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15 Ways Hide Fat Thighs: In Shorts, Jeans, Swimwear (+More)

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One thing about thunder thighs is they’re not easy to hide. Skirts and shorts become a no-no, and jeans and fitting pants will abandon your wardrobe for the foreseeable future.

Going out, even for a casual brunch or a get-together, becomes an event that needs a lot of preparation. It’s all about the fat thighs.

But don’t worry, I’ve put together a list of 15 methods you can use to hide your big thighs.

How to Hide Fat Thighs

To hide fat thighs, you can use shapewear that makes your thighs look slimmer. You can also take advantage of A-line outfits, waistline belts, and jumpsuits. Distract with flashy accessories and unconventional necklines. Or just use prints to take the attention off the fat thighs.

So how would you go about putting all of those fashion tips and tricks to use and expanding your wardrobe in a way that makes finding the right outfit that hides fat thighs a breeze every time?

Read on to find out how. 


Shapewear is the latest fashion hack that has turned from a fad into a permanent fixture in many people’s wardrobes.

I’m talking in particular about people who want to hide a few bulges and bumps here and there. And fat thighs are one of those parts that could benefit from shapewear.

Look for a piece that has legs. Most shapewear focuses on the belly and butt, but some shapewear extends all the way to the mid-thighs.

They have a significant slimming effect that squeezes the thunder thighs and puts them in the right shape automagically.

A skin-color singlet would fit nicely under any outfit and is hard to notice, even if you wear a loose skirt on a windy day.

Hip-Length Tops

Another way to hide fat thighs is to wear hip-length tops. With the right pants, you can easily cover the top of the thighs while staying comfortable in whatever bottom you choose.

The advantage of such a fashion choice is that your body is not constrained, and you are free to move.

I recommend a flashy top—one with colorful patterns or designs that distract from the overweight thighs.

You can go with your hip-length top as far as you’re comfortable. A daring neckline or flashy colors will undoubtedly do the trick.

Even if you don’t like loud colors or whacky designs, the length of the top alone should do a good job hiding the thighs while keeping you comfortable.

Long Pants

Pants are the real heroes when it comes to hiding fat thighs.

Put aside the Capri and short pants.

Opt instead for pants that cover your ankles and rest on the feet. They pull double duty of lengthening your legs and hiding those fat thighs. 

The pants should be loose-fitting. You wouldn’t want them hugging your thighs because that would defeat the purpose.

But don’t go overboard with how loose the long pants should be. If they’re too big, they will exaggerate the thickness of the thighs.

Naturally, you’ll need to try a few cuts and sizes before you find the right pair of long pants that do the trick. But once you find them, you’ll be grateful and will probably wear them a lot.

Print Pants

Nothing confuses the observing eyes more than prints. One gets lost in the shapes and colors to even notice what’s under them.

And that’s precisely what you’re going for.

Choose loose, non-defining pants that don’t hug the thighs or put the focus on that part of your body.

The more colorful the prints and the more confusing the patterns, the better. You’ll be able to walk, bend, sit, and even lounge without worrying about the thunder thighs making a show or getting anyone’s attention.

To make it work, match the print pants with a darker top, preferably of one color or monochrome. A print top will be a little over the top, if you’ll forgive the pun.


If you are keen on wearing print tops and bottoms, then why not try jumpsuits?

The right jumpsuit will glide over the bulges in the body and flow freely to give you the illusion of slim thighs without even trying too hard. 

Jumpsuits are always in fashion and can be either print or monochrome. Which one to choose always comes down to personal taste.

However, I have found print jumpsuits to be more effective in hiding fat thighs. 

In addition to the slimming lines, the prints have the added advantage of confusing and distracting onlookers from the thighs you’re trying to hide.

Off-Shoulder Tops

I talked a lot about the power of distraction when it comes to redirecting attention away from a certain part of the body.

This is different from confusing the eyes. It’s actually giving the eyes something to look at that is hard to resist.

Naturally, this fashion trick is not for everyone.

And you don’t have to take it far or choose bold off-shoulder tops if you’re not comfortable in these types of tops. A modest slit or cut off the shoulder is all you need to get the attention away from big thighs.

The good part here is that you don’t have to worry about what bottom to wear. The off-shoulder top will get all the attention, and the bottom can sport a loose skirt that gives you comfort.

I also wrote a guide on keeping dresses from falling off your shoulders that may interest you to read next.

Colorful Top and Dark Jeans

Color has its attractions. A colorful top becomes the center of attention even if you’re not sporting a daring neckline.

At the same time, dark pants do the exact opposite. They hide the fat thighs by simply camouflaging any details or outlines.

This is usually the go-to outfit when you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time or inclination to get creative with what to wear.

A simple top with loud colors and any long dark pants will do the trick. You will look casual yet chic without trying too hard. 

Keep in mind that the pants have to be loose enough not to show the lines of the fat thighs. 

Wrap Dress

Say what you like about the wrap dress, but that style doesn’t go out of fashion. It has practical uses, and that’s the secret behind its staying power.

So what’s a wrap dress all about? 

A wrap dress balances the pear-shaped body by accenting a slimmer silhouette while hiding a heavy bottom and thick thighs.

To be fair, this type of dress is the best option for people with large thighs who don’t like the constraints of shapewear.

The skirt of the wrap dress keeps things casual and loose. It doesn’t limit your movements an iota, and it allows you a wide range of motions while keeping those thunder thighs hidden from the eyes.

High-Waisted Pants

Have you noticed that sometimes tall people wear high heels? They’re using their height as an asset instead of trying to hide it. You can borrow the same concept when trying to deal with fat thighs. 

But we’re not trying to make the thunder thighs the outfit’s main focus. It’s quite the opposite.

With high-waisted casual pants and a tucked-in top, you’re revealing an asset that takes the eyes off the thighs altogether.

Remember that an elegant look is 90 percent confidence. If you’re confident in this fashion trick, by all means, give it a try and bask in the attention and praise you get.

But if such an outfit will make you feel self-conscious, then you might try another fashion tip on this list.

Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is a staple in every wardrobe, no matter what figure you have. Whether you have something to hide or not, a pencil skirt is always fashionable.

It gives you a slim figure and adds a few inches to your stature, physical and otherwise.

And when your thighs beg you to hide them, a pencil skirt will come to the rescue. It shows your slim waist and covers your big thighs, all while making you look as glamorous as you’d like to be.

Match it with a turtleneck, preferably tucked in, to further accentuate your slim top and balance the heavy bottom.

The pencil skirt works with different types of tops as long as you tuck them into the skirt. 

Go Vertical

When your thighs defy gravity and any type of containment measure you try on them, the only way that would work is to try vertical lines and layers. These are two different solutions to the same problem.

With vertical lines, you choose outfits that have vertical stripes. A dress with vertical stripes will make you look slimmer and hide the curves and big thighs elegantly.

I recommend a dark background with lighter stripes for a chic and effective look.

Vertical layers combine the power of dark and hugging outfits under loose jackets. The jacket should be lighter and brighter to attract attention. The dark outfit will hide your thighs very efficiently.

Leggings and Colorful Tops

This fashion hack is a variation of another hack I mentioned above. But here, instead of loose and casual pants or slacks, you’re going to go all out with dark leggings.

Leggings are usually the last thing you’d consider when trying to hide big thighs.

But with the power of a long and colorful top or a short print dress, your leggings will get the job done.

Go for slimming leggings that contain and constrain the thunder thighs. And since we’re talking about a dress that reaches mid-thigh, your thighs will have a double camouflage. 

For a more chic and daring look, opt for see-through or semi-transparent short dresses. Just because you have thighs to hide doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look your best.

Go Black

I already mentioned that dark colors are for obscuring and bright colors are for getting attention. So, as a rule of thumb, you should always choose dark bottoms no matter what bottoms you purchase.

Skirts, denim pants, slacks, or leggings. They should all be dark. 

Dark colors don’t reveal details, shapes, or outlines. Everything blends, and the lines blur under thick black jeans or furry dark leggings. 

Now to match the dark bottoms, you should go for contrasting and bright tops. White, red, burned orange, teal, mint green, or canary yellow.

The louder, the better. If you go with a dark top, you’ll bring attention to the large thighs. 

Wide Legs

If your thighs are a challenge, offset them with even wider-legged trousers or shorts.

Again, there’s a fine line here between the right wide-legged trousers and the elephant legs that exaggerate the size of your thighs.

There’s no clear-cut solution here. You’ll have to find the right size that fits you.

It might seem counterintuitive to try to make your thighs look more prominent, but it actually works thanks to the loose and thin fabric as well as the bright colors of the wide-legged trousers.

You want to choose trousers made of a thin fabric that flutters with the slightest breeze. That, combined with the rose or light orange color, will make your thighs actually look slim and shapely.

A-Line Cuts

A-Line cuts have been around for quite a while. They have an advantage over other types of dresses and tops, and that advantage lies in the slim waist.

The A-Line narrows around the waist and then flares up as it goes down, creating a triangular shape.

And it pulls it off because that’s the natural shape of your body. The A-Line was designed for pear-shaped bodies.

I recommend a dress that flows to just around the middle of the thighs and then match it with pantyhose or thigh-high stockings.

High heels are the last touch in this elegant ensemble. If you like to be the center of attention, this is the outfit that will make heads turn.


Fat thighs should not come in the way of you looking your best every time you go out.

Hide them in dark leggings with long tops, or try shapewear to give you the slim thighs you have always wanted.

Bright tops and dark bottoms should be your best fashion hack to keep thunder thighs under wraps.

Next, you can check out my comprehensive guide on how to hide other parts of your body too.

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