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How to Remove Water Stains From Leather

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Are you struggling with water stains on your leather items? We will help you remove these stains and go out in your leather shoes, jackets and accessories looking classy. But, where do water stains come from? As you clean your house, utensils or other households, rainwater can spill on your leather items and stain them.

Leather cleaner, rubbing alcohol, dishwashing soap, vinegar, and leather conditioner, among others discussed in this article, will effectively remove water stains from your leather. Read on for detailed information on how to remove water stains from leather.

7 Methods to Remove Water Stains from Leather

By removing the water droplets from the leather as soon as you can, you can avoid getting water stains in the first place. It is not always feasible, though.

Take care of your leather accessories at home with just a few available ingredients.

Below are listed various techniques for removing water stains from leather.

Method 1: Leather Cleaner

For eliminating tough stains like water stains, leather cleaner is a necessity. All your leather items, including boots, handbags, the leather inside your automobile, leather couches, and furniture, will work with it.

  • Always do a spot test to determine colorfastness in a discrete location. Likewise, let the area air dry.
  • Use a gentle cleaning cloth and a tiny amount of the solution to clean in a circular motion.
  • Remove all the residue carefully, then give it 30 minutes to dry.
  • Apply a leather lotion to enhance the natural sheen.

Method 2: Rubbing Alcohol

The water stains on the leather jacket can be eliminated using rubbing alcohol.

To remove the stain, gently wipe the area using a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol. Till the water stains are gone, keep massaging the region.

Method 3: Water and Vinegar Solution

Water stains on the leather can also be removed using a solution of vinegar and water. Use a soft cloth and dunk it in the solution for this.

After that, gently wipe the water stains off the leather using the dampened towel. Keep going until the marks disappear.

More on using vinegar for cleaning here.

Method 4: Use a Solution Of Dish Washing Soap And Warm Water

The leather can be cleaned with lukewarm water and mild dishwashing soap.

The leather’s delicate water stains are removed with the solution. The stain can be removed from the leather by applying the solution with a cloth.

Lightly massage the leather with the solution.

Method 5: Mayonnaise

Vinegar and oils are components of mayonnaise. In this manner, it aids in removing stubborn stains from the leather while protecting its natural oil.

You can apply a thin layer of mayonnaise for around 10 minutes to a serious stain on a leather jacket.

Next, buff the area in a circular motion with a moist cloth. Rub the area repeatedly until the mark disappears.

Once the stain has disappeared, you can clean the leather by wiping it down with a damp cotton ball or cloth. Overnight leather drying is advised.

Apply a leather lotion to enhance the natural sheen.

This technique aids in maintaining the natural oil in your leather.

Method 6: Leather Milk

To keep your leather tidy and spotless, use leather milk.

Apply the cleanser to a soft cleaning cloth and buff the affected area to remove the water stains from the leather.

Method 7: Leather Conditioner

Water stains on leather can also be removed with leather conditioners. The leather conditioner’s natural oil helps to remove the water droplets.

The natural oil in the leather will be replenished, and the stains will go forever if you polish it with a leather conditioner.

Coconut oil can polish leather if you don’t have a leather conditioner at home. It is a fantastic substitute and won’t ruin the leather.

The least expensive and easiest approach for removing water stains is this one.

The suggested technique will make it simple for you to get rid of the stains. You can now test them all out to see which one works best for you.

Buy leather conditioner on Amazon (paid link.)

How to Get Water Stains Out of Leather Shoes

One of the most stunning footwear you can get is leather shoes. They are strong and quite cozy to wear. They can also be trendy, and it doesn’t appear as if they will quickly lose favor. It might be awful to get water stains on them because of this. It is quite impossible to keep them from getting stains, especially when it rains.

Leather shoe watermarks can be unsightly and make you panic if you don’t know how to remove them. Water stains on leather shoes may be removed very easily, though. In this post, you may learn several techniques for cleaning water stains from leather shoes. Continue reading to learn the instructions.

Things you will need

  • Vinegar
  • Lemon juice
  • Alcohol or soap/shampoo
  • Cotton
  • Soft brush
  • Clean cloth

Method 1: Using Vinegar

You will be cleaning your shoes with vinegar in this first technique. One of the greatest methods for cleaning leather shoes is vinegar. It successfully removes nearly all stains from your shoes. The best part is that you don’t have to spend extra time or money looking for them because they are easily accessible in your home. Observe these steps to clean water stains from your shoes:

  • Fill a small basin with vinegar.
  • Dip a clean piece of cloth in the vinegar.
  • Gently rub the stained area to get rid of the stains.
  • Use a different dry piece of cloth to wipe the vinegar clean.
  • Keep your shoes in a space with good ventilation so they can dry up completely.
  • Avoid drying the shoes in direct sunlight as this could cause the shoes to become discolored.

Instead, use a soft toothbrush to remove the water spots from the leather shoe. Just combine a few drops of vinegar with cold water, and then carry on as normal.

Method 2: Using lemon

You’ll need some lemons for the second procedure. Another fantastic kitchen item that works well as a cleaning agent is the lemon. Lemons contain citric acid, which acts like bleach and aids in eliminating stubborn stains. It is another thing that is simple to find in your house.

The procedures to be followed are as follows:

  • Put some lemon juice in a small basin.
  • In the basin of lemon juice, dip a piece of clean cloth. An alternative is to use a gentle brush.
  • Use a towel or brush to remove the water stains on the shoe.
  • Repeat this technique as necessary to get rid of the stains. If the stains are difficult to remove, you can rub them a little more forcefully.
  • After the stains have been removed, wipe the shoe down with a dry, clean piece of cloth.
  • Dry off the shoe in a cool, well-ventilated environment.

Method 3: Using soap and water

The third technique is among the simplest and easiest ways to remove water stains from leather shoes. With this technique, soap and water serve as the basic ingredients. For this procedure, you can also use shampoo or a light detergent. These things are also conveniently located in your own home.

  • Take a bowl and put warm water in it.
  • Create foam in the water with the soap. Alternatively, you might mix some light detergent or shampoo with the water.
  • After thoroughly mixing the water, apply the solution with a clean cloth or brush to the spots.
  • If necessary, use a little pressure.
  • Rub the shoes until the stains disappear.

After completing these procedures, you can proceed with the prior method’s instructions to wipe the area with a clean towel and let it air dry in a cool, well-ventilated location.

Method 4: Using Alcohol

You will need alcohol for the third and final way of removing water stains from leather shoes. Even better is having surgical alcohol on hand. Many people are unaware of the fantastic and efficient method for getting stains out of shoes, which is to use alcohol. The following are the procedures for cleaning shoes with alcohol:

  • Grab a clean piece of cloth and dab it with some alcohol.
  • Also, you can use vodka.
  • Wipe the spots on the shoe using that handkerchief now.
  • Up till the spots are removed, repeat the instructions.
  • Allow it to air dry under a fan in a cool, well-ventilated place.

Remember to massage the alcohol on the stains with a cloth or brush while using this procedure. Avoid the error of pouring it right onto the shoe. This can result in extra stains or harm to the shoe.

How to Remove Water Stains from Leather Furniture

You can maintain the health and beauty of leather by cleaning your leather furniture with a sponge and a gentle cleanser.

Water stains on leather furniture can be removed by gently cleaning it with a soft sponge. Watch out for the water that is dripping.

You may preserve the attractiveness of your leather items with these straightforward methods, making them appear as though you just got them.

How to take care of leather items?

If you want your leather items to endure longer, you can do a few things. The vivid colors and moistened fabric will also appear much better. The most crucial pointers are listed here to keep things clear.

1. Always prevent stains.

Cleaning up spills as soon as they happen will not only make cleaning much simpler, but it may even save stains from forming. Avoiding detergent and other harsh chemicals will benefit the colors and lengthen the item’s life.

2. Apply leather creams

Different leather creams can improve the item’s appearance, make it waterproof, or both. Buying a leather cream might be advantageous because they are not too pricey. However, remember that they aren’t required to maintain the aesthetic quality of leather goods (A simple care routine should be enough).

3. Use conditioner

Additionally, using conditioners will make the cloth last longer while assisting in the colors remaining vibrant. Dry leather might deteriorate over time, reducing the usefulness of your item.

4. Keep it out of the sun.

It can be challenging to do this, but if you have any furniture exposed to the sun, think about shifting it. Long-term exposure to the sun can dry out the cloth and deplete the colors of their saturation.

Frequently asked questions

Can rubbing alcohol damage leather?

You can use rubbing alcohol on any leather product, including clothing, furniture, and tabletops. The toughest stains can be removed with excellent success with this method. Remember that this cleaning solution is subject to general cleaning guidelines.

Is olive oil good for leather?

Maintaining the appearance of any leather item is easy by using olive oil. But be careful not to put too much and don’t do it too frequently. There are better ways to care for your leather, but nothing is wrong even if you don’t have anything better in your possession.

Will vinegar and water ruin leather?

Even though there are more effective cleaning solutions than vinegar and water, they won’t damage the leather. Nevertheless, it has the potential to dry out the cloth, so using a conditioner might be a smart idea. The solution won’t be toxic if you combine vinegar and water in the proper ratios.


In conclusion, it’s not difficult to remove water stains from leather. You might seek a professional cleaning solution to ensure the cloth is safe. However, various methods for removing the stain require common household products.

We’d suggest using vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or water mixed with dishwashing soap as some of the most common cleaning methods. The leather will be safe and simple to clean if the proper ratios are used while mixing them. Remember to work from the outside and gently tap the stained area. Your best bet after cleaning the item is to let it air dry.

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