies that require a lot of supplies, this dresser is a great way to keep all of your things organized and in one place.

Some people have gone as far as to attach a fold-out desk into the cabinet part, making it a one-stop crafting shop.

Use It as a School Space

Keeping your children organized for school could be very simple if everything had its own spot. Using this chest to hang school bags, put away shoes, and store backpacks and supplies can make your mornings much easier to handle.

These are only a few great ways to use a gentleman’s chest for not-so-apparent reasons. Because of the unique design, this piece of furniture can be transformed into a beneficial space all over the home.

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Gentleman’s Chest vs. Bachelors Chest

If you have heard of a gentleman’s chest, you have probably also heard the term bachelor’s chest. So, is there a difference between the two?

There are many differences between these two dressers. Where the gentleman’s chest is tall and thick, used for holding lots of clothing and accessories, the bachelor’s chest is much smaller and compact, made for those with little space.

The Bachelor’s Chest

The bachelor’s chest is only a few drawers tall and not nearly as wide. It is often used as a table, desk, or nightstand. This dresser was only big enough to hold clothing and accessories for one person who doesn’t have many different outfits.

Here’s my bachelor’s chest. A modernization of the concept from IKEA. You can purchase it here on Amazon (paid link).

Different Types of Gentleman’s Chests

Gentleman’s chests are not made like they used to be. Some designs can look pretty similar, but these days clothing is not as big, and there isn’t much need for such large pieces of furniture. 

However, there are still many great options on the market today. Here are a few of our favorites. Take a look and see if you agree (Amazon paid links).


Antique gentleman’s chests are beautiful and well-crafted. They are solid dressers and very often extremely heavy. These dressers will be coveted by everyone that sees them but won’t work well in smaller homes or rooms.


A more modern gentleman’s chest will be much smaller in size and won’t take up quite as much space. Depending on where you purchase them, though, they can still be made with the same great quality and look just as beautiful.


Basic and affordable is still an option even with some of the nicest-looking pieces. You can find many different options for these dressers that won’t break the bank. Some of these gentleman’s chests will look just as amazing as the real deal.

Farmhouse Style

The farmhouse-style version of these dressers gives a unique and fabulous look to any space. The white-washed option can create a peaceful and gorgeous atmosphere in any room, adding plenty of storage spots at the same time.

No matter which option you choose, you will not be disappointed with the look your space is going to get.

Where Can You Buy Gentleman’s Chests?

There is still a pretty large market for this type of dresser. Although they may no longer be created exactly the same as they once were, many people still love the extra space and look of this furniture.

You can purchase a gentleman’s chest from any of these locations:

  • Most major furniture shops
  • Specialty furniture stores
  • Amazon (for modern options)
  • Etsy and eBay for used antiques
  • Thrift stores and yard sales if you get lucky!

Just by simply searching online, you can find all the items listed above and many, many more.

Final Thoughts

Today, the gentleman’s chest is very similar to an armoire, and many of them no longer offer a hanging rack, adding extra shelves or drawers to the piece instead. This doesn’t affect the way this furniture looks and only adds to the ways you can utilize this dresser.

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