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How to STOP Leotards and Bodysuits From Riding Up

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While a leotard or a bodysuit may provide great shape to your body, they both have a slight flaw. Yes, you guessed it right, and this adds one more woman to the list of women who have the same complaint about their leotard or bodysuit riding up.

This tiny flaw of leotards and bodysuits can bring about a humungous drop in your confidence. Then, of course, that is paired with the embarrassment of constantly tugging at your leotard or bodysuit in order to pull it down. 

The sacrifices we women have to make just to fit into fashion are immense. Whether you are a budding dancer trying to put on your leotard for the first time or a woman putting on her first trendy bodysuit, you girls are in for a tough time.

Now my objective is not to scare you off. It is just a warning so that you are prepared to take the necessary measures to cut out all the potential embarrassment that can arise because of pulling down your leotard or bodysuit. 

To help you with that, I have already combined tips and tricks to stop your leotards or bodysuits from riding up.

You can dance away gracefully in your fabulous leotard or go mountain climbing in your bodysuit. If you follow the following tips, neither of these activities will bring a second thought about your leotard or bodysuit riding up.

Just Tape It

One of the most renowned clothing hacks used by women all over the world is double-sided body tape.

This may sound ridiculous to you if you are hearing it for the first time. But the truth is that celebrities worldwide make use of this technique to save themselves from the potential dangers of a wardrobe malfunction.

Cut a not-too-large piece of the tap and stick it on your backside. Immediately after, put on your bodysuit or leotard and press your fingers over the cloth in contact with the tape. Make sure it has been stuck firmly. You can now go on through your day and never second guess your leotard riding up the back.

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Stay Safe with Tights

Wearing tights under a leotard is a safe option for all gymnasts and dancers who are fed up with having to reach out for the back of their leotards and pull them down. Tights remove access for the leotards from any place on your body they can travel to.

They also serve as a complementary addition to your leotard and can make the whole outfit a thousand times more vibrant. If you wish to stand out in the crowd and not for your leotard riding up your back, I would advise you to pair it with tights.

Get the Right Size

I cannot stress this enough, but getting a leotard or bodysuit that fits your body perfectly is very important. Although it may cost you more than just borrowing from your friend, it will save you a lot of uncomfortable situations that you could otherwise land in.

The target is to get a leotard or bodysuit that is not too big nor too small. You have to find your perfect match. Do not back up from trying a piece or two for as long as you find your body size. A loose leotard or bodysuit will just be a welcoming carpet for them to ride up your back, and a tight one would make you fidgety and irritated.

Therefore, invest in the leotard or bodysuit that hugs your body well, highlights your curves, and takes away the stress of it riding up your back.

Body Adhesive Glue

Now you might be unsure about opting for this method but trust me; it works as well as any other tip would. Body adhesives have been created specifically for the purpose of gluing anything you want to your body.

The main idea behind body adhesive glue is to stick material, makeup, or prosthetics to your body so that it stays intact the whole time you have it on.

You can apply the body adhesive glue on your rear and then put it on your leotard or bodysuit. Try to even any lines that may appear on the cloth because of the glue with your fingers. 

If you are worried about the glue causing irritation or itchiness to your skin, you can put that worry to rest. Body adhesive glues are hypoallergenic products.

Such products are known to cause the least amount of irritation or allergic reactions to your skin. Thus you can be completely tension free about your skin being damaged. Enjoy your performance in your leotard or a day out in your bodysuit, and leave the rest to the body adhesive glue.

Buy body adhesive on Amazon (paid link).

Hairspray to the Rescue

I know that one thought that may have definitely crossed your mind after reading this one is that this list just keeps getting crazier and crazier. But it is true! Hair spray is a tried and tested hack to keep your bodysuit or leotard in place.

Just apply some spray under your leotard or bodysuit and watch it stay unflawed for the whole duration that you have it on. 

The Benefits of Bodysuits and Leotards

While a bodysuit or leotard riding up your back is the most abysmal situation, do not let it overwhelm you. Either of these pieces are a fantastic item to own and can really perk up your closet.

As a woman, you should always keep experimenting with your style and the type of clothes you choose to buy. Since bodysuits are a major trend this season, how can you skip them out when revamping your closet. 

Not only are they the ideal addition to your wardrobe, but leotards and bodysuits offer plenty of benefits to the wearer as well.

Sounds like claptrap? To put your queries to rest, I have compiled a few benefits that both leotards and bodysuits bring to the table. I can guarantee that after reading these, you, too, will be rushing to the nearest store and purchasing a brand new leotard or bodysuit for yourself.

Always Tucked in

Most girls face the problem of their tees and shirts losing their tucked-in positions and reaching out of their jeans or shorts. It is guaranteed that this drives you crazy, especially when you have tried tucking them over and over again and they still find their way out. With leotards or bodysuits, that problem can be put to rest.

No force of nature will ever be able to drive a bodysuit out of your pants. Why? Because it is absolutely impossible to do so given the shape of the bodysuit. With the bodysuits now being available in a wide variety of designs, you have a lot to experiment with. But regardless of what you choose, it will always stay tucked in.

No Rolls and Bends

Since a bodysuit is quite literally attached to your body, it allows for a perfectly seamless look. On the other hand, the tees and shirts, when tucked in, displayed rolls of cloth resting above your belly.

However, with bodysuits, there is no chance of such a horrible sight ever appearing. You can sport your perfectly sleek look and look absolutely flawless with the bodysuit providing no extra fabric bulges over your outfit.

Rock Those Curves

With their ability to hug your body in all the right places, bodysuits are an excellent option when it comes to accentuating those curves.

Your curves are nothing you have to hide. Instead, be proud of them and show them off with a proper body-hugging bodysuit of your choice. It serves as the quintessential outfit for a night out when you want to feel sexy. 

No Additional Time Needed

We are all busy running on the hamster’s wheel daily. So if you want to take out ample time for your makeup and then choose your outfit for the day, it is impossible. Women are often in such a hurry that loitering around in their closets to pick the perfect outfit is not a viable option. In such circumstances, a bodysuit comes in quite handy.

The best part about them is that you can wear them for any occasion. Be it a girl’s night out, sports event, family day, or a special night! If you are in a rush and have no idea what to wear, choose a bodysuit. A bodysuit can never be a wrong choice.

Tank-Top Alternatives

When your outfit for the day involves a sheer dress or a sheer top, you would need to wear something underneath it. A tank top, while really helpful, just seems pretty awkward, especially if you are wearing it under a dress.

On top of that, there is always the trouble of the tank top jumping out of your jeans or underwear in case you are wearing a dress. To avoid these awful situations, it is better to choose a bodysuit. Be it a dress or a top, a bodysuit will complement both. The comfort you get knowing it will not look out of the place is an additional bonus.

Extremely Convenient

In case you are oblivious to this fact, I am here to share it with you. Leotards are made up of spandex. Now you may feel what is so great about that. So let me enlighten you. Spandex is, above all, extremely lightweight, which means you will not be suffocating in those leotards and can have a fun time in them.

Moreover, they are resistant to sweating! How many of us have been looking for a solution to that, especially in the summer heat. Well, now you know what to choose if you want to steer away from that unnecessary sweating and hence stinking. This is your signal to get a leotard to ace your performance without the distraction of being sweaty or tense under that fabric.

An Awesome Show

With your leotard fitting well and not constantly riding up, your confidence will see an ultimate boost. With your confidence now soaring through the clouds and your focus being entirely on your performance, there is no way you can mess up your act. Hold your breath for a standing ovation, and thank your leotard for being the perfect outfit of the day.

Carefree Movement

Be it a leotard or a bodysuit, you can be involved in any movement with your body, and the cloth will not budge. Be it backflips or crazy dancing, your leotard or bodysuit will absolutely never disappoint you. The flexibility that each item possesses adds to its uniqueness. They are also significant reasons why ballet, gymnast, and yoga performers opt for leotards.

Even in your regular routine, you can run up and down any flight of stairs and feel no restriction in your movement. Hence, bodysuits are also becoming increasingly popular as sportswear.


I hope these tips, tricks, and hacks prove to be beneficial for you in the long run. Do share these with your friends, family, colleagues, and basically anyone and everyone who might make the most of these tips.

To all my hardworking performers, this is for you. While it may feel extremely uncomfortable for your leotard to ride up mid-performance, it is vital for you to maintain your calm.

Remember that this is all-natural, and there is nothing alienish about it. Go to that floor with the aim of crushing any hurdles or obstructions that may come in your way, and you will do great.

With the bodysuit trend on the rise, make sure you check them off your checklist on your next trip to the mall. There are various designs available, so take your time and choose the one in which you feel the sexiest.

Remember that it is all about you at the end of the day. Wear it if you like it and if you feel comfortable in it. If you do not, there are always plenty of clothing options to choose from. Either way is a win-win situation.

I have also created a comprehensive guide on stopping all your clothes from riding up that may interest you to read next.


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