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9 Ways to Hide Chubby Cheeks (And feel confident)

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While chubby cheeks are lovely, they do not look good on everyone. This type of face may not accentuate their other styling and makeup needs for some people. 

And that is why they would want long, chiseled cheeks that they feel bring out the best of their beauty. 

If you’re fretting over your chubby cheeks, fret no more. We are here to help. In this article, you will learn terrific tips to help you acquire that long, well-chiseled cheeks you have always longed for.

To hide chubby cheeks, you can explore several ways.

The methods vary from using makeup, changing diet, trying exercises, and learning the art of contouring, among others. 

What works for one person may not work for everyone, so the key is to try different methods and stick with the best results.

Tips to Hide the Chubby Looks of Your Cheeks

Utilize Contouring Effects

Contouring is essential if you want to reduce chubby cheeks. It is a feature popularized widely in the film and beauty industry.

With contouring, you highlight certain facial aspects, such as stronger cheekbones or slimmer noses. 

This is done by applying a contouring powder of a darker hue than your natural skin thinly under the area around the cheeks. 

To make the face even slimmer, you can also apply thinly in the area on both sides of your nose to give a more pronounced nose appearance.

If done well, contouring effectively hides a chubby facial appearance.

Use the Appropriate Hairstyle

Depending on facial structure, using certain hairstyles can make your face appear slimmer than it actually is.

For example, one way for those who love long hair is to have soft waves on the area around the cheeks. 

Beauty experts agree this method makes the cheeks appear thinner compared to having the hair appear straight along the cheeks.

Additionally, you want to avoid short bobs and straight pushed, back hair. 

Short blunt cut bobs give the impression of a round face, which is not what you want.

At all times, go for long wavy as opposed to pushed back straight, as it makes the temple prominent, leading to a rounder appearance.

Create a Long Slender Face With a Earrings

The kind of earrings you wear can make your face appear long or rounded. Wearing a thick earring or one with a wide appearance will give the impression of a wide face. 

You should especially avoid Huggies and hoop kind of earrings if you have chubby cheeks.

In contrast, elongated earrings create the illusion of a long slender face.

Use Arched Eyebrows

Using arched eyebrows has a way of making the facial structure look longer than it is.

Furthermore, it grabs the gaze and diverts the attention from the cheeks making them less pronounced.

So if you want the cheek to appear less chubby, you need to get the arched eyebrows right. 

Crate Attention to Your Eyes

Divert attention to your eyes by making them stunning. You can do this by making them stand out by makeup styling.

Ingeniously applied makeup makes the eyes look more prominent and, by contrast, draws attention from your cheeks. 

The key is to play with mascara, eyeshadow, and eyeliner. Try to make them thicker to bring out the stunning beauty of your eyes. 

Even better, you can add fake eyelashes to make the appearance better. On the other hand, be sure to tone down on lipstick by only doing subtle touches such as lip balm or anything else lighter.

Adjusting Your Diet

For a less chubby face, watching what you eat is essential. This is because genetics aside, chubbiness is the result of fat deposits, which in turn is a direct result of what you eat. 

The secret to reducing this fat is to cut down on your daily calorie intake. The calorie reduction will reduce your overall fat deposits, including facial fats. 

And the best part, when dieting, the first part of the body to start losing weight is the neck, jaw, and face.

That means with proper dieting, you should start seeing results within no time.

One caution, though, is to avoid what some people do in the name of dieting. That is to starve or skip meals. 

That is rarely effective, as it may send the wrong signal to your body to reduce metabolism. That way, the body switches to the defense mechanism mode, which stores fats instead of losing them.

I have found more success by keeping it simple. Cut down on carbs and fats intake and balance out with more vegetables and vitamin sources.

In a nutshell, revert to a more balanced diet.

And of course, make sure to consult with your doctor before you make any changes to your diet.

Increase Your Water Intake

Water is essential in normal body functioning because it is crucial in metabolism, the process by which the body clears toxins and breaks down fats from your body.

So drinking sufficient water will show on your face by appearing less bloated or chubby. 

According to data from human health practitioners, the recommended daily water intake averages 3.7 liters (1 gallon) and 2.7 liters (0.7 gallon) for men and women, respectively. 

Again, make sure to consult with your doctor before you make any changes to your diet.

Make these levels your target, combined with other methods, and you should have a marked improvement in your cheeks structure.

Sometimes the full face can be signs of underlying health issues.

Typical examples include some of your organs not clearing metabolic waste products as they should. When that happens, fluids are built around your body, including your face. 

Naturally, that will result in fuller and chubbier cheeks.

Other causes include food intolerance which may manifest in allergy symptoms, some of which may appear as swollen skin around the face. 

One of the common culprits for such appearance is gluten allergies, resulting in a more rounded facial mass. 

Aging factors can also cause this as the skin becomes less firm around the cheeks. To know if these are the possible causes, you will need to consult your healthcare provider. 

They can do some tests and prescribe some remedies. As the remedies start to work, you can expect much firmer skin around the face.

Using Cosmetic Surgery

This is another method that can be explored, although it should be used as a last resort.

Besides being a costly undertaking, cosmetic surgery is also quite risky. Results are not reliable and can be disastrous if done wrongly.  

One method is liposuction to suck out excess fat and possibly create a flat leaner face. Others include cheek implants and administration of an injection. 

The cheek implants are to highlight a prominent cheeks appearance, and the injection is for burning of fat tissue in this area. 

Again, these are not options we recommend as the dangers far outweigh any benefits. Stories abound of prominent people whose lives were ruined by applying endless surgical procedures. 

This usually happens when one procedure goes wrong, and one has to undergo a corrective one. If this one also fails, they take a different one creating an endless loop of disaster.


Exercises are an excellent method of cutting down on facial fats. The great thing with physical exercise is you will not only get beautiful and desirable cheeks but wholesome health as well. 

There are a number of exercises you can do to trim down fats. These range from biking, jogging, swimming, and any other aerobic exercises. 

Exercise is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, remember you do not have to be an international athlete to do exercises. The key is to start small and improve with time. 

As you burn out fats in other parts of the body, you will gain a slimmer, less chubby facial appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Hair Color Makes Your Face Look Thinner?

Dark colors work wonders when it comes to making your face look slimmer. However, if you want to stand out, go for one unified color, as it is known to bring out the best results. 

Whatever you do, just be sure to take what accentuates your natural facial color. That means you don’t have to go to the extreme end of the color spectrum. Just making it a bit darker than your face is enough.

Why Is My Face Fat?

This can result from a variety of causes ranging from bad dietary habits to aging processes, lack of exercise, and genetic conditions, among others. 

On a diet, what you eat goes through the normal processes. And as it accumulates to other parts of the body, the face gets a fair share of its fat deposits. 

The most affected regions include; the jaws, cheeks, chin, and neck, which appear more pronounced on people with round faces.

What Should I Eat to Slim My Face?

Avoid or eat in moderation foods with high-fat content and carbohydrates, and go slow on salt intake. Others are processed foods such as fries, donuts, and cakes. 

Instead, opt for more vegetables such as kales, broccoli, pepper, brown bread, bananas, and pears. Eating more of these foods reduce facial fat and fluid accumulation resulting in firmer facial skin.

I also wrote a COMPREHENSIVE guide on keeping your other body parts from showing and being less pronounced. Feel free to check it out next.

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