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How to STOP Bikini Bottoms and Swimsuits from Riding Up

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It is almost summertime, and that can only mean one thing: BIKINI SEASON!!! It is your chance to pack your bags, go to the nearest beach, and get that perfect tan you have been waiting for all year.

Summers are always a mood lifter, and what better place to enjoy a sunny day than a trip to the beach. You can finally put on your swimsuits and bikinis that you have been hoarding, especially for this season. 

With all the preparations done and your favourite spot on the beach calling out your name, what can possibly go wrong?

Of course, how can we forget about the scariest nightmare for a woman, her bikini bottom or swimsuit riding up! When you are out with the intention to enjoy and have the time of your life, a slight disaster like this can seriously ruin your whole mood and hence your day. 

But do not worry. I have got you covered. With the busy lives that we all are a part of, I understand how hard it is to make time to fulfill your summer desires.

To help you make the most of your time, I have gathered below a list of ways to stop your bikini bottom and swimsuit from riding up. Forget about having to tug at your swimsuit after every second. These tips have got you covered this summer.

A Perfect Size is Better Than a Good pattern

When you enter a store to buy your dream bikini or swimsuit, it is normal to get mesmerized by the plethora of fashionable items on display. You are always one step away from choosing every item you lay eyes on.

But you have to be extremely careful about one thing. Do not let your desire to get a particular pattern govern your need to pick the perfect size for yourself. Most often, people tend to overlook the fact that swimwear is not their size and still choose to get it because it would give them an edgy look.

Girls, Girls, Girls, that is the most horrible mistake you can make for yourself. No matter how breathtaking an item may look, if it is not the perfect fit, then what is the point.

A loose swimsuit is a major reason for your swimwear riding up because it gives more space for the fabric to move around. So listen well and remember a perfect fit is the way to go if you want to skip a wedgie while out on a relaxing summer day.

Maintain Elasticity

Like any other fabric, it is likely to ruin its material if you over-wash your swimsuit or your bikini too much. Similarly, if you tend to toss them in a dryer, that would be detrimental to the fabric. Dryers lead to the warping of elastic, making the cloth loose.

As a result, it is less likely to fit well when you wear it again. Given the lost elasticity and fit, the material would now just be hanging, and you will find it constantly riding up. To skip this horrendous situation, wash your swimwear with your hands and leave it out in the open to dry. 

Moisturizing is the Key

Moisturizing your buttocks before putting on a swimsuit or a bikini is like the solution next door that we had been unaware of for so long. Moisturizing allows the material of your bikini bottom or swimsuit to stay intact and not find uncomfortable places to fit in. 

Choose the Right Fabric

While silk and nylon swimsuits and bikinis may seem tempting to you, their fabric does not really guarantee good movement. Instead, opt for a fabric that provides a greater stretch, so you do not have to worry about your bikini bottom or swimsuit riding up.

Whether you are running on the beach, playing volleyball, or just taking a peaceful stroll, you will be absolutely worry-free when you opt for a stretchable fabric for your swimsuit or bikini. No amount of movement, either calm or aggressive, will be able to get that bikini bottom riding up.

Life-Saving Hacks for your Swimsuit and Bikinis

Getting a wedgie from your bikini bottom or swimsuit riding up in an abysmal situation. That is, unfortunately, not the only problem we women have to face. A relaxing day at the beach, feeling the wind blow on our faces and getting a smooth tan is all we wish for.

Of course, life has other plans. While you may feel ready to rock the day, a wardrobe malfunction or a confidence drop because your bikini does not look too flattering might appear out of the blue and ruin your whole day. 

I really cannot bear to see my girlies all gloomy when instead they should be relishing the refreshing summer air. So to rescue you all from any potential mishap you may encounter with your swimsuit or bikinis, I have prepared a few hacks that will work magically for you.

Say goodbye to a dismal day and embrace these hacks completely. You do not know when a situation may arise, and you may fall in dire need of one of these hacks. So let us get started. 

Body Makeup to the Rescue

We are all born with sweet little imperfections. Sometimes though, we are not exactly proud of these and wish to hide them completely. Not only do they completely diminish your confidence levels, but they also stop you from showing parts of your skin that hold these bodily imperfections.

These imperfections can include cellulite, stretch marks, body scars or uneven breasts. So when it is time for summer, and you are dying to get into that swimsuit or bikini, these flaws might really make you hesitant to do so. 

These concerns can be laid to rest because of the advent of body makeup. You can cover any type of fault or blemishes on your body with body makeup. With these obstructions in your confidence now vanished, you can now feel self-assured and put on any type of bikini or swimsuit.

Kick Away the Bloating

A girl’s worst enemy is bloating. It is even worse when it appears on the day you are planning to wear your favourite swimsuit and enjoy yourself with your friends by the pool. What if I tell you that there is a way for bloating to die out? I know you will be elated, so here we go.

Make sure that you do not consume salt or carbonated drinks a few days before you plan to put on your swimsuit or bikini. Salt and carbonated drinks are significant causes of bloating. If you cut out on their consumption, you can considerably reduce the amount of bloating you encounter.

Exfoliate Before Shaving

It is an appalling case when your razor bumps or strawberry legs pop out more than your tan. It can lower your confidence when wearing a swimsuit or a bikini. Furthermore, it can also be really awkward for you when someone points out these razor bumps or strawberry legs, making you wish that you never put on that swimsuit in the first place.

However, there is a very effective solution to this problem. Remember to exfoliate with a conditioner and your loofah before shaving. This removes any hint of strawberry legs, and razor bumps appearing can be eliminated from the face of the earth.

The Answer is in the Maternity Section

If you are unable to find the right size for yourself that can easily put a veil on your belly fat, do not worry because most women cannot.

Today’s beauty standards do not cater to all body types, even though they promise to do so. What most women are unaware of is that the maternity section is the magic tunnel that holds the solution to these problems.

You can find all types of colourful patterns and swimwear that are mainly designed to put a veil on any extra belly fat that may otherwise peep from other swimwear. The range of sizes is also immense so that any woman of any boy shape can easily find her perfect match there. 

How to Stop Your Camel Toe from Showing?

Another embarrassing situation we women have to go through is obviously when our camel toe decided to make a world premiere. While your body has stood by you through thick and thin, there is no reason to hate any part of it. But sometimes, we just allow our emotions to get the better of us, and we fall into the trap of insecurity.

A peeping camel toe is not exactly a feature; women are ideally proud to flaunt. So when you have a swimsuit or a bikini on, the deplorable camel toe is at an all-time peak. But girls, do not let your camel toe stop you from experimenting with your body and trying new swimsuits.

It is already tough to step out of your comfort zones and step into a swimsuit. Hence, when you do so, do not let your camel toe be a hindrance to this new step you are taking in your life. 

I am always here to have my girlies back and help you out with any potential problems you might face with your camel toe—the most important one being how to hide it. So let us check some of the most helpful ways to keep your camel toe out of sight and out of mind.

Too Stretchy is not the Right Option

Camel toes have a very high tendency to keep appearing when under extremely stretchable materials. Avoid wearing bikini bottoms or swimsuits that are not too stretchy to prevent them from taking a sneak peek of the world.

Choose the size that is actually made for you and if you are unaware of what your size is, trying and walking around is always an option you can go for. But never ever exit a store with a swimsuit or bikini size that would later prove to be detrimental for you.

Choose Swimwear That Has Seams at the Bottom:

Most brands are aware of women’s nightmarish experiences with their horrible camel toes. Thus, they have started producing bikini bottoms that come with a double seam to tackle this situation. A seam puts an end to camel toes, making a cameo in your beach look.

It is vital to note that one seam is just not enough. If you find a flattering piece that only has one seam at its bottom, move away from it before you are overwhelmed by the desire to buy it. A single seam is not strong enough to hide a camel toe. Thus it should not be considered as an option when you are out shopping specifically for a bikini bottom that would hide your camel toe.

A Camel Toe Concealer

Buy camel toe concealer on Amazon (paid link).

Relish in enjoyment when you are wearing your swimsuit or bikinis. Take as many insta-worthy pictures as you want without worrying about your camel toe peeping. Cast all these worries to your camel toe concealer.

The only thing you need to do is place the camel toe concealer below the camel toe. That single step is enough to take away your days’ worth of anxiety regarding your camel toe.

More on how to prevent camel toeing in this dedicated article.


At the end of the way, it is essential to realize that these parts or features that we are so desperately trying to hide from the public are what make us unique. It is alright to feel disturbed by your bikini bottom riding up or your swimsuit displaying a camel toe. But what is more important is to come to terms with these things.

While they may drive you crazy, they are not powerful enough to define you. So please do not shy away from them and face them boldly. Don that trendy swimsuit or bikini bottom without feeling uneasy about anything.

Remind yourself that you are perfect just the way you are and that you absolutely do not need to edit any part of yourself to fit into this world. 

I have also created a comprehensive guide on stopping all your clothes from riding up that may interest you to read next.


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