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How to Make Clothes Smell Like You

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Your closet is the magical place where your clothes are comfortable. At the same time, it’s the place that determines the odor you get from your clothes. If you want to ensure the clothes smell like you, there are a few factors you need to take into consideration. They are showcased below.

To ensure your clothes smell like you or your partner, there is a process you need to follow. For starters, wash your clothes using the stipulated guidelines below. Make sure you start by cleaning and airing your washer and dryer. When done, add the recommended products before or after the wash according to the recommendations. Finish by drying and hanging the clothes as stipulated. 

Ways to Ensure Your Clothes Smell Like You

A closet is a magical place that ensures all things related to clothing are well kept. Unfortunately, they are small and may get congested with time. This is why we have come up with solutions to help you solve any problems related to making clothes smell like you.

There are two ways to ensure that you can make your clothes smell like you. You can either go natural or manufactured. Both are effective, and you need to make an informed choice. Check out the options below to get a solution that suits your needs. Let’s get started!

Perfumed Tissue Paper

Usually, you may use spray, roll-on, or a combination of both when using perfumes. Unfortunately, this isn’t as effective as you would wish. The best option would be to try to infuse the scent. So how do you do this?

Ideally, you need to spray/apply the fragrance you use on some cotton balls or tissue paper. Once they are dry, line your closet and dresser with the same. These scented cotton balls and tissue paper will start a base for your scent in the areas you placed them. Now you can place or arrange your clothes accordingly.

When you store/arrange your clothes accordingly, you will notice a change within a day or two. A plus fact is that anyone who uses your clothes’ storage for their clothes will start smelling like you if they leave their clothes for more than 24 hours.


This sounds crazy, but it works. For starters, coffee grounds absorb odors, whether bad or good. That said, you can use the same to filter out old odors and make new ones. All you need is to fill a container with coffee grounds. Use a pin or needle to poke a few holes in the lid of the container. Once you are done, store the container in your closet.

Essential Oils

You can keep your clothes smelling fresh using essential oils. For example, you can use 10 – 20 drops of essential oil of your choice during the final rinse cycle. Another option would be adding a few drops of the same oil to a clean washcloth or scrap of fabric. Toss either in the dryer when you are drying your clothes. This will remove any odors from your garments as they dry.

Make a solution of essential oil and water to spray on clothes that may have scents that you don’t want. It works well for odors that are lingering after the process above. You may play around with the essential oil to water ratio before getting the best formula.

Potpourri D-I-Y

Little potpourri sachets ensure that your clothes smell like you at any time. Make sure you pour them into your dresser drawers. Try adding a couple of tablespoons of lemongrass or lavender to increase your chances of the best outcome. Put either in some tissue paper or a small cotton pouch. The good news is you can use these in various ways.

For example, you can put some of them in the pockets of clothes you rarely use. This ensures the hoodies with other clothing items smell like you longer while having an “external effect” of removing odors from the clothes you usually use.  

Air Fresheners

Do you use an air freshener in your home or car? If so, you are at an advantage. When you think your air freshener is no longer working, you can use it to good use. Moving the same to your dresser or closet will have a positive effect. Why? It’s because this is a space that isn’t ventilated often.

That means the remnants of the air freshener will work similarly to how it works in your home or car when it’s full. Additionally, the small amount of fragrance left won’t overpower your scents. It’s an affordable and creative way of making sure your clothes smell like you.

Old Dryer Sheets

If you use a dryer sheet in your laundry, don’t get rid of it. These items have enough scenting juice to ensure they can help scent your clothes and closet. Tuck such sheets into the pockets of clothes you don’t usually wear.

Alternatively, you can tuck them into the ends of your dresser drawers. This should be done in places where you use it rarely. The good news is conflicting scents won’t be a problem because you can use the same sheets for laundry.

I also wrote an article on how to preserve a scent on clothes for a long time that may interest you.

How to Make Hoodies Smell Like You For Your Partner

Hoodies, jackets, and shirts occupy a substantial amount of your wardrobe or closet space. That said, you may want them to smell like your partner. So how do you go about this? Read on to learn more.

Why Do You Like the Smell of Your Partner’s Sweat?

The smell of someone in a relationship is one of the ways they can identify with their partner. Why? A partner’s scent is a source of positive feelings and comfort. This is why people in a relationship can tell if/when their partner was in an unknown environment.

How Long Does the Scent Last on Clothes?

To ensure your scent lasts on your clothes or your partner’s clothes, you must follow a few steps. You can use one or all of them. Check out the guideline below.

Adding Fragrance to the Dryer

To add fragrance to the dryer, start by soaking a clean towel in water. Rinse out any excess water by wringing the towel. This can be done by either using your hands to twist the towel or doing a spin cycle.

When you are done, pour approximately 6 drops of your essential oil on the towel. To be safe, try using an empty container of eye/ear drops. Use a syringe to fill the bottle and then pour the drops required. Add the towel to your dryer’s load. When the cycle is complete, you will realize that the unwanted scents have been removed.

Thorough Drying

Mildew will cause a musty odor in your clothes. Make sure you dry them before you store them in a closet. If they are not thoroughly dried, they may pick up scents from wherever you had hung them to dry. This means you won’t be able to ensure your scent remains on the clothes.

Deodorize the Washing Machine

One of the factors that contribute to unwanted scents and may prevent you from getting your scent on your clothes is a non-deodorized washing machine. For this to work, you need to start by filling your washing drum with hot water. Add 2 cups of vinegar and let the mixture in the drum settle for a minimum of 2 hours. Now you can run a normal wash cycle. Keep in mind you shouldn’t have any laundry in the washing machine for this step.

Airing out the Washer

Mildew is caused by darkness and dampness. The result is an unwanted odor on your clothes that may negatively affect your goal. If you want to maintain your scent on your partner’s clothes, consider airing out the washer.

Start by ensuring you always air the washer and dryer after every wash. It’s done by leaving the lid open for at least thirty minutes after every laundry load. Once you are done, you are guaranteed to maintain the scents you want.

More on washing machine care here.

How Long It Takes To Make Your Clothes Smell Like You

When you use any of the steps outlined, you are guaranteed a 2-week to a 6-week timeframe. For the best results, follow our guidelines above.

Is It Weird to Smell Your Girlfriend’s Clothes?

No, it’s not. As long as you have a close relationship with someone, you will likely smell like them. This includes anyone you live with. 

Why You Like the Smell of Your Partner’s Sweat

It’s all about pheromones. You like the smell of your partner’s sweat because you already like them. For example, if a homeless guy approaches you, you will likely step aside and even hold your breath. On the other hand, if your partner comes from a workout or a jog, you are likely to hug them without minding their sweat.

Just in case the smell gets too intense, I wrote a guide on how many times you can wear clothes before washing them here.


Making your clothes smell like you or your partner is not a daunting task. It all boils down to the steps you use and their efficacy. When you use the guide above, you will know everything about making your clothes smell like you. You will also know how to make your partner smell like you.

Next, you can check out my article on how to make a blanket smell like you, or how to do the same for a teddy.


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