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How to Remove Baby Poop Stains From Clothes

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Are you looking for help in removing baby poop stains from clothes? This is a common question to every new parent as they wonder how to get baby poop stains out of clothes. Relax. This guide will help you. Let’s start.

To get the baby poop stains out of baby clothes effectively, soak them in cold water and then use the cleaning products below to wash the clothes. Avoid hot water as it can bake the stain into the cloth, which is not something you need when removing baby poop stains.

Step 1: Damage Control

It’s best to deal with a poop stain as soon as possible to avoid it drying and being embedded in the clothing.

If someone is there, give them the infant and start cleaning up the poopy garments immediately.

If your infant is already eating solids, remove any chunks first.

Use rubber gloves, or cover your hands with a plastic bag if you don’t have any.

To remove as much excrement as you can, wash the baby garments in cold water.

Poop from a breastfed baby is water-soluble and won’t clog pipes, but if your kid is formula-fed, you might wish to rinse it into the toilet.

This is difficult if you’re on your own with a messy, crying baby.

Strip your infant and put their needs first.

If you can, run the baby’s clothing through cold water to get as much of the poop out of them once the infant is clean and calm.

When you are able to do more cleaning, put the clothes in a bowl of warm water to soak.

Step 2: Soak That Stain Away

Put the clothes in a tub or pail of warm water and soak them there for a few hours.

This will help to release the stain and make stage 3 much easier.

Cool or warm water can be used, but hot water should be avoided as it may set the stain into the fabric.

If there are no obvious stains, proceed directly to step 4 because you might find that soaking alone is sufficient to remove the stain, and you don’t require step 3.

Step 3: The Removal Options

Don’t worry if you’ve saturated the clothing, but the stains are still obvious. You have a few choices for getting rid of those difficult feces stains.

Try the following if you prefer natural cleaning supplies:

Lemon juice is a fantastic all-natural cleanser and bleach. Use very sparingly on dark clothing to prevent fabric damage. Lemon should be cut in half and applied directly to the stain.

White Vinegar: To make a natural stain remover, use white vinegar and plain water in equal parts. Use a spray bottle to target the afflicted region or pour it directly over the clothing. Additionally, it effectively removes pee stains.

These typical household items will come in handy if neither of those is available:

Dish Soap: A little bit should be applied immediately to the stain.

Enzymatic cleaner: Use a stain stick that has been carefully prepared or a tiny bit of organic washing powder.

With each of the methods mentioned above, scrub the stain for a few minutes with a brush or an old toothbrush. Then, let it soak in the solution for at least 10 minutes.

Step 4: Wash as Normal

A contemporary washing machine should easily remove fecal stains.

Use an appropriate non-bio washing detergent that is kind to your baby’s skin.

Even if the stain is visible, you don’t need to wash the soiled clothing separately from your baby’s other garments as long as you’ve already soaked and rinsed it.

Check the clothing’s labels, and then run your machine at its highest recommended temperature.

Step 5: Harness the Power Of Sunshine

Don’t worry if the baby garments still appear stained and yellow after going through the washing machine.

Considering that breastfed babies’ excrement creates noticeable yellow stains, this is especially true for them.

The sun is an excellent all-natural bleach and stain remover.

It not only gets those yellow-stained garments back to bright white but also kills hazardous microorganisms.

If you can position the clothing in direct sunshine, even the winter sun is potent enough to accomplish this.

Dry soiled clothing outside if at all feasible, but if this is not an option, place it in front of a window that faces the sun.

Next, you can check out my list of the best laundry detergent for feces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Stronger Chemicals I Can Use To Remove Baby Poop?

For baby poop stain removal, strong chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, chlorine bleach, and isopropyl alcohol can be used. I have found all the strategies mentioned above for removing poop stains successful. If you use stronger chemicals, thoroughly wash and rinse your clothes to prevent skin irritation.

Will This Method Remove Old Stains?

When doing laundry, if you come across a stain, follow the same steps you would for a fresh poop stain. Repeat steps 3-5 if necessary because a set stain is more difficult to remove.

Does This Method Work For Dog Poop?

The answer is that it will remove dogs or any other animal feces. Rubber gloves and washing any materials separately from your regular clothing are both recommended if you’re cleaning up animal waste.

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