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How to Keep Parts of Your Body From Showing Through Clothes

Sometimes it can be quite embarrassing to have parts of your body exposed through your clothes.

But don’t worry; I’ve put together a complete guide on how to prevent this from happening to you.

Actually, I’ve written up comprehensive articles on each of the body parts that may get exposed and summarized them in this article.

So I recommend that you read through the summaries in this article, then click onward to the full article to get all the tips you will ever need for each body part.

How to Stop Nipples From Showing Through Clothes

Nipples showing through our shirts can feel very embarrassing and, at times, also inappropriate. So in honor of the nipple, I’ve put together a list of great ways to keep them hidden from the public.

Generally, you will find that wearing thicker fabrics, darker colors, or multiple layers is the easiest way to hide your nipples.

Other great options (particularly for women) include wearing silicone nipple covers, thicker bras, or disposable pasties.

Keeping warm will also do wonders.

Anyway, I wrote up a complete article on the topic that you can check out here.

How to Prevent Camel Toeing

Most women have been in situations where the vulva is exposed through their pants (yoga pants, anyone?).

While it can be embarrassing at the time, there are a few easy ways to prevent the camel toe from poking out.

Generally, camel toeing happens if you wear too thin bottoms, too small bottoms, skip underwear, are completely shaved, or a combination of the above.

Easy fixes include wearing loser-fitting clothes, wearing a pantyliner or camel toe pad, or you can hide the camel toe by wearing another layer on top of your bottoms.

I wrote a complete guide with more details here that you can check out.

How to Hide FUPA

FUPA is nothing to be ashamed of! But I’ve put together a guide on how to help hide it for you just in case you’d like the option.

There are several great methods of hiding a fat pubic area. Among the recommended methods includes; dressing in peplum, experimenting with fabric patterns, using looser fabrics as layers, and emphasizing tops, among others. 

From my article on hiding FUPA.

How to Prevent Showing Bulge

Keeping your bulge on display through clothes can be quite embarrassing.

While some people may think there is a time and place, the fact remains that every man needs to know how to properly stop their equipment from poking out.

The easiest way to prevent this is to simply invest in some compression underwear like boxer briefs.

Another good option is to wear looser-fitting bottoms or even size up a bit. Thicker, darker fabrics will also help keep your bulge hidden.

You will generally find that zipper flies also help push the bulge down and out of sight.

Beyond this, you could spread your legs a bit more when you sit or get some tailoring done to your clothes.

Check out my guide on hiding bulge here for more info.

How to Prevent Plumber’s Crack

While the plumber’s crack is a very awkward issue, it is actually pretty straightforward to prevent.

The best methods to fix plumbers’ cracks are varied. They include wearing an undershirt, using a belt, wearing loose pants, wearing the right underwear, and putting on longer shirts.

5 Ways to Prevent Plumber’s Crack – Tor Rydder

Check out the article for some detailed tips on how to prevent showing off your buttcrack to the world.

How to Hide Fat Arms

While fat arms are nothing to be ashamed of, it can be very useful to be able to hide them, whether it is to make an outfit look better or to feel more comfortable yourself.

The best way to hide fat arms is with long sleeves, rolled-up sleeves, ¾ sleeves, and loose and billowing sleeves. If you want to wear a short-sleeve top or even a sleeveless dress, try to distract from your fat arms with showy bracelets, accessories, or even a V-neck.

Quoted from 13 Ways to Hide Fat Arms.

I recommend that you check out the complete article for more details.

How to Hide Chubby Cheeks

While chubby cheeks are really charming, there are times where it can be nice to make them less pronounced.

To hide chubby cheeks, you can explore several ways. The methods vary from using makeup, changing diet, trying exercises, and learning the art of contouring, among others. 

What works for one person may not work for everyone, so the key is to try different methods and stick with the best results.

More on hiding chubby cheeks here.

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