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How To Stop Socks from Falling Down (Permanently)

Nothing can beat the comfort that socks provide in shoes, but you know what the irritating thing about wearing the socks is? The falling of the socks. It is embarrassing and annoying at the same time. We know how uncomfortable it is to walk in the socks that have slipped down. So stop worrying if you are also facing this issue because this blog will solve all your problems. In this blog, we will discuss how to stop socks from falling?

Socks slide because of the high resistance between the shoe and socks or between the socks and shoe. It happens when you buy inappropriate sizes of socks. Buying the right pair of socks will solve this issue. And low-quality socks fall more because they lose their elasticity. That is why you need to buy a good quality pair of socks.

Imagine going to a professional meeting, and the first thing they notice is your socks that have fallen into your shoes. I know it sucks. But don’t worry, because you can stop this, our tips will stop your socks from falling. But first, let’s see the reason for socks falling.

Why Do My Socks Fall Down?

Annoying socks falling down.

Walking in the shoes with grounded socks is super embarrassing, and you can’t pull them up every time they fall. To get the solution, you need to know why it happens? There is no single cause of it here. We will try to describe all the factors that can cause this problem.

Buying The Oversized Size Socks

Most people don’t bother about the size while buying the socks, and they end up buying the socks of either bigger or smaller sizes. More giant size socks are one determining cause that causes socks to fall. A bigger size of socks loses the hold of skin while walking, and they fall.

Low-Quality Socks

We do not mean price by quality; our main concern is elasticity and the socks’ material. The elasticity of the socks decides their worth. An elastic sock is better than non-elastic socks because non-elastic socks fall more. An appropriate elasticity is essential for keeping the socks in their correct location.

Low-quality socks have very little elasticity, so they fall more in the shoes, and some of the cheap material socks lose elasticity soon and start to fall.

Buy The Correct Type of Socks.

If you have bought high-quality socks, but they are still sliding into your shoes, you need to consider the types of socks. The choice of the correct type of socks will significantly reduce the problem. For instance, if you wear the socks with a suit, go for the full calf suit. Ankle socks are best for working out. And mid-calf socks are best if you are wearing trousers.

Your Socks Have Become Old.

After repeated wearing and washing, the socks lose their elasticity. That’s why your favorite socks start to fall after some time. The problem occurs mainly in the socks made of poor-quality material.

Excessive and wrong washing techniques also destroy their elasticity and make them start to fall. There are the following wrong washing techniques that destroy your socks. 

Washing The Socks in The Hot Water

Socks are usually made of cotton and wool, so tap water is best to wash them. Some people prefer to wash their socks with hot water, and they think that doing this will kill the microorganism present in the socks. But unfortunately, it does more harm than good. The hot water loosens the cotton and wool fibers of the socks, so they stretch and become loose and start to fall.

Here are the best temperatures to use for your laundry.

Drying the socks in the dryer

We know that socks take a lot of time while dry in winter but make sure to dry them naturally. Never use the dryer to dry your socks. Heat will affect the fabric of socks, and it will become loose, and eventually, it will start to fall.

Waring the wet socks

Wearing wet socks is not recommended at all. Wearing wet socks will cause skin allergies. It also loosens your socks. That is why always remember to dry your feet and socks before wearing them.

Washing the socks with bleach

Never wash the socks with bleach. Remember that never. Most of the sock’s materials are incredibly susceptible to bleach. Bleach destroys the electric properties of the socks, and eventually, they become loose and start to fall.

The shoes are too big.

Buying the right size of shoes and socks is crucial. The more oversized shoes will affect the friction between the shoes and the socks, and the socks will fall down more.

These were the possible causes that caused the fall of socks. Sometimes multiple factors combine and cause the socks to fall. But the good news is that all of the factors mentioned above are manageable. If you follow the below-given tips, your socks will never fall down.

Effective Hacks to Keep the Socks Up

Buy High-Quality Socks

The best thing you can do for yourself is to buy a high-quality pair of socks. These are made of high-quality material. Additionally, make sure to check that the elasticity of the cuff is also reliable. If you take care of washing a high-quality pair of socks, they will never fall. However, low-quality socks will fall no matter what because their cuff area does not have the elasticity to keep them in the place. But how would you know that the socks are made of low-quality material?

The cuff part of the socks decides its worth. If it has good quality, it is high-quality socks and vice versa. So always check the cuff area of the socks before buying.

Buy the socks that fit you well.

If you start buying socks of your size, it will solve half of the problem. Make sure to wear the socks before buying. And if the wearing test is not possible, know your exact size. It will help you to purchase the right socks for yourself.

Wear Socks Properly

Sometimes we don’t set the socks to full length in a hurry. And this inappropriate fitting caused the falling of the socks. So, always make sure to pull your socks as high as possible. It will help the cuff area get the appropriate hold on the skin, making a cuff there that will not move.

A Clever Way to Fold and Store Socks
Here is my guide on how to fold your socks to preserve the elastic. I also have a step-by-step illustrated guide here.

Buy Shoes of The Appropriate Size.

If you have bought good quality socks of appropriate size, but they are still falling, it could be due to shoes. Sometimes more oversized shoes cause friction between the shoes and socks, which pulls the socks down. That is why buying loose shoes is not recommended at all.

Get Rid of Your Old Socks.

Everything loses its quality with time. It happens with socks as well. No matter how expensive socks you have bought, they will eventually become loose because the socks bear a lot of pressure while the person is walking, and they remain wet because of the sweating. The sweat and the constant pressure on the heel of the socks cause them to lose their elasticity.

So, if your older socks have lost their elasticity and it falls, get yourself a new pair of socks.

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Never Wash the Socks with Hot Water.

Hot water is the enemy of your socks, it stretches the socks, and it starts to fall more. So, make sure to never use the hot water for washing the socks. Tap water is best for washing socks.

Never Use Bleach for Washing Socks.

Bleach is made of hydrogen peroxide solution. This solution also causes the stretching of the socks, so never use bleach to clean the socks. You can use alternative methods for cleaning the socks. For instance, you can use a solution of salt to wash your socks or a good quality detergent, but keep in mind to never use bleach.

Don’t Dry the Socks in The Dryer.

Machine washing and drying are not recommended at all for socks. Drying the socks in the dryer causes them to stretch, and eventually, they become loose and fall. So, it is recommended to wash the socks on your hands and let them dry naturally.

Sewing An Elastic Band in The Cuff

If you have bought the right size of socks, but it still falls, then it is the best solution. It is a bit difficult but granted. It will keep your socks in place.

You need two elastic bands, a needle, and a thread for sewing. With the help of the sewing needle or stitching machine, stitch a band around the cuff. Stitch this cuff on the inner side of the socks, so it might not be visible from the outer side.

It is the best thing you can do to save your favorite socks now; you can wear your favorite socks for a longer time, and they will not fall anymore.

Socks Garter

If you have tried all the methods and nothing has worked for you, it is time to buy the socks garter (Amazon paid link). Socks, garter, or shirt stays are the specialized bands or hocks that help keep the socks in their place.  

Several people are using the shirt stays, and they have said that using these shirt stays gives them a sense of confidence that their socks are not going anywhere. 

You put one hock of the shirt at the socks, and the opposite hock holds the shirt. Socks garter are the bands that can be attached to the socks, and they help keep the socks in their place.

Socks Glue

Socks glue (Amazon paid link) is the best option for people who can’t stitch the socks’ elastic band. Sock glue is a specialized type of glue that you apply either on your skin or on the cuff region of the socks before wearing. After applying, attach your skin and socks with slight pressure.

The best thing about the socks glue is its extraordinary adhesion, the sock glue will fix the socks on a specific region, and now you are free to do anything. Your socks will not move. These socks’ glue is skin and fabric-friendly, and they come off instantly when washed with water.

Bottom Line

The perfect shoeing experience is incomplete without the socks. If you are a person who wears socks on a daily basis, then you should know how to stop the socks from falling off. Two main things can significantly resolve this issue: first, make sure to buy good quality socks of appropriate size, and secondly, take care of your socks while washing. If you follow these two things, your socks will never fall down.

If you want to use your favorite socks, even if they have become older and lost their elasticity, then go for sewing the elastic at the cuff region. Using the shirt stays, socks garter, or the socks glue will also solve this issue.


Why do my socks keep falling while walking?

It happens due to the wrong size of either shoe or socks. Buying the right size of socks is crucial because shorter size socks will contract and be pushed down while walking, and the greater size sock will not provide the appropriate hold on the skin, and it will fall too.

How to stop my socks from slipping into my shoes?

The permanent solution to this problem is the use of the socks garter. No matter what type of socks you are wearing, the socks garters are enough to hold them in their place.

Why are my new shoes pulling my socks down?

If the problem occurs only with the new shoes, you probably have bought the shoes of a more significant size or are wearing a tight pair of socks. More oversized shoes cause the socks to slip, so the socks fall.

How to keep my ankle socks from sliding down

Always check the silicon grip of the socks before buying. If the grip is appropriate, it will not fall, and vice versa. Buying the right size is also essential. An overfit or oversized socks will always slide down.

I also have a comprehensive guide on stopping all your clothes from falling down that may interest you to read next.

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