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14-Day Wardrobe Organizing Challenge

Transform Your Cluttered Wardrobe Into a Neat and Spacious System

You’re protected with a 30-day money back guarantee

Wardrobe Organizing From Start to Finish

Over the next two weeks, we will optimize your wardrobe using my proven step-by-step system.

Get Organized

You will learn to file fold clothes like professional organizers do. In other words, you’ll never have to dig through your wardrobe again.

Get More Space

You’ll learn all the most effective storage and wardrobe organizing tricks to make your wardrobe look more half empty than stuffed.

Build Your Dream Wardrobe

Throughout the challenge we will perfect your wardrobe to the point that you will love everything you have in your closet.

Clear Out Unwanted Clothes

Using Tor’s clean-out proccess you will learn what clothes to keep in your wardrobe, which ones to store, and which ones to sell, donate, or toss. This is the most gentle way to clear out clothes you no longer need in your life.


You’ll never have to worry about failing the challenge as long as you show up for yourself every day. The challenge is created as a step-by-step process with daily lessons and tasks. You also get cheatsheets and worksheets to help you complete the tasks.


Tor is available to help if you have questions during the challenge. He’ll also follow-up with videos and tasks for a few weeks after you complete the challenge to make sure you successfully implement the changes to your wardrobe.

Start Organizing Your Wardrobe Today

You’re protected with a 30-day money back guarantee

What’s Included?

14-Days of Wardrobe Organizing Lessons
(Value: $139.95)

Every day of the challenge you will get video training from Tor before being given a task to perform for the day.

By the end of the challenge, you will have created your perfect wardrobe.

As your teacher, Tor is available to answer questions and help you solve organizing problems.

Fast File-Folding Guide
(Value: $39.95)

This premium folding cheatsheet will be your favorite tool for organizing your clothes.

With step-by-step illustrated instructions AND videos on how to file-fold all your clothes, it is very hard to mess up really.

Personal Style Worksheet
(Value: $29.95)

The best time to define your style is while we are actually reorganizing your wardrobe.

With this worksheet and some video lessons we will figure out your personal style together.

Clothing Clean-Out Calculator
(Value: $19.95)

Have you ever wondered how many of your clothes you actually use?

If so, you’re going to love this simple calculator.

You answer 4 simple questions, and the calculator will do the rest of the work.

4-Pile Purging Cheatsheet
(Value: $29.95)

If you’re like most people, you will find it challenging to get rid of clothes that are in good condition (even if you haven’t worn them in a year or three.)

This cheatsheet, in addition to video lessons in the challenge, will gently guide you through the process of getting rid of some of the clothes you no longer need.

Selling Used Clothes Checklist
(Value: $29.95)

This checklist will help you figure out which of your old clothes you can sell and make some coin, and which ones you should donate or toss.

You’ll also learn how to present your clothes to make the most profit possible.

Weekly Follow-Up Videos
(Value: $19.95)

Are you afraid to fall back to your old ways after the challenge?

To prevent this, Tor will check in on you for a few weeks after the challenge and give you some follow-up advice and tasks to make sure you successfully implement your new habits.

Summer to Fall Transition Module
(Value: $19.95)

To help ensure your wardrobe is always ready for any weather or temperature, Tor will show you how to update your wardrobe for the latest season, which is currently fall.

These adjustments are made to be quick and easy to perform every third month.

Total Value Of The 14-Day Wardrobe Organizing Challenge:

14-Days of Wardrobe Organizing Lessons: $139.95

+ Fast File-Folding Guide: $39.95

+ Personal Style Worksheet: $29.95

+ Clothing Clean-Out Calculator: $19.95

+ 4-Pile Purging Cheatsheet: $29.95

+ Selling Used Clothes Checklist: $29.95

+ Weekly Follow-Up Videos: $19.95

+ Summer to Fall Transition Module: $19.95

Total Value For You Today: $329.60

Everything Is Yours For: $329.60 $47

Take Back Control of Your Wardrobe Today

Instant Access to the Challenge + 6 Bonuses: $309.65 Only $47

You’re protected with a 30-day money back guarantee

Answers To Your Questions

YES! This course is designed so that anybody will be able to transform their messy wardrobes into something they can be proud of.

You will get instant access to the entire 14-Day Wardrobe Organizing Challenge. That includes 16 video lessons, 4 cheatsheets, the Clothing Clean-Out Calculator, and the entire Fast File-Folding Guide with videos and illustrations. You also get access to my direct email if you need any help.

The challenge costs $47 during this sales period. When you have purchased the course you will get all the latest updates for free, even when the price increases.

If you decide that a neat wardrobe isn’t for you, contact me within seven days after purchase, and I’ll give you a full discount. No hard feelings.

No. Your level of success will completely depend on your personal effort, and dedication to the process. Nothing in life comes without work, and that includes a perfect wardrobe.

Yes. Tor will personally answer questions you have during the challenge over email or through the comment system inside the challenge.

Sure! Feel free to share the lessons and worksheets with the other people living in your household. But since this is an exclusive challenge, I will ask that you keep it to your home only.

Start Your 14-Day Wardrobe Organizing Journey Today

You’re protected with a 30-day money back guarantee

Do you think you will be more likely to create a perfectly organized wardrobe by putting Tor’s experience to work for you?

You’re protected with a 30-day money back guarantee

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