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Is Using Laundry Services in Hotels Worth It + Alternatives

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You are probably on vacation or on a business trip, which is why you require alternative laundry service options. One of these is using hotel laundry facilities. This brings us to the question; is it worth it? Read on to learn all about hotel laundry services and their alternatives.

In general, hotel laundry services are a great option when traveling. Most hotels have dedicated staff and quality washing machines for in-house laundry. Alternatively, they have trusted laundry contractors to outsource these services. The only downside is that it can be costly depending on the hotel.

The Hotel Laundry Service Explained

Visiting or researching online is the best way to learn more about the hotel laundry service provider. On their website, you will find their kinds of services and prices. Also, remember to compare with their competitors for better deals.

Once you have been booked into your preferred hotel, the procedure is generally the same. First, there is a laundry bag in the room for the clothes you want to be washed. The next step is to fill out a form with basic details of what you want to be done. 

That includes the list of items and the kind of service you require. For example, washing, dry cleaning, folding or pressing. You can then leave it at the front desk, usually before 7 am, for collection by laundry service staff.

Once done, the usual time for returning the clothes is around 5 pm the same day. And depending on the hotel, the terms of payment may be cash or added to your hotel bill.

Tips for the Best Hotel Laundry Services

Check Out the Quality of Other Services

If the quality of food and room service is poor, chances are also, laundry services may not be great either. But, of course, this may not always be true for those hotels that outsource their laundry services.

Check out my comparison of the best laundry service apps here.

Seek Independent Reviews

Do an online search and gather enough information before committing yourself. A great place to get such reviews is the TripAdvisor website. If most of what you see is views of unsatisfied customers, probably it’s time to keep on searching. 

Be Kind to the Staff

Being nice to front office staff anywhere goes a long way in getting great service. So be kind, and your laundry will thank you for it.

Advantages of Hotel Laundry Services

Hotel laundry services have clear advantages that you might not get from the alternative laundry service providers. That includes convenience, availability of high-quality machines and cleaning agents, and versatility.


Lodging in a hotel is one of the most convenient options when on vacation. And that makes it easy to use their onsite laundry service. This saves you the trouble of going outside to seek these services. Knowing the responsibility of the laundry work is already catered for gives you the peace of mind to attend to do other business.

Availability of Quality Tools and Materials

Most hotels and laundry companies invest in high-performing machines that make better laundry jobs than our home washing machines or some laundry vendors. That includes dry cleaning or washing some specialized fabrics. Sometimes this may guarantee the quality of service.

Better Skilled Personnel

If you have a garment that needs special washing instructions, chances are the hotel staff have encountered such requirements before from other clients. Over time they have gained experience that has improved the quality of their service.

Downsides of Hotel Laundry Services

The most obvious negative aspect of hotel laundry service is the cost. Most hotels do not consider laundry as their core business, and therefore they do not fear competition. That is why they charge a premium. Others outsource to vendors and add their markup fee to the bill.

Losing Items

This rarely happens, and if it does, the hotel will compensate for the lost item. But some people have irreplaceable emotional attachments to their clothes.

What Are the Alternatives to Hotel Laundry Services?

Aside from the hotel laundry services, there are worthy options. They might not be as convenient or the best quality, but they work great, especially if you’re on a budget. These include laundromats, using hotel washers, laundry service providers, and handwashing, among others. 


Laundromats are convenient and fast, and some even provide free WIFI. Plus, you take care of your laundry to your specifications and satisfaction. But be sure to carry your detergent, though, as it may not be provided. And additionally, have some coins to pay for the washing machines. The only downside with laundromats is they are not readily available.

I also wrote an article where I compare the benefits of laundry apps and laundromats that you may enjoy reading.

Using Hotel Washing Machines

Many hotels nowadays offer self-service laundry services. This is a great alternative to hotel laundry service if you’re on a budget. You get to do your laundry and save on your vacation cost. The other option is an Airbnb house with a washing machine and a dryer or a line drying facility.

Laundry Service Vendor

This is a done-for-you laundry service. Depending on the service provider, the service could be charged per load or by weight. But irrespective of the payment method, their service is reliable and is charged upfront or after delivery of the service.

I wrote an article on wash and fold services that may interest you.

Hand Washing

The great thing about this method is its versatility. All hotels have sinks and showers that you can use to wash a variety of garments, including shirts, pants, and innerwear, and air-dry them. The only exception here is probably suits that might require dry cleaning.

Step-by-step guide on how to wash your clothes by hand.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Laundry Service Free in Hotels?

Laundry service is a chargeable service in all hotels. In fact, it is an expensive service in some hotels as it is not their core business. They are not worried about laundry competition in their pricing.

Why Do Hotels Outsource Laundry?

Hotels outsource laundry services to laundry vendors to cut costs. Laundry services are more cost-effective for laundry vendors. This being their core business, they are better managed to cut costs, charge lower prices and still turn in a profit. 

Why Is Hotel Laundry Service Expensive?

Hotel laundry service is contributed by several factors that contribute to their higher price. That includes government taxes, service charges, and outsourcing to external laundry vendors, among others. However, there are other cheaper options for this service.

I wrote an article on if hotel laundry services are worth it for the hotels here that may interest you to read next.


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