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How to Use Hotel Laundry Services (Step-by-step guide)

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Is it your first time using laundry services, and you do not know where to start? Relax. Laundry services are usually provided by full-service and include cleaning, drying, ironing, and folding your garments. Some may also provide dry cleaning services.

Usually, your room has a laundry bag that you can use to put your dirty clothes in. After that, you fill out a form to tell the hotel what you need to be done. The fees for each service are typically listed on the forms. The instructions about where to drop your laundry are printed on the bag (e.g., leave it in your room or call the front desk).

Things You Need to Prepare for Laundry Service

You may save spending a lot of time cleaning your clothes and linens by using laundry services. They free you and your other clients from having to worry about a difficult stain so that you may concentrate on other things.

Nevertheless, you must remember that just because you are paying for your laundry does not mean you are completely free from responsibility. Before mailing or dropping off your clothes at the laundromat, there are a few things you need to prepare for or accomplish.

Separate stained items from the rest of your laundry.

Some stains are challenging to remove, which is worse if you wait a long time for them to dry. The ideal time to address a stain is as soon as you can. Stains can be removed from your fabric by rinsing them. The stain must be marked or separated from other clothing if it has been there for a while and you need to drop off your laundry at a laundry service provider.

Your service provider will be able to determine the best approach to remove the stain without causing damage to your fabric if you separate or mark the soiled items.

Indicate which items need special washing methods.

Different cleaning techniques are needed for various materials and textures. You should bring up this specific point with your laundry service provider.

No matter if a portion of your laundry needs to be dry cleaned only or washed in warm water, let them know when you drop off your laundry or leave them a note. It won’t harm to leave them instructions in the form of a letter, even if certain washing service personnel may be able to tell if a customer has any unique requirements based on the texture of a garment. Aside from the manufacturer’s suggested special cleaning techniques, you can have a personal preference for fabric softener, bleach, or detergent.

In order for the service provider to handle your laundry immediately away, you should let them know about any particular demands you may have.

Make sure that your pockets are empty.

Because it is so straightforward and harmless, taking out the contents of your pockets from your laundry before giving it to a professional laundry service is a step that is frequently skipped. However, many challenging situations can arise when dealing with the contents of your pockets from your laundry. As an illustration, a harmless piece of paper can bleed through and affect other clothing. Paper can also shatter, leaving strange, fluffy, white pieces of itself all over the other laundry. Some people leave coins in their pockets when they shouldn’t, and these ostensibly innocuous objects might damage the washing machine.

Sort your laundry.

There are various methods for sorting your laundry. Your laundry can be sorted by color, material, particular care requirements, and many other factors. Before delivering your clothes to the laundromat, you should sort them. Although some laundromats offer sorting services, you can still choose to sort your clothes if you have certain requirements or preferences. After all, you continue to be an expert in your field.

Prepare a bag for your laundry.

You may make sure that neither the delivery person nor you lose any laundry by using a zipped or disposable bag. During transit, other containers, such as baskets with holes or no covers, may present some issues. Do not take any chances since no matter how carefully your laundry service personnel handle your possessions, and problems may inevitably arise. Get a sturdy bag ready for your laundry.

Entrust your laundry with someone you trust.

Some laundromats provide pick-up and delivery services, which is convenient for the customer. However, the most frequent excuse for hiring laundry service providers is a lack of time and energy. You may not always be there to supervise the pick-up or accept the delivery of your laundry, which is understandable.

Make sure that your laundry is left in the appropriate hands if you really can’t stay at home to accommodate the pick-up schedule. Any modifications to your arrangement should also be communicated to your laundry service provider.

This advice is still useful even if the laundromat does not provide delivery services. Ask a reliable person to pick up your laundry for you if you don’t have the time to pick it up yourself from the laundry service site.

Confirm the pricing.

To prevent misunderstandings and confusion, you should be aware of the pricing structure of the washing service provider. Different laundry service providers provide various rates and pricing plans.

Some laundromats charge per piece, especially for larger goods, while others base their fees on the weight of the laundry. Your location may also have an impact on the pricing. Check to see if you require any of their other services so you can determine whether you must pay additional fees above and above the main cost of your laundry. Knowing your laundry service provider’s pricing structure ensures that you will be prepared for what to expect when they bring you the bill.

Here is my list of all the best laundry delivery services (apps). It may interest you to read next.

How Much Does Hotel Laundry Cost?

Most hotels offer laundry services, and depending on the type of room you reserved, your elite status, or the resort fee, you might get one or two loads each day. However, it is expensive to wash more than a few items because hotels typically charge per piece. Some accommodations have reasonable rates for a load or charge per weight.

So, in the US and Western Europe, hotel laundry prices are normally $3 to $5 for each shirt, $6 for each dress, and $2 to $3 for each pair of underwear. As a result, when everything is considered, a load of laundry typically costs between $30 and $50 (but we have seen charges as high as $70!)

How Long Does the Laundry Service Take?

Even though some hotels offer rapid same-day cleaning, you often need to give yourself 24 hours to get your clothing back clean. Other hotels outsource your laundry to an outside service, while some use their internal laundry facilities.

Clothing and other textiles are cleaned by washing, drying, and folding in the laundry process. Laundry time might range from 0 to hours each week, depending on your living environment, access to machines, and financial circumstances.

Given that two loads are typically done each week, below is a simple description of the laundry process:

Laundry Prep Time

Laundry would be finished much more quickly if it was as easy as throwing your soiled clothing in the washer. Your favorite t-shirt must be placed in a hamper or bag before being cleaned. It can take some time to gather your linens and towels as well. Sometimes it takes a while to gather everything in the laundry room. 30 minutes weekly in total.


Everything here depends on how filthy your clothing is. The typical run duration of a modern washing machine is 40 minutes, but if the filth level is heavy, you may need to wait up to an hour. 80 minutes weekly in total.


It takes between 30 and 45 minutes on average for clothes to dry at the laundry. The majority of items dry in about 40 minutes, although some—towels, jeans, etc.—take longer. 80 minutes weekly in total.


Many individuals believe that this phase of laundry is the worst. The last thing you want to do is pick through and neatly fold your clothes after they have just come out of the dryer and are smelling good. Clothes folding takes an average of 20 minutes per load of laundry. Depending on the size of the load and how quickly you can fold, this might change. 40 minutes weekly in total.

Putting Away

Your laundry is finished, and everything is neatly folded. Right? Wrong! You need to put those stacked, folded heaps of clothing back in the closet or drawer where they originally belonged. This annoying process typically only takes a few minutes, but over time, it adds up. 10 minutes weekly in total.

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