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How to STOP a Beanie From Sliding Up (And why it happens)

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The beanie is an essential piece of headgear for most people. For how would we bear the harsh outdoors in winter without putting on a beanie?  Whether you’re going on hiking, jogging, cycling, or any outdoor activity, a beanie is an essential component. But there is one irritating problem with this headgear; it keeps sliding up the head.

 Let us say you are enjoying your cycling, and then as a gust of wind blows, off your head goes your beanie. Frustrating, right? In this article, we will learn how to fix this problem. So, read on to find out. 

To keep the beanie from sliding up, pull it down your head until your ears are partially covered by its edge. Most people wear their beanie with its edges reaching above the ears which makes it loose around the head. In contrast, having your beanie up to point it is partially covering the ears, holds it and helps keep it in place.

A beanie slid up to the right at the side of my head.

Alternatively, you can fold up its edges around your head. Beanies are naturally designed without brims, and so this makes them loose around the edges. By folding it around the edges, it makes it firmer around your head for a tighter fit.

Using a bobby pin is another great option. Bobby pins are cheap and are readily available in most shops. Plus, you can buy them online on places like Amazon. They are easy to use, and designed with neutral colors to blend with most beanies. 

To use a beanie, dilate the open end and then slide the edge of the beanie in the gap between the two open pin strands. Keep in mind to have the wavy strand lying towards the inside of the beanie. 

Don’t forget to hold part of your hair with the beanie edge as you slide the bobby pin in place too. Bingo! You did it. Your beanie is now unlikely to slide back as you go about your business.

Can a Hairstyle Make a Beanie Slide off?

Other factors aside, your hairstyle can determine whether a beanie sticks on your head or not. As people have different hairstyles, so is the adaptability of beanies to these hairstyles. A beanie that fits a long-haired head, may not be the best fit for a short-haired, bald, or clean shaved one. 

Let us examine some of the hairstyles and how they interact with beanies.

Long Hair

A long-haired woman wearing a beanie

Long hair can be challenging when it comes to keeping the beanie in place. With long hair, you have to be careful to avoid ruining your styling as you try to fit in your beanie.  Additionally, trying to stuff your long hair inside a beanie to hold it together will make your head size look awkward. 

The best trick is to use an uncuffed beanie. This kind of beanie does a fantastic job as all you have to do is to pull it halfway on your forehead creating a firmer grip. Be sure to leave out some of the hair on the side to avoid an unshapely bulging.

Short Hair

Me wearing a beanie with a buzzcut

Short hair is perhaps one of the hassle-free hairstyles for wearing a beanie. Beanies snuggly fit on short hair holding it firmly in place. Plus, there is a way short hair can cling into the fabric of the beanie keeping it in place. This is especially the case if you wear tight-fitting beanies.

For Bald Hair

If you like your hair shaved or you’re bald, the fisherman beanie is recommended. They’re perfect for this type of hair, which makes them snug perfectly to your head.

Can the Type of Fabric Cause Sliding Up? 

Not all materials are a good fit for beanies. Some materials are slippery which makes it hard to keep them firmly on your head. The best natural material for beanies is wool, cotton, and fleece. Beanies made of these materials can be pulled over your head and snuggly fit. 

On the other hand, acrylic, while commonly used, is not a breathable material which limits its fitting flexibility. Fitting it firmly will help it stay on your head, but you will be uncomfortable due to its poor breathability. As you keep on adjusting to let in some cooling, that is how you loosen its grip around your head. 

How to Fold a Beanie With a Logo

Beanies with logos are all the rave, especially with companies. Most companies order custom-made beanies bearing their logos for their employees working in cold areas. Of course custom-made beanies are more expensive than generic ones. 

Cost aside, folding or storing beanies in the right way will keep them and the company logo in better condition. 

Whether you use generic logos on beanies or custom-made ones, here are a few important things to note during its folding and storage.

How to Wear a Beanie (for Guys)
Here is my full guide on how to fold your beanies.

Store in a Beanie Drawer

Arrange your neatly folded beanie inside your beanie drawer side by side, with your logo mark clearly visible on the upper side. That way, retrieval is easy as you can see them all at one glance. Also, it prevents clutter and protects the logo against scratching or getting torn.

Beanie Hanger

You can easily use your extra shoe hanger for this purpose. All you need to do is roll your beanie with your logo clearly visible and insert it into the shoe hanger pocket.

Beanie Shelf

You can make or improvise a shelf for this purpose. Neatly fold your beanies with your logo facing up, and stack them up on this shelf. When kept this way, it is easy to pick any specific one you want as the logo is clearly visible. 


A sliding-up beanie is irritating, but it need not be if you can prevent it. It is just as simple as trying to find out why the beanie keeps from falling off. As we found out above, this could range from choosing the right beanie for the right hairstyle, the beanie fabric to wearing it the wrong way. So, there should be nothing holding you back from rocking an awesome beanie such as this one (Amazon paid link) on your outdoor outing.

I have also created a comprehensive guide on stopping all your clothes from riding up that may interest you to read next.


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