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Can You Sleep in Clothes? Your Questions Answered

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As a man who has grown up in the cold northern climate in Norway, I have lived through 29 winters so far. During this time I’ve often had to put on an extra layer of clothing to sleep comfortably through the cold. Today I want to answer your questions about sleeping with clothes on.

In general, it is OK to sleep with clothes on. In many cold countries around the world sleeping with clothes is necessary to keep warm through the night. Lose and clean clothes are best as they won’t restrict your blood flow, and it is important to sleep in clean clothes so you doing pull bacteria and dirt from outside into your bed.

There are a few particular clothing items we should go more into detail about to dispel some myths, and clarify some concerns regarding sleeping with clothes like jeans, hoodies, and beanies in bed.

Does Sleeping in Your Clothes Ruin Them?

In most cases sleeping in your clothes will not ruin them. Be very mindful of the smell of your clothes after you have slept in them. Some sweat a lot in their sleep, combine this with the outside dirt and bacteria on your clothes and you can quickly start to smell without noticing yourself.

Another concern is sharp zippers and metal pieces on your clothing that can damage your bedding.

Sleeping in Clothes You Wore All Day Outside

You should avoid sleeping in the clothes you wore all day outside if possible. If you decide to sleep in outside clothes, think about where you wore them since you last washed them as you will bring back bacteria, dirt, and in some cases insects from those locations to your bed.

Another concern to consider is your body cleanliness. If you are too tired to take off your clothes before sleeping, you will be sweating in these clothes all night. This combined with not showering can make you smell bad to other people even if you yourself don’t notice it at first.

Is it Bad to Sleep with Black Clothes?

While walking outside at night in black clothes can be dangerous, it is not bad to sleep in dark clothes. Dark clothes are just like any other colored clothes when it comes to sleeping. Make sure you wear clean, loose-fitting black clothing for your own comfort and cleanliness if you decide to sleep in them.

Tor Rydder sleeping with a black hoodie on

During the fishing seasons, I often end up sleeping in my black hoodies and hats to keep warm.

Is Sleeping with a Hoodie On Bad for Your Hair?

The only downside for adults is that your hair when sleeping with a hoodie on is that some of your hair may be pulled out during sleep. This, however, is only temporary as it will grow back out from the follicles on your scalp as soon as you stop sleeping with a hoodie on.

For me, this is a small sacrifice compared to being cold all night just to save a few strands of hair. But in the end you make your own decisions.

It is Weird to Sleep with Your Boyfriend or Girlfriends Hoodie?

It is not weird to sleep with your partner’s hoodie. Most people find the scent of their partner calming, and having a piece of their clothing with you, or on you can make it easier to fall asleep. This is most prevalent with women, as a man’s hoodie can often be a size too big, therefore making it comfortable for a woman to sleep in.

As for why you enjoy the scent of the hoodie, you probably associate it with them, you may remember your partner wearing the hoodie, or some of her perfume or soap may be lingering in the hoodie.

However, the most interesting part of this has to do with her pheromones. Since you are attracted to her pheromones and scent, you will also be attracted to the hoodie if they wore it without washing it before giving it to you. This is because their pheromones will have been smeared into the hoodie through her skin and sweat.

Sleeping with Pants On

In most cases, it is OK to sleep for adults to sleep with pants on. In many cold countries, it is normal to wear pants to bed. But two things to note is that while tight pants retain heat well, they can also restrict blood flow. And pants you have worn outside will drag bacteria and dirt into your bed, so wear clean pants to bed.

Many wear pajama pants or sweat pants to bed as these pants are comfortable and loose-fitting. If you have pants dedicated to wearing inside the house, or preferably for sleep only, that is optimal. Clean them regularly, and you will keep both your bed and body clean.

Learn how to fold your pajamas with this step-by-step guide.

It is OK to Sleep in Jeans

Generally, it is fine to sleep in jeans. Make sure the jeans are clean, to avoid bringing bacteria and dirt into your bed. On the same note, new denim pants may bleed dye into your sheets, so make sure to sleep on a towel or use dark sheets. It is also best to not wear too-tight jeans to bed as that can restrict your blood flow.

Personally, I often end up wearing these really stretchy jeans to bed when I’m sleeping out at sea since it can be cold, and I am too lazy to take them off. But it is important to know that while they may be warm under the sheets since they’re so tight, they are also slightly too tight to sleep in every day.

Man sleeping with jeans on

Sleeping in Jeans to Break Them In

Generally, you can sleep in your jeans to break them in. Be careful if they are unwashed, as the dye can easily rub off the pants and dye your sheets. There is also a concern of bringing bacteria and dirt into your bed if you have worn them outside. If the pants are too tight or feel restrictive during sleep you should not sleep in them.

Tight and stiff pants can be bad for your sleep and also restrict blood flow. As for the dye problem, you can consider putting down a towel, or sleeping in dark bedding where the dye will be less clear. In the end, it is up to you if it is worth sleeping in your pants. For most, it will be enough to wear them during the day.

Remember, you won’t get any sick fadez from wearing them to bed since you won’t be moving around much. But it may speed up the breaking in period of the jeans slightly.

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Is it Bad to Sleep with a Beanie On?

Generally, adults can sleep with a beanie on. In situations where it is cold, a beanie can keep your head warm through the night. You should wear a comfortably sized beanie so your circulation won’t be restricted, and it should be clean so you don’t bring any extra bacteria or dirt into your bed. You may pull out some hair temporarily if you sleep with a beanie.

This hair will grow back out once you stop sleeping in a beanie since the hair follicle in your scalp won’t be damaged. Personally I gladly make this sacrifice if it allows my head to be warm and comfortable through the night. I have found that wearing a hat is very effective for staying warm since it is one of the only exposed parts of your body when you sleep with a blanket.

As for the hair and beanie cleanliness, you should also remember that you should bring out a clean beanie when you wash your hair, otherwise you will dirty your hair again when you put on the beanie. The same goes the other way, if you change your beanie or wash it without washing your hair too, you will dirty it again very quickly.

Tor Rydder sleeping with a beanie on

Is Sleeping With a Hat On Bad for Your Hair?

Generally, wearing a hat to bed is ok for an adult’s hair. In the short term, your hair may be flattened after a night with a hat on, and it may temporarily pull out some hair during the night, but this will grow back out when you stop wearing a hat while sleeping. Remember that your hair will be dirtied if you wear a dirty hat to bed.

Another thing to consider is odor. If you sweat a lot during the night, you need to care extra for your cleanliness so you don’t start smelling bad.

Why do People Wear Beanies to Bed?

Most people that wear beanies to bed do it to stay warm. A clean, comfortably sized beanie is a great way to retain body heat and keep your head warm through the night. Since the head is often the only exposed part of your body when you sleep with a blanket, a beanie is very effective.

I often find myself putting on a beanie when I am sleeping in the boat as it is a great way to warm up, and stay nice and cozy during the cold nights.

Sleeping With a Jacket On

Generally, it is OK for an adult to sleep with a jacket on. If you are cold at night, a jacket or a hat is a great way to stay warm. Remember if you sleep outside and it is cold during the day too, the jacket may get wet if you sweat during the night. Wet clothes can make you cold very quickly.

If you consider wearing the jacket for sleep inside in your bed, make sure to keep it clean. If you have worn it outside, you can drag bacteria and dirt into your bed. Also, make sure it isn’t too tight so your circulation isn’t affected.

Sleeping In a T-Shirt

Generally, it is OK for an adult to sleep with a t-shirt on. A clean, loose t-shirt is best, as it won’t restrict circulation in your body. It is important to wear clean clothes that you haven’t worn outside to bed so you don’t drag bacteria and dirt into your bed.

Most people that sleep with a t-shirt on do so to stay warm through the night, or they want to be prepared if they need to get up in the middle of the night. Some also feel uncomfortable sleeping without it, especially if they live with other people.

Why People Sleep Without a T-Shirt

In most cases, these people are uncomfortable when sleeping with a t-shirt on. This could be because it is too hot, or because wearing a t-shirt can be constrictive compared to sleeping bare-chested.

Men, in particular, are often more comfortable without a shirt on and will often sleep without a shirt on at home.

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Sleeping in Underwear

Generally, it is OK to sleep with underwear on. It is best for you to sleep with loose-fitting underwear like boxers when possible. Tight-fitting underwear such as briefs, boxer briefs, panties, and thongs can restrict circulation, make you sweat, and makes for a great environment for bacteria. Make sure to sleep in clean underwear whenever possible.

Here is a guide to folding underwear you can check out next.

Sleeping in Shorts

In most cases, sleeping in shorts is a good option. Make sure you wear loose-fitting shorts that don’t prevent circulation and allows your body to breathe. Also, make sure you sleep in clean shorts so you don’t add outside bacteria and dirt to your bed and to yourself.

Is it Good to Sleep Without Underwear?

In most cases, it is fine to sleep without underwear. Sleeping without undies allows your body to breathe properly, and it doesn’t restrict circulation. Many people feel freer when sleeping without underwear on. But always make sure that you don’t get cold when sleeping without it.

Sleeping without wearing clothes has other advantages as well, like having much less laundry to do every week. But you still have to make sure that you keep your body and bedding clean.

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