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How to Remove Fake Tan Stain From Clothes

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Are you looking for the best method to remove fake tan stains from your clothes? Relax. Though most stains are hard to remove, we have provided several methods you can use.

But, the best way to remove a fake stain is by squeezing some dish detergent onto a damp rag and rubbing it gently into the stain. Rinse the cloth with cold water and repeat the same process until all the stain is cleared.

Method 1: Using Laundry Detergent

Start by rinsing the area with cold water, as this is believed to help remove stains. Avoid using hot water, as this might have the reverse effect. Rinse the garment on the opposite side of the stain if feasible. (For example, run the back under cold water if the stain is on the front.

Next, make a solution of laundry detergent and water and gently dab it on the stain. Scrubbing the stain will harm the clothes and make them worse. Dishwashing liquid or soap will suffice if you have no laundry detergent. Finish by washing the garments as usual to remove the stain.

Method 2: Using Toothpaste

This method is effective if you have a small stain or a drop of fake tan on your garments, but it does not work well for larger stains.

Brush your teeth with a new toothbrush and some whitening toothpaste. If the cloth is more delicate, you can as well use your finger. Dampen the area with cold water and scrub the stain away with your finger or a toothbrush in circular strokes. When you’re satisfied, rinse with cold water and machine-wash.

Method 3: Using A Stain Remover

Although it may seem obvious, using a stain remover bar or powder to remove fake tan spots is another option.

Follow the product’s instructions for optimal results, ensuring that you use cold water unless otherwise specified. Finish with a regular machine wash, just like any other method, and you should be ready to go!

Method 4: A Standard 40 C Wash

Fake tan stains should be removed with a routine 40°C wash unless your garments are white or pale. To get the best results and avoid any difficulties, it’s preferable to wash the garment(s) separately.

If you choose this option, read the washing instructions on the label of your items to ensure that they will not harm them.

Method 5: Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove stains from white clothing, but it should not be used on colored or fragile materials.

If you’re unsure whether you can use hydrogen peroxide on a specific piece of clothing, read the label and, if you’re still unsure, do a patch test in a small area that won’t be seen when you’re wearing it.

You must dab the stain with a cloth or something similar soaked in 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Because hydrogen peroxide is a stain-lifting agent, you should observe that the stain fades over time. When you’re done, make sure to wash your clothes as usual.

How Can You Get a Self-Tanner Off of Sheets?

Your clothing isn’t the only thing that can get ruined when your fake tan. You may be wondering if a fake tan would wash off your bedding, if you slept before bathing off your self-tanner or if it has just transferred to your sheets. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Method 1: Using Washing Detergent

You may remove fake tan from your linens with the same laundry detergent solution you used on your clothes. Combine the same amount of laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, and cool water. Begin by rinsing the area with cold water, then repeating the process with the laundry detergent solution.

If required, launder your bedding, and they should be as good as new.

Method 2: Using Club Soda

Club soda is best to remove fake tan stains from your bedding in the same way that laundry detergent would.

Wet a cloth with club soda and dab the area with cold water. Use this to dab at the stain gently instead of scrubbing it. Place a dark towel beneath the covers if necessary to prevent the fake tan from transferring. Your linens should be OK if you give them a good wash.

Method3: Soak the Sheets

If the fake tan stains are significant, certain procedures may be unable to remove them completely. Try soaking the sheets in this case.

Fill a bath or basin with hot water and natural laundry detergent large enough to hold your linens. The enzymes in biological laundry detergent are not present in non-biological detergent and are responsible for removing the stain. Once the liquid is finished, place the sheets in it and soak them overnight. Drain and wash them as usual in the morning.

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How to Get Fake Tan Off White Clothes

Oxygen-based bleach is one method for removing fake tan from white clothes. With cool water, make a solution as per your oxygen-based bleach instructions. If the stain remains, soak the garment for up to eight hours, rinse, and repeat. Launder as usual in the washing machine later. Always try a new product on a tiny area before applying it to a larger area.

How to Get Fake Tan Off Clothes That Can’t Go in the Machine

Glycerine is another alternative for removing fake tan stains, and it can be used on small portions of non-machine-washable materials. To remove the artificial tan stain, spot-test in an inconspicuous place and dab away.

Dry cleaners who are professionals: If your garment is fragile or vital, or if it is dry-cleaned only, you should always see a professional cleaner. Please bring it to them as soon as possible, while the stain is still vivid in your mind.

Final Thoughts

If you always fake tan, you are likely to stain your clothes and bedding. However, with the above tips, you are sure on how to get fake tan stains off. There are numerous ways but it is wise to try different methods on different clothes and stains.

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