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How to Make a Teddy Bear Smell like You

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No one likes it when a teddy bear is smelly, especially when going somewhere with it. Sometimes you don’t have time to put it in the washing machine and the dryer. Therefore, read this article as we have provided a solution on how to make your teddy bear smell like you.

The best way to make a teddy bear smell like you is by sleeping with it for a couple of nights, replacing the stuffing with a cloth you have worn, or trying to add your clone to it.

The Best Ways to Make a Teddy Bear Smell Like You

Method 1: Sleep with it a few nights

If you want your teddy to smell like you, ensure you apply your best perfume every night before you sleep. Then, sleep with your teddy bear on your bed. With time, let’s say about a week, the teddy will smell like you. If anyone who knows your favorite perfume, such as your partner or kids, comes across the teddy bear, they will be able to tell the smell from it. Also, your baby will be able to sleep comfortably if you place the teddy bear on the same bed.

Method 2: Replace the old stuffing with your t-shirt

This is another easy and best way to make your teddy bear smell like you. Take the t-shirt you have been wearing or spray it with your favorite perfume. Remove the old stuffing of your teddy bear and replace it with your t-shirt. That’s all. The teddy bear will smell like you.

 Method 3: Spray with your favorite perfume

You can occasionally spray your teddy bear with your favorite perfume if you want it to smell like you. Remember, with time, the smell will fade out. Therefore, this should be a repetitive exercise. Otherwise, consider spraying the stuffing for the scent to last longer.

Method 4: Use a homemade spray

Things You’ll Need

  • One or two bowls
  • Water
  • Flowers
  • A spoon
  • An empty sprayer bottle
  • Some perfume/cologne

Step 1: Place a bowl(s) (large or small) on a surface you don’t care if it becomes wet. Don’t be concerned! It’s fine if you spill a little water! You or your parents can use a towel or washcloth to dry it once you are done.

Step 2: fill the bowl(s) with clean water.

Step 3: To make your scent, look for four or more flowers of any type. Make sure there are no dry brown stains on them and no bugs or bug eggs on their surface.

Step 4: Place the flowers in the bowl(s) and use a spoon to stir them gently. You don’t want any small pieces of flowers stuck inside your perfume bottle clogging the nozzle, so be careful not to harm the flowers.

Step 5: check into the water to determine if the flower water is changing color to match the color of the flowers in it. That’s great because it indicates that the flowers’ scent is mixing with the water, enhancing the scent of your new teddy bear perfume.

Step 6: For a stronger aroma, add and swirl more flowers into the water, while for a weaker scent, leave the flowers in for a shorter period.

Step 7: Use a real perfume or cologne to provide some aroma. To make a male or female stuffed teddy bear smell nicer, spray some of it into the flower water.

Step 8: Before pouring the water, remove the flower petals from the water. Make sure it’s the perfume you’re looking for.

Step 9: Fill a small, empty, clean spray container halfway with perfumed flower water. Ensure there are no remaining flower or leaf fragments.

Step 10: Shake the perfume or cologne bottle to ensure the scented flower water mixes completely. Allow it to settle for a few minutes.

Step 11: To make your teddy bear smell nicer, spray it with fragrant flower water or perfume. Don’t forget that a little goes a long way!

Step 12: Smell your teddy bear to see if it smells good. You can add as much perfume or cologne to the mix as you want, don’t use the entire bottle.


Make sure you don’t use too much perfume on your teddy bear!

Before you pluck the flowers for this perfume or fragrance, get your permission from the person in charge.

If you spill water, you could get in trouble, so be cautious.

Spraying Perfume on Stuffed Animals

Step 1: Remove the old stuffing

Remove all the old stuffing and place them aside.

Step 2: Wash the stuffing.

Using your favorite washing detergent, clean the stuffing to get rid of any smell it may contain.

Step 3: Dry the stuffing

 You can sun-dry the stuffing or use your iron box. This will prevent mold from building once you put them back. Therefore, they must be well dry.

Step 4: Spray the perfume

With your favorite perfume, spritz the stuffing. Again, confirm if they are completely dry before doing the exercise.

Step 5: Replace the stuffing

Once they are well sprayed, return the stuffing to its original place. Then, you are done.

What Can I Give My Boyfriend That Smells Like Me

Aha! It’s common with most girls as they like it when their boyfriends smell nice. Therefore, if you want your boyfriend to smell like you, there are a few things you need to do:

  • Give him your hoodies, t-shirts, or jackets to wear.
  • Give him your blanket or bed sheets and spray them with your perfume
  • Wash his clothes with your washing soap/detergent
  • Sleeping on his bed for some time will leave your smell on his bedding
  • Take some of his clothes, and wear them. Then return to him.

Next, you can learn how to preserve a smell on your clothes, or how to make a blanket smell like you.


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