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8 Tips to STOP Maternity Pants From Falling Down

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A pregnant woman faces many problems, one being the clothes not fitting her anymore throughout the entire period. The only way out is to use maternity pants.

Such clothes are made to fit the enlarging belly of a pregnant woman. Maternity pants cause many inconveniences as they keep falling.

Therefore, if you want to know how to maintain the maternity pants in place, continue reading this article.

8 Tricks to Keep Maternity Pants from Falling

Depending on your body size, shape, and how old your pregnancy is, you can choose any listed tips.

Maternity Belt

Using a maternity belt is a more expensive choice, but it works well and has additional benefits for pregnant women.

A maternity belt is an elastic fabric that wraps over your stomach. It can also keep the upper part of your pants from falling. Here are some of the benefits of using a maternity belt in addition to securing your pregnancy:

  • It helps reduce the joint and back pain that pregnant women face during pregnancy, such as Sacroiliac (SI) joint pain and Round Ligament pain.
  • It offers external cues for good posture.
  • It offers smooth compression in the belly when doing an exercise.
  • It comes with belly bands that allow pregnant women to carry out external activities comfortably.

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Roll the waist area

Rolling the waist area is the first method for keeping pregnancy pants from falling. Roll the top half of your jeans down two or three times. Your pants’ additional thickness may help them stay put for a little longer.


Suspenders are an excellent technique to keep pregnancy pants from falling. They are an easy and convenient approach to address your problem if you have one at home or extra cash; connect one to your pants, and you’re good to go.

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Using a belt

If you’re wearing maternity pants, a belt will come in handy. You can use a belt to protect your pants from falling, depending on the size of the bump on your belly.

Make sure it’s a bigger belt since you don’t want to put too much pressure on your stomach, which could put your child in danger. Place the belt under your stomach.

Safety pins

Safety pins are an excellent alternative to the first tip if you want a less expensive but more secure solution.

Most people have extra safety pins lying around the house. Fold the excess fabric on your pregnancy pants and secure them with safety pins on the sides.

Using fitted pants

Fitted pants are a great help in preventing your maternity pants from falling. Fitted and flexible yoga trousers or leggings can suit you properly.

It will not, however, make you feel uncomfortable. Like the belly bands, these fitted pants can be worn even after the baby is born.


This may be the most unusual suggestion, yet it works! Have you ever put your clothes or jeans through a hot cycle and then dried them? They shrink as a result of this.

If your maternity trousers are too big and you don’t want to spend additional coins on new ones, you can shrink them in the dryer. Just be careful not to overdo it. Otherwise, your pants will no longer fit you.

Using alternative clothing

If none of those mentioned above tips work for you or don’t have access to them, you may always wear skirts, wrap dresses, maxi dresses, or maternity overalls. You are free to wear whatever clothes you like.

But remember that your child’s safety is your main priority. It will be pointless to have comfy garments if your baby’s safety is compromised.

What to Look for in Maternity Pants


Since your body is constantly changing, it’s critical to keep oneself comfortable throughout the day. Make sure you buy maternity jeans that aren’t too tight and offer some support for your growing tummy.

Nothing surpasses smooth, supple cloth when it comes to comfort. Purchasing pants made of a stretchable fabric will save you money in the long run. They will be comfortable for pregnant women to wear.


You don’t have to sacrifice style just because you’re expecting and need maternity pants. You can choose a pair of maternity jeans that flatters your figure and complements your unique style.

Most everyday pants, including joggers, jeans, leggings, and dress slacks, have a pregnant version. A belly panel or extra stretches are common features to consider to accommodate various physiques.

As a general rule, try on maternity pants before purchasing them, if possible, to ensure that everything fits properly and that the style is acceptable for the occasion.

Belly Panel Type

It’s up to you to find out which belly panel type flatters your form the best.

Over the stomach: This panel layout is ideal for those who want all-around belly support as well as during the postnatal period.

Pants with a side panel will fit as closely as possible to a standard pair of pants. The flexible band on each side of the waistline provides the impression of regular trousers, but they’re very comfortable.

This panel style is for you if you want solid support under your belly and don’t want any excess cloth covering your bump.


Every expecting mother desires for her baby’s safety in the womb as well as a simple birth. If you’re a merely curious woman, keep all of these suggestions in mind and pass them along to pregnant ladies you know!

Knowing how to keep maternity pants from falling is important for the child’s safety and comfort, as well as for the convenience of the mother.

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