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How to Fold Boxer Briefs to Save Space: Organizer explains

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Over the past two years, I have experimented will all possible ways to fold boxer briefs on my folding and organizing YouTube Channel ‘Small Space Organizing’. Today I want to share the best ways to fold boxer briefs with you.

From the side, fold the boxer briefs over in half. Next, fold from the waistband down in half, or in one-thirds at the time. If you folded in one-thirds you can stack the boxer briefs with the tall side up in your dresser or on your shelves.

For the rest of this article, we will look at some great ways to fold boxer briefs that you probably didn’t even know existed.

Ranger-Roll Boxer Briefs: The most space saving fold

The ranger roll is the most space-saving way to fold boxer briefs. It is also fantastic for travel as it holds the underwear together by folding the waistband over the rest of the boxer briefs.

How to Fold Men's Underwear (3 Space Saving Ways to Fold Boxer Briefs)

Check out the video and illustration to ranger-roll your own underwear.

The ranger roll is fantastic if you need more space. Check out my guide on how to ranger roll all your clothes here.

How to Fold Boxer Briefs Fast

Generally, the flat fold is the fastest way to fold boxer briefs. Simply fold in the boxer from both sides in one-third of the way, then from the top down fold the boxer briefs over in half. From here you are ready to place them in your drawer or on your shelf.

How to Fold Boxer Briefs FAST (2 Methods to Fold Mens Underwear)

To learn more ways to fold underwear, check out the complete guide to folding men’s and women’s underwear here. That guide has multiple detailed step-by-step illustrations (and videos) if you would like to learn more ways to fold underwear.

Fold Men's Underwear to Save Space (Boxers, Boxer-Briefs, and Briefs)
In this video, I also fold a pair of regular boxers if you want to see the difference between those and boxer briefs. It is almost exactly the same, just be make sure to fold in the sides properly so that they don’t stick out.

How to Fold Women’s Boxer Briefs

Generally, the file-fold is the best way to fold women’s boxer briefs. Fold the underwear one-third of the way in from both sides, then from the top down fold the underwear down in thirds as well. From here you can stack the underwear in your drawers or on your shelves with the tall side up. Make sure to place the side with the two folds down.

Folding Women's Underwear to Save Space (Briefs, Thongs, Strings, and Boxer Briefs)
Here is a full video I made on folding women’s underwear that you can check out.

If you want to learn more clever ways to fold clothes, I have a guide on folding t-shirts, one for folding pants, and one for folding shorts that you can check out when you are done with this one.

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