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How to Stop Strapless Bras From Falling Down (+ Why It Happens)

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Strapless bras are heroes when it comes to taking away the awkwardness that prevails from your bra strap sneaking out. They also provide an impeccable alternative to conventional bras for outfits that display a more significant part of your chest.

Although strapless bras are a major lifesaver, they too have a teeny tiny flaw. Most women claim that their strapless bras keep falling down! 

Imagine going to a party wearing a strapless bra. Just when you spot your friends in the crowd and are walking towards them, you feel your strapless bra slipping down! I completely understand the horror you would feel at that moment.

So to prevent my fellow women from going through such a dreadful scenario, I have created a list of ways to stop your strapless bra from falling down.

Maintain the Quality of Your Bra

A fine-quality strapless bra does not come at a low price. So when you do buy it for yourself, make sure you are not careless with maintaining the quality. It is no surprise that once a piece of clothing is worn out, it loses its shine.

Even if a strapless bra comes under your outfit, it is only a matter of time before it stops providing the necessary support once it gets worn out. 

Get the Proper Bra Size

Knowing your bra size is very important. If you do not know it yet, don’t worry, most women do not. But it is integral to know your bra size when you opt for a strapless bra.

Strapless bras are not like your conventional bras and do not get support from shoulder straps to stay in position. Thus, if you buy a strapless bra that is looser than your size, you are walking on a thin line. I would suggest that once you know your size go for the band size slightly lesser than yours.

Trust me; it would provide great consistency to your breast the whole time you have it on.

Shop for a Rubber Lining Bra

A rubber lining has the benefit of sticking of attaching your strapless bra to your skin much better. As a result, you would not have to restrict yourself to a single spot, and no amount of movement would be strong enough to bring that strapless bra down.

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Add Long-Line Strapless Bras to Your List

A standard strapless bra always has the risk of slipping down. Adding long-line strapless bras or corsets to your shopping list would be a practical option. Since both of them provide greater length to go around, the likelihood of either of them slipping down is limited. 

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Stitch the Strapless Bra to Your Outfit

No matter what outfit you are sporting, if you are worried about your strapless bra falling down, I have a hack that will surely come in handy. Be it a jumpsuit, dress, or a top; you can stitch your strapless bra to any outfit.

A major plus point of this tip is that once the strapless bra is sewn to your garments, you can roam around tension free the whole day. However, make sure that you make this preparation beforehand. It can be a lot of work if you are running late for some event.

Use Double-Sided Clothing Tape

Double-sided tape, particularly the one for clothes, can be a savior for you when you are running late. Cut a piece of the tape and place it between your skin and strapless bra, and you have nothing to worry about for the rest of the day.

If you have no issues with your strapless bra falling, you can still keep the tape in your bag. If at any moment you feel that your strapless bra is not cooperating with you, you can slide into the bathroom and work the double-sided tape’s magic.

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Pin the Bra to Your Dress

Another helpful tip to protect your strapless bra from falling down is pinning it up to your clothes. When I say pin, it doesn’t mean to hook each and every part to your dress.

Pick two pins at max and attach the pins to the edge of the clothes. Do this carefully, as you can also hurt yourself in the process. Make sure you are using good-quality pins that do not have a chance of opening mid-event and ruining your dress or, worse, hurting you. 

Use a Convertible Bra

Thanks to the latest innovations in women’s garments, convertible bras are hitting the markets. You can unhook both the straps from the bra cups and wrap the straps all the way from the bottom of the bra to the hook at the back on the opposite side of both the straps.

With this hack, your strapless bra would now have a strong foundation, and it would also give a good shape to your breasts as a bonus.

Benefits of Strapless Bras

Strapless bras are not just there to help you enjoy wearing clothes that would otherwise look weird in a standard bra. Strapless bras also have a load of benefits that will surely make you add them to your carts the next time you are out shopping.

No Awkward Strap Moments

It can be challenging for women to don every type of neckline. A major reason for this is your bra strap, which is always trying to get a peek of the outside world.

I understand that it can be very unpleasant for you when someone points out a peeping bra strap. Not only that, but it also destroys the flashiness of your outfit in the blink of an eye. However, with a strapless bra, these worries can be put to rest.

You can enjoy any event without continuously checking whether your bra strap is in place.

Bye-Bye Skin Issues

Wearing a traditional bra the whole day can cause itchiness to your skin, especially during summers, when the sweat gets trapped in the straps. What is even worse is the fact that when you take off the bra, you see ugly strap marks imprinted on your skin. These marks attract the attention of passersby, getting you strange glances from them.

A strapless bra can be the knight in shining armor when it comes to helping you escape such issues. With no straps, there is absolutely no need to worry about any itching or strap marks being left behind on your body.

Makes Your Body Relax

Sporting a bra with straps can lay great stress on your back and shoulders. With the weight of your breasts, pulling the straps down, the shoulders and back are adversely affected.

As a result, your posture can be considerably affected, giving you a not so lovely backbend. Getting rid of those strappy bras is the most tremendous favor you can do for yourself.

Choose the lightweight strapless bras that provide support for your breasts without the expense of severe backache.

One for All

I understand just how much weight a good quality bra puts on your wallet. With strapless bras, you can tone down that weight significantly.

There is no need to buy different bras for casual wear and a fun day out. Strapless bras present the benefit of attachable straps.

This way, you can attach the straps when you want to wear the bra casually. When you wish to put on an outfit that does not support the straps showing, you can easily detach the straps and rock the outfit.

Can You Wear a Strapless Bra With a Backless Dress?

Strapless bras come in handy in situations where you are not willing to show your bra straps. But what about instances when you wish to put on a sizzling backless dress and cannot afford to have your bra band visible to the public.

Of course, even in this situation, your traditional bras are not an option. But what about strapless bras? Can they really help you sport a backless dress without showing any part of it? 

The answer is yes! Strapless bras offer a range of options to choose from so that you are left tension free with any piece of clothing. 

Backless Strapless Bra

Be confident when you are wearing a backless dress and let backless strapless bras work their magic. As the name suggests, these backless strapless bras are specially made for backless dresses or tops that show a large area of your bareback.

With no straps at all, these backless strapless bras allow you get rid of all the worries regarding any extra fabric peeping out of your dress. Not only this, but they also provide a strong support for your breasts by sticking to them and hence preventing any mishap from occurring.

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Long-Line Strapless Bras

Long-line strapless bras, as discussed earlier, do not have their bra bands at a height that regular strapless bras do. Since they are longer and wrapped around your waist, they naturally fit lower than traditional strapless bras. This provides ample area for you to show off in your backless dress without compromising on the support for your bust.

Buy Long-Line Strapless Bras on Amazon (paid link).


Dating back to the Victorian era, corsets are still in fashion for various reasons. The modern corset comes with a v-line shape at the back so that you can comfortably wear a backless dress and get a prominent shape of your breasts. In addition, there are also low-lying corsets from the back that provide enough area for backless dresses or tops to steal the show. 

Strapless Bra With Transparent Wings

Similar to a backless strapless bra, a strapless bra with transparent wings does not have a bra band. This makes it a great contender for you to buy it while shopping for bras that do not prove to be a hindrance to your backless dress.

This strapless bra comes with transparent tape wings at the side that stick to your waist. This ability allows them to win the race against backless strapless bras. With wings at the side sticking to your body, there is absolutely nothing you have to worry about in terms of the bra slipping down.

Buy strapless bras with transparent wings on Amazon (paid link)

Can You Wear a Strapless Bra With Low V-Neck Clothes?

A standard strapless bra may have you thinking that the answer to the above question is a no. For a considerable amount of time, that was the case where if women wanted to wear a V-neck dress, they just had to go braless or have their bra peep from the dress.

With time, however, came the introduction of a plunge strapless bra. It serves the same task that any other bra would but with an additional perk of allowing you to wear plunging necklines without the fabric showing from them.

In reality, the plunge strapless bra leaves a large part of the chest and cleavage bare so that you can effortlessly rock a V-neck dress.


As seen above, there is not a single type of dress or neckline that you might overthink wearing because of the existence of strapless bras. While they may have a flaw of slipping down, you can make the most of a strapless bra if you adopt any one of the how-to to stop your strapless bra from falling down tip.

Its benefits surely outweigh the flaws that a strapless bra may have. From supporting every type of outfit to taking away all the worries you may have about your bra fabric peeping from your dress, strapless bras are the way to go.

So hurry up and find your perfect bra size and get ready to explore the new doors that a strapless bra opens for you.

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