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How to Stop Leggings and Stocking From Falling Down

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Leggings and stockings are fantastic pieces of garments with various uses. They are a crucial component of any closet. Whether you use them for normal wear, sports, or as an outdoor accessory, they are versatile garments.

However, they have one irritating drawback. They simply won’t stick firmly on your body for long. That means, you have to regularly tag them up and, obviously, this sucks.

But, worry not, as we have found a solution for you. Read on to learn more.

A straightforward way to avoid your leggings from slipping down is to use the “sandwich” trick. Simply wear your leggings over your briefs as usual. Next, put on another brief over your leggings. Your legging is now placed between two pieces of underwear, with the top one’s role being to pin it firmly to your body.

Also known as the “superman style” it may sound ridiculous if you’re a skeptic until you try it. But it works like magic. The effect is that the outer underwear maintains the whole ensemble in place.

Of course, in this setup, your restroom sessions will require much more effort than usual.

Avoiding Leggings and Stockings From Dropping Down

The above method aside, other techniques of tackling this nagging falling problem exist. Let us explore more ways of ensuring your leggings stays up there where they belong.

Use High Waist Leggings

You cannot go wrong with the high waist leggings. They are firm around the waist, highlight your body shape, and prevent the muffin top look. If the leggings feel firm around your waist, not only will that make you look slim and shapely but, also prevent them from slipping down.

Notably, your leggings waistband should be above the navel. This creates a much greater holding surface which is critical for holding the garment in place.

Using Brushed Fabrics Works

These fabrics are manufactured with soft surfaces. Brushed fabrics can also be found on many other household items such as curtains scarves bags and toys.

The benefit of this feature is to provide traction on its surface. Leggings and stockings made of this material will, therefore, firmly hold against the skin.

Compression Fabrics

Compression fabrics make great non-sliding leggings. Like the brushed fabric, they have body-hugging features, which makes them nice for non-slipping leggings and stockings. That explains their popularity in making activewear, especially for high-impact sports.

Other benefits of sports leggings are the prevention of chaffing, muscle stiffness, and rushes.

Stretching Waistbands

A stretching waistband works magic in preventing leggings from sliding down. An elastic band gives that firm grip around your waist, holding the legging firmly in place.

Some brands already come with elastic waistbands. Another option is to take it to a clothes repair shop to have it replaced.

Top Seam in the Waistband

Top seams are crucial for most fabrics. Not only do they help in maintaining a long-lasting stitch construction they also leave neat, tidy edges.

But their greatest benefit is in offering support at the waist and preventing it from sliding down.

Leggings With Waste Band Drawstrings

Drawstrings are strings that are inserted through an opening in a pants or leggings waistband and can be pulled or loosened around the waist. Drawstring is probably, one of the most effective methods for tackling the problem of sliding down leggings. 

Once in place, all you have to do is to pull from both ends and tie the strings together to have the leggings in place. Plus, it is easy to hack drawstring on a legging. All you have to do is create a hole on the waistband and push a string through the inside it. 

To do this, you can attach a string, a shoestring is also great, to one end of a safety pin, and push it through one end of the opening to the other.

Use Dotted Waistbands 

These wristbands are designed with pieces of rubber materials on the inner side. This is an ingenious way to have the fabric cling to the skin and keep them from sliding down. They are readily available in most online or offline shops.

Onesies Leggings are Fantastic Options

Onesie legging is an innovative way of dealing with this problem. Once you have your onesie on, there is no way for it to slide down as the whole piece is suspended by the shoulders.

Plus, in this method, you no longer need the fabric to hug your skin, which sometimes feels uncomfortable. 

Some people experience itching and stuffiness when the leggings are so huggy. This happens especially with leggings or stockings made with non-breathable fabric in hot weather.

That is why Onesies leggings are popular with gymnasts and other sportspeople. They cover all while maintaining comfort, protection, and eliminating the sliding down the problem.

Wear a Belt

Belt loops in leggings are a fantastic way of solving the problem of slipping off. For example, using the skinny belt on the denim leggings will not only hold it firmly, but it brings out an appearance of a slimmer body.

I also wrote an article on how to keep belts from riding up that may interest you.

What Makes Leggings and Stockings Fall?

There are multiple causes of the falling of the leggings and stockings. They range from picking the wrong size, worn-out leggings, user’s body shape, and poor quality materials. It is important to find out the reasons, or else the problem will persist.

Let’s find them out.

Wrong Size

Just like in all apparel, keeping note of your leggings and stockings size is quite important. If you are L and you bought size XL then, no wonder your leggings keep dropping to your ankles. But we know getting your real size is also tricky.

Here are a few tips to note.

  • Compare it with your pant size. You need to be careful on this though, as the pant size may not match the size of the leggings. However, it is still a great guide on your right leggings size.
  • Measure your size. The ideal time to do this is in the morning before you have had any meal because at that time the tummy is at its normal size. Don’t forget to measure the hips and the thighs as well.
  • Look for a four-way stretcher. Fabrics can be either two or four-way. Four ways stretch both lengthwise and widthwise which makes them less restrictive and more firm around your body.
  • Compare with different brands. This might sound strange, but it happens in most fabric brands. One apparel brand size may differ from another although, the label may indicate the same size. This is caused by manufacturers using different fit models to create measurements.

Wrong Laundry Methods

Like everything else in life, wear and tear is a natural process in leggings and stockings. But do you know some washing styles hasten this process?

That is why it is imperative to check out the manufacturers washing instructions. Elastic waistbands are especially sensitive to some detergents and water temperatures. 

Avoid washing them with hot water, as it loosens their elasticity and eventually wears them out. In addition, washing machines also wear out stockings and leggings.

As they get entangled with other clothes, they can easily get torn or pulled, reducing their firmness. 

Alternatively, you can use laundry mesh bags to protect them inside the washing machine.

I wrote a complete guide on how to wash clothes by hand that you can check out here.

Leggings are Worn Out 

Worn-out leggings are one of the major causes of dropping leggings. Over time the waistband becomes loose and loses its firmness due to constant stretching.

For this, you may need to buy new leggings as chances are other parts could also be worn out. That makes the entire legging loose making it difficult to fit firmly.

Body Shape 

All leggings do not universally fit every body shape. The appearance of leggings on pear-shaped bodies may differ from apple-shaped ones.

In general, pear-shaped individuals have larger hips as opposed to apple-shaped ones with the slimmer lower parts of their bodies. Whichever class you fall into, will determine how your body interacts with the leggings.

Poor Quality Material

As the adage goes, you get what you pay for. Buying your leggings at low prices will make you feel like you got yourself an awesome deal, but sadly, they will not last long.

Some manufacturers, skimp on the quality of the material to cut down on production costs. 

This will be reflected in the quality of the final product. Buying quality leggings will pay for itself forward. Not only will they last longer, but also you will avoid falling down nuisance since they can maintain their firmness for longer.

What is the Best Fabric for Non-falling Leggings and Stockings?

The best materials for non-falling leggings and stockings are high-quality, durable, comfortable fabrics. They guarantee the legging stays firm and stops sliding down your legs offering utmost protection as you go about your business. 

Here is a select ty fabric that makes the best non-falling leggings.


Cotton is a great product for leggings. It is soft and strong, therefore it will last longer than other fabrics. Plus, it is breathable, which means there is less stuffiness on your skin, as you go about your business. 

One drawback with cotton leggings is that it’s not a good stretcher. But, you can work around that, by looking for leggings that have cotton/spandex fabric. The stretching properties of spandex blend with the comfort that comes from cotton to create wonderful fabric leggings and stockings.

Polyester Leggings

Polyester is another strong fabric that guarantees durability and comfort. Polyester leggings do not easily slip down as the material is durable and takes time to lose firmness. Furthermore, it is hydrophobic, which makes it have wicking abilities. 

This is especially, essential if you’re looking for activewear. If you add that to the firmness, then you have comfortable, durable leggings that do not tumble down in your jogging routine session.

Wool Stockings and Leggings

The beauty of these leggings or stockings is the wool fabric is firm around the skin, which is what you want to prevent it from falling.

Not only that, wool is one of the best-known fabrics for cold-weather garments.

Therefore, what’s better than hugging non-falling leggings or stockings, for cold weather? However, they may not be the best fit if you live in warm or hot areas, though.

Spandex Fabric

These leggings or stockings made of spandex are some of the best especially if you’re into active sports. They are the favorite material for gymnasts’ costumes for their firm fit on their bodies. 

Not only gymnasts but most athletes in general. Most athletes requiring leggings or stockings in their sporting activity, always use spandex-made activewear. They’re comfortable and protective, and above all, they do not slip down.

Nylon Leggings

Though not commonly available still nylon leggings can be found in some shops. The durability of nylon is well-known even when used to make other sports gear. Nylon-made leggings are durable and retain their firmness for longer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can My Leggings or Stockings Be Longlasting?

As we found out wearing out is one of the causes of the falling of leggings. First, start with quality leggings, as their quality is easier to maintain. Then you need to wash them gently, with non-bleaching detergent in cold water.

Note that some material like Lycra gets damaged by heat, so airing your leggings is recommended compared to machine drying.

Why Are My Leggings Always Going Up?

This results from either wearing tight, ill-fitting leggings, or leggings made from stretching fabric. Consequently, they ride up your legs, creating an embarrassing appearance in some parts of your body with crevices. For instance, in the crotch area, behind the knees, or below the gluten.

However, proper sizing and picking the right fabric will eliminate this.

How Do I Know if My Leggings are too Big?

Leggings should snug fit your body. In other words, you should feel them hugging your body, but not too firm either. If you don’t feel the hug, most probably they are oversize.

Remember, over a duration leggings loosen as they wear out. Therefore proper sizing is essential to avoid them continually falling.

I also have a comprehensive guide on stopping all your clothes from falling down that may interest you to read next.


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