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How to STOP Shorts from Falling Down (+ Why It Happens)

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Have you experienced standing up from your chair in a restaurant only to pull up your shorts in front of everyone quickly? Shorts falling down is an uncomfortable situation where people often find themselves more than they’d like to admit.

But how to stop shorts from falling? This article will help you find smart solutions to this common problem so you can feel confident moving around in shorts all the time.

Why Do Your Shorts Keep Falling Down?

Shorts falling down can be quite an annoying problem.

First, let’s look at some reasons that might cause your shorts to fall down. Then, once you know why it happens, you can figure out how to work your way around it.

  • The size of your shorts may be too big or too small for you.
  • You have a protruding belly, and the shorts slip down.
  • The fly of your shorts is too small, so the shorts fall every time you sit or move around.
  • You might have a small waist but a broad hip. A pair of shorts that sits comfortably on your hip may be loose on the waist.
  • You aren’t wearing a belt to adjust the shorts around your waist.

Shorts Falling Down Hacks

A common problem people face with shorts is that they either ride up or slide down. While the first one isn’t flattering either, the second one can lead to cringe-worthy moments you’d rather avoid altogether.

Wardrobe malfunctions can happen anytime; therefore, you should always be prepared to deal with them.

Take a look at these tricks you can use to keep your shorts from falling.

Wear a Belt

Belts are fantastic for keeping shorts up.

If your shorts keep sliding down, it is a good idea to wear a belt that is secured tightly around your waist. However, if you struggle with belt holes that are either too tight or too loose, you can invest in a belt adjuster for a perfect fit.

Wear a Suspender

Suspenders have been around for many years, and there’s a good reason they have stuck around for this long: they work! Suspenders usually have two clips in the front and one at the back to hold your shorts and keep them from falling down.

Suspenders come in various styles and designs; they look fashionable and get the job done too. However, if you want to invest in a traditional suspender for a gentleman look, check out Dickies Men’s Straight Clip Suspender (Amazon paid link).

Keep Your Shirt Tucked In

Tucking your shirt will help keep your shorts up.

Tucking your shirt also helps keep your shorts up by providing it with some padding and support from the inside. When your shorts have something to hold on to, the chances of them slipping down reduce.

If you need help keeping your shirt neatly tucked in your shorts, there are different products on Amazon that you can try.

For example, the Shirt Keeper (Amazon paid link) is a belt worn over your shirt and under your pants. It grips both the shirt and the pants, solving two problems simultaneously.

Wear Padded Undergarments

Padded underwear helps make your hips look bigger and more pronounced. So how can a rounder hip prevent shorts from falling down? One of the main reasons shorts slide down is because you have a protruding belly but a slim backside. 

Therefore, when you buckle your shorts right below your waist, they have nothing to hold on to, and they slide down. 

Padded undergarments like RounderBum (Amazon paid link) can help your shorts stay up by making your hips fuller.

Hidden Suspenders

Suppose you like the functionality of suspenders but aren’t comfortable with the way they look. In that case, hidden suspenders are a modern solution you can try. Designed to be worn under your shirt, hidden suspenders provide the support your shorts need to stay up. 

The hidden belt pant suspender by NoSaggs (Amazon paid link) is a modern suspender belt that hides comfortably over your shirt or undershirt and behind your pants. 

A hidden suspender belt helps you appear more professional, and it will always remain in style.

Wear Shaping Underwear

If you have a big stomach and struggle to keep your shorts up, you can invest in good-shaping underwear to help solve the problem. It makes you appear slim and toned and provides a smooth waistline your belt can snugly wrap itself around.

McDavid Cross Compression Performance Boxer (Amazon paid link) can help get the job done nicely. 

How Do you Tighten Loose Shorts?

As mentioned earlier, if your shorts are loose, then they’d probably keep sliding down. So how do you tighten loose shorts? 

You have quite a few options to try.

  • Wear a belt
  • Wear a suspender
  • Add an adjuster to the short’s waist
  • Clinch the shorts from both sides and stitch them up

How Do You Keep Shorts Up While Running?

Imagine running on the track but constantly nervous about your shorts sliding down inch by inch. We all have experienced that at some point in time. 

Being worried about a wardrobe malfunction can distract you and put a damper on your mood. So, if you want to keep your shorts up while running, make sure they are adequately secured. Wearing a belt helps, but it is not as effective at keeping your shorts up as a suspender.

Whether you decide to wear a suspender that everyone can see or opt for a hidden one, you can pursue an active lifestyle with both.

Do Belts Hold Your Shorts Up?

Belt surely help in keeping your shorts up; however, they are merely an accessory. It’s not the belt’s job to keep your shorts up. Instead, the shorts should fit you properly regardless. 

In addition, a belt will only work if your pants have belt loops to secure it, or else it will not stay in place and do a poor job of keeping your shorts up.

If your pants have belt loops, but your belt still doesn’t hold your shorts up well, you should look for other suitable alternatives. 

I also have a comprehensive guide on stopping all your clothes from falling down that may interest you to read next.


Sunday 16th of April 2023

I was looking for a way to modify the elastic band inside gym shorts, while these are good suggestions, they don't work so well for gym shorts. I should start wearing suspenders with other pants though, for style.


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