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How to STOP Dresses from Riding Up (And Why It Happens)

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Does your dress ride up anytime you walk or sit down? Relax, we are going to tell you why such may happen and possible solutions to the same. We carried out thorough research and tried a few samples, and came out with the information highlighted in this article.

We have considered both long and short dresses. If you don’t have an appealing shape and want to put on a short dress, you can follow the tips to make sure you are comfortable all the time.

How Do I Stop My Dress from Riding Up as I Walk?

Riding up your dress is an embarrassment that ladies all over the world face, but it doesn’t have to be a major issue for you! All you need to know is how to take care of your outfit so that you can stroll with confidence.

Choosing a dress made of a stretchy material like spandex is one possible solution to this problem. You’ll need to make sure that the fabric used to make your dress is elastic so that it hangs naturally.

Another reason to ensure that the material is elastic is that if the dress is made of rigid fabric, it will add excessive mass to your body, causing unnecessary stress on your body and legs.

It is simply too tight for your body curves if a dress is riding up. To make your dress even looser than it currently is, apply a little layer of hairspray over your lower legs and thighs or stitch in an extra inch of cloth beneath your hips.

Another strategy to deal with the issue is to avoid wearing short dresses as much as possible. When you wear a short dress, the pressure on your hips, waist, and back is taken.

Why Does My Dress Ride Up?

The dress appears and feels so short when it keeps riding up as you move or walk. If you are not aware of why this happens, read them down below.

The dress material is thin.

You must have observed that short dresses with light fabrics are the ones that ride up the most. You don’t need to spend the entire day trying to keep your dress down. So, the next time you put one on, make sure it’s made of a thicker or heavier fabric.

The dress is of the wrong size.

You could be wondering why your dress is riding up as you walk, despite the fact that it looked good on you when you tried it on at the mall. You couldn’t tell if that short dress was the proper size because your movements were restricted in the fitting room.

It would be better if you tried on your precise size as well as a size larger. Find out which size looks best on you. If the larger size does not ride up but does not fit well, there is still enough material to modify your dress to make it fit properly.

The dress is the wrong style for your body shape.

Each of us has a distinct body shape and structure. As a result, you may find a dress that’s not the proper style for your body type, making it ride up your thigh.

There are so many different types of dresses to pick from. There will always be more that would look excellent on you and that you could wear confidently and comfortably.

The dress is just too short.

Some gowns are designed too short. Although it appears to be riding up, there is no way to go except up because there isn’t enough fabric to cover most of your thighs. Short dresses like these should be avoided because they are hard to fix. Alternatively, you can layer them with tights in the winter.

How To Stop A Short Dress from Riding Up?

What’s the best way to keep a short dress from riding up? Why do short dresses ride up even when your arms are short? How do short dresses stay up when you’re running? When you put your weight on a short dress, why does it ride up? With these short dress tricks, you may learn how to accomplish these stunts.

The first trick is straightforward. Cut off a few inches from the bottom of your dress and stitch them together. This results in a large portion that runs the length of your leg.

The bottom half of your clothing can then be sewn together and hemmed. This will make your dress ride up, but it will also give you more height.

The second technique is similar to the first but differs slightly. Rather than cutting a portion of your dress off, you fold it in half, form a triangle, and stitch one edge.

Check that your stitching is straight and not clumpy. Your short dress now rides up like a short dress, but with the added benefit of heightening your cloth.

What to wear under a Dress that is Too Short?

One of the most difficult things to accomplish if you want to look sexy is to wear a short dress since it entirely affects the nature of your figure.

If you have a smaller waistline, a short dress will make your waist appear smaller, giving the impression that you are wearing two separate outfits.

Furthermore, compared to a standard full-length dress, the amount of skin exposed will be far greater. As a result, great caution is required when wearing a short dress, especially to a party.

If you’re going to a party in a short dress, keep in mind that the main goal is to hide that you’re wearing a short dress. To make your legs look a lot sexier, buy a dress in the perfect size and then choose some bright colors like white, red, or even black.

However, this does not imply that you should wear a very short dress. Choose a dress that is a little longer so that your legs are displayed a little more.

How To Sit With a Short Dress?

What should you do with a “mini,” “little black dress,” or similar style in your closet? I’ll give you a few examples off the top of my head: Wear a thin cardigan or cotton blouse over a sweater or other long-sleeved garment.

Wear a dress that is a few inches longer than your short dress for a more relaxed vibe. Alternatively, layer your mini or full dress with a long or short dress. Wear a shorter dress underneath your long dress or mini for an attractive look.

The trick to these looks is maintaining the dress at or just above the hip length. The reason for this is to make your dress rise slightly, drawing attention to your torso. It also aids in the appearance of longer legs.

This isn’t as much of a concern when wearing a little dress because it’s so short. On the other hand, shortening the dress serves to extend your legs and draws your attention down. I recommend keeping the dress below the knee or slightly longer for a traditional style, depending on the clothing.

4 Dress Weights to Keep Your Hem Down

Dress weights, commonly referred to as hem weights, are heavy items that can be sewed or taped onto dresses, shorts, skirts, and pants. Their function is to weigh down a fabric so that it does not blow up in the wind. They also keep your clothes from lifting when you walk, resting strangely on your body, or sticking to your bum. It’s yet another approach to ensuring that your clothes are high quality.

Hem weights aren’t a new item. According to antique merchants, many dresses from the early 1800s had them sewed onto the hem. Dressmakers used weighted cords to weigh down and shape their garments.

We are fortunate to have a variety of options now, ranging from sew-in weights to stick-ons. Our best advice is to have weights sewed into your clothing by a tailor. The weights will not show if they are well sewed in, whether in direct sunshine or when seated. You won’t have to be concerned about them sliding off either.

Sew-in circular weights

These weights can be sewed into the hem at key locations. A few circular weights can be sewed down along the seams and towards the bottom, if you need more weight. The advantage of these weights is that they help with sewing. It won’t take much threading to keep them in place. They’re also little, so they’ll be less visible if you don’t cover them with a cloth.

Buy dress weights on Amazon (paid link).

Weighted cord for draperies

This weight works best with hand-made or custom-made garments. These weights must be covered with fabric, which is best done with the original fabric. If you have a dress or skirt that needs to be shortened, you can do it by wrapping some of the fabric around the cord.

Sew-in coins

Yes, small coins, such as pennies and dimes, can be sewed into your hem by stitching a patch of cloth in a similar color to your clothing around the coin and then sewing the patch to your cloth. You can sew a box (with four sides) or an open box (with three sides, which allows you to remove and replace coins as needed.

Weighted stick-ons

Stick-on weights are inexpensive, quick, and simple to use. We do not believe they are the best option. They are, nonetheless, a viable choice, in our opinion.

How to stop your dress from riding up on windy days

Leave it on a windy day to increase your worry if you’re wearing a dress. Even Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, one time found herself upwind at airports and charity events, nearly causing Marilyn Monroe flyaway moments.

While we may not be as well-known as the former Kate Middleton, being on dress patrol every time we go outside can be inconvenient.

We like how simple and quick this solution is for calming your fears about the wind. Though temporary, it is best if you need something quick and only requires a few items, one of which you probably already have in your pocket or handbag.

What you’ll need:

  • Nickels for heavier clothes and pennies or dimes for thinner threads
  • Fashion tape or scotch tape
  • Dress, dress or wide-leg pants


  • Get nickels or dimes as per the weight of your cloth. Lighter dimes are best for cotton and silks, while heavy nickels work best for thicker linens and tweeds.
  • Sew the coin on the seam of the hemline to hide it.
  • Stitch the coin using a fashion tape along the line of the seam. Scotch tape can also work if you can’t find a fashion tape.
  • Add three or four extra coins to make the hemline of your dress balanced. Two coins are also enough for each cuff of wide-leg pants. Remember to remove the coins before washing.

I have also created a comprehensive guide on stopping all your clothes from riding up that may interest you to read next.


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I take offence to your use of the phrase "if you don't have and appealing shape" at the top of this article. The wording suggests body shaming and that some body shapes are more preferable and attractive than others. There are a number of more tactful ways in the English language to convey what you wanted to say. I think the choice of phrase is judgemental and in poor taste.


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