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Are Laundry Services Worth it for Hotels? (And An Alternative)

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One of the essential services needed in a smoothly running hotel is efficient laundry. Why? Because the massive loads of dirty uniforms, tablecloths, sheets, and towels produced every day require proper cleaning. 

Ensuring that your hotel gets the best laundry services is the dream of every hotel owner. If you want it to rank high and attract more guests, ensure your laundry services satisfy your client. It matters less whichever type of laundry service you use, provided it leaves your clients happy.

Types of Laundry Services

Take note that there are two types of laundry services that you can use in your hotel. The only question you need to ask is which of the two is suitable for your hotel. 

The first one is an on-demand laundry service. This type of laundry has changed the face of the laundry business from traditional methods to modern ways. It involves outsourcing laundry services from the fast-growing on-demand laundry apps such as TaskRabbit and FlyCleaners. One of the reasons some hotels prefer it is because of limited space, resources, or budget.

The other type of service is in-house laundry. With sufficient space and the necessary resources, choosing in-house laundry may be great. In addition, investing in in-house laundry could be worthwhile if your hotel sends a considerable amount of linen off to be washed regularly. 

So, Which Is the Most Suitable Type of Laundry For Your Hotel?

Both in-house and on-demand laundry services feature pros and cons. This means the best choice for your hotel will depend primarily on the available space and personal preferences. 

Currently, are the laundry services in your hotel worth it? Read on to learn the benefits of every type of laundry service to help you answer this question. 

Does Your Hotel Require On-Demand Laundry Services?

There are several benefits of on-demand laundry services. They include:

Focus On Your Core Business

Outsourcing your laundry services on-demand helps prevent the hassle and stress of running in-house laundry. It allows your focus to rest solely on other aspects of running your hotel. 

Get Commission from Your Guests’ Outsourcing

If your hotel guests outsource their laundry, why shouldn’t you benefit from that? To earn a commission on each order placed, you need to place a few marketing materials around your hotel advertising. 

A Scalable Model

The good thing about the on-demand laundry model is it’s suitable for a single hotel or a chain. As you open up the possibility of on-demand laundry to more of your guests, this scalable model ensures your commission keeps on rising.

Customer Satisfaction

Keep in mind that the little details matter for customer satisfaction. Your clients will be keen to notice if the sheets on their bed have been changed or whether they have clean towels every night. A good on-demand laundry service is a great way to keep them happy.


Getting an excellent on-demand laundry service helps reduce the amount of stock you must have on hand. 


Different countries have different hotel laundry service licensing and business regulations. Most hotel regulators require you to wash your linens regularly to conform to the set standards. Luckily, seeking on-demand laundry services will make it easy if you have limited resources. 

 Limits Your Costs

You’ll be required to invest in expensive equipment if you intend to run in-house laundry services in your hotel. These include purchasing industrial-sized washing machines, dryers, and detergents alongside labor costs. However, these costs are eliminated when you outsource laundry services.

Free Up Space In Your Hotel

Using in-house laundry services requires substantial funds and space within your hotel. On the other hand, on-demand laundry services free up the space you would have used in putting up a laundry room. This space can instead be used to store more linen and cleaning supplies. If need be, you also convert it to a guest room.

Does Your Hotel Require In-House Laundry Services?

Even though most hotels prefer outsourcing their laundry, there are many advantages of bringing your laundry processing in-house. Some of these benefits include:

Cheaper in the Long Run

Even though it may be costly to set up an in-house laundry, in most cases, outsourcing laundry services is more expensive over time. Why? Most people think that acquiring machines is the highest cost of operating a laundry. On the other hand, labor, the largest expense, contributes to 45 – 55% of the total costs. 

Therefore, using in-house laundry doesn’t mean you’ve eliminated the labor costs. Instead, it helps avoid the added charge covering an outsourced company’s overheads. 

Better Business Processes

You can structure your laundry processes around your schedule rather than conforming to the laundry service provider’s timetable with in-house laundry. This is usually important to hotels that prefer towels and linen arriving before the guests. 

Better Control Over the Standard of Quality

Another benefit of bringing your laundry in-house is controlling the standard of care on your linens and their presentation. You are free to choose quality laundry machines that are gentle on fabric. As a result, this helps extend the life of your linen. 

Lastly, using in-house laundry offers you the privilege of training and developing your laundry staff to achieve your desired quality. This ensures increased efficiency and production, resulting in a reduction in the overall operational costs.

Customer Satisfaction

Providing an effective in-house laundry service to your hotel guests can boost customer satisfaction. Many guests traveling for business or holiday prefer handing over their dirty clothes for washing in the hotel where they are residing. This way, they feel safe and comfortable.

Extend Your Linen Life 

In-house laundry enables you to address stains instantly before setting in. This results in the prolonged life of your linen. On the other hand, on-demand laundry may take a while to wait for the laundry pickup service. 

Rental Packages Take Out The Hassle

If you want to use the in-house laundry, the good thing is you don’t have to buy your machines if upfront capital is a concern. Currently, you can access finance solutions such as small equipment loans and rental packages. 

 Apart from being hassle-free, rental packages give you access to the newest laundry equipment models. In addition, the lessor takes care of the machines, including regular servicing and repairs for a fixed monthly payment.

I have put together a list of all the best commercial washing machines for you here.

Bottom Line

The two laundry services are suitable for any hotel. What matters most is the available space, resources, and personal preference.

I also wrote a detailed list of the 6 best laundry delivery services that may interest you.


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