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5 Ways to Hide Fat Pubic Area (FUPA)

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Perhaps you’re embarrassed with your appearance in the lower abdomen and the pubic area.

Also known by the slang name Fat Pubic Area (FUPA), it is an issue with most people and can make them self-conscious. 

If you’re concerned about it, we’ve some solutions for you. Read on to learn what it is, tips on hiding it, causes, and ways to reduce it.

What Is FUPA?

FUPA is the area below the abdomen and above the pubic area that enlarges over the accumulations of fat. Due to this, the section extends and falls over to cover the pubic area. 

Medically it is referred to as the “panniculus” and results from various causes, as we will find out later in this article.

There are several great methods of hiding a fat pubic area.

Recommended methods include; dressing in peplum, experimenting with fabric patterns, using looser fabrics as layers, and emphasizing tops, among others. 

Ingenious Ways to Hide Fat Upper Pubic Area

Use Peplum

In case you do not know, peplum refers to a section of fabric that stretches out from the waistline of a jacket, blouse, dress, or shirt, among others. 

The primary purpose of a peplum on clothes is to create an hourglass shape on the wearer. It does this by making the waist appear small while flailing out downwards. 

Besides accentuating your waist, the peplum extends out and covers the FUPA from the view.

Make Use Of Patterns

If you have FUPA, the last kind of clothing you want on your body is plain colored fabric. These clothes accentuate your body flaws and make them stick out like a sore thumb. 

That means all folds and bumps, including FUPA, will be more visible.

This is not what you want.

Instead, use patterns. If well-utilized, patterns can be distracting and make the FUPA less obvious. 

For this reason, wear clothes with floral designs, curves, and colors, especially around the waist, and the FUPA will be less noticeable.

Wear Looser Fabrics

Looser fabrics can work wonders when it comes to covering this region. For example, a long sweater or jacket that stretches below the waist can make you look taller while covering the FUPA. 

A good example is wearing a kimono with some innovative hemline, such as a waterfall or any other design.

When worn in combination with well-fitting shorts or pants, it is a sure-fire way to hide your lower abdomen region.

Emphasizing the Tops

Exploring top designs is a fantastic way to hide FUPA. To use this method, you can go for tops that show some parts of your shoulders, neck, chest, and upper arms. 

That way, all the attention goes to this region, and no one notices your fatty pubic area.

Moreover, it gives room to enjoy wearing your favorite leggings, skinny jeans, or shorts without worrying about your appearance.

Be Keen on Your Waist

If you want to distract attention from the fat waist area, pay more attention to your waist features in your styling.

For example, you can try high-waisted pants in combination with a stylish and unique belt. 

If well executed, this will draw attention to the belt while making the waist look smaller. In turn, no one sees your lower abdomen.

What Causes FUPA?

Even as you try to eliminate or hide fat pubic areas, it is also crucial to understand its causes. By understanding the causes, you can avoid the trouble of trying to hide it in the first place. 

Below are a few of them.

Sudden Weight Gain or Loss

The areas around the abdomen are one of the common places where fats will be deposited in case of sudden weight gain. And so, the skin around this area stretches to accommodate the new fat deposit. 

The reverse is also true in situations where there is a loss of fat, resulting in loose skin that makes the lower abdomen appear flabby.


Many scientific studies have proved the correlation between genetics and weight gain or obesity. But, of course, being a genetic predisposition doesn’t mean it is uncontrollable. 

You can take several actions such as dieting and exercising to avoid accumulating body weight in general and in the lower abdomen in particular.


During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles and the skin expand to create room for the new developing being. 

Additionally, the body structure and the hormonal changes increase the accumulation of fluids in this region. And once the baby is born, the skin and the muscles around this area become flabby.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can accumulate fat in the body and the abdomen. Stress and anxiety trigger the body to release hormones which cause the body to store fats as a defense mechanism. 

Therefore, the more stressed you are, the more pronounced your FUPA is likely to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get Rid of the Fat Upper Area?

Common methods of ridding FUPA include exercising, dieting, sleeping well, drinking a lot of water, and cosmetic surgery, among others. 

Notably, there is no universal way to get rid of FUPA. The key is to start with the simplest and move on to the complex. Alternatively, you can use a combination of methods for faster results.

How Can Lose I Weight in the Fupa Only?

Unfortunately, you cannot lose weight in a specific body section only. However, you can do exercises to lose general body weight and, in so doing, increase the chances of losing weight in your desired area. 

Can Body Shaper Reduce Abdominal Fat?

Body shapers and tummy tuckers only work by pushing fat and appearing to hide it. However, compressing cannot stop weight gain as it is a natural process.

As such, it only works as a temporary method, although sadly, people use it as a weight reduction method.

Dieting and exercising are some of the most effective weight-cutting methods.

I also wrote a COMPREHENSIVE guide on keeping your other body parts from showing through your clothes. Feel free to check it out next.


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