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How to Stop a Fitted Sheet From Coming Off

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Fitted sheets are the answer to loose, ruffled, and wrinkled beddings. With built-in elastic bands around the four corners, the sheet fits snugly around the mattress, never to come off again unless you pull at it intentionally. Only it doesn’t always work that way. The fitted sheet often comes off at one or more corners, and then it’s no better than a flat sheet. So how can you keep a fitted sheet in place?

To stop a fitted sheet from coming off, you can use safety pins to pin the fitted corners underneath the mattress. More elaborate methods involve using stretch straps, bed sheet suspenders, knotting the edges of the top sheet under the fitted sheet, and using zipping sheets.

Although fitted sheets need some workaround to keep them from coming off the mattress, they still perform much better than a flat sheet. The following methods all work with varying degrees of success, although they differ in terms of simplicity and cost.

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Safety Pin

If you’re pressed for time and don’t want to spend too much to keep the fitted sheet firmly on the mattress, then I recommend using safety pins (paid link). This intuitive method is easy to apply in a few moments and won’t cost you much. You can get your safety pins at any dollar store. For this solution, you’ll need at least 4 safety pins. But if you want to keep the fitted sheet tight, I recommend getting between 8 to 10 safety pins.

How to Use Safety Pins

  1. Pull the fitted sheet tight from all four corners as well as the sides of the mattress to remove any slack or creases.
  2. Pull one corner of the mattress, make sure the fitted edge is in place and give it a tug. Secure the edge of the sheet into the underside of the mattress and snap the safety pin closed.
  3. Repeat with the other three corners of the fitted sheet pulling each corner tightly before securing it with the safety pin.
  4. For extra tightness, apply two safety pins on the sides of the mattress. Pull the edge of the sheet, then secure it underneath the side of the mattress.

Stretch Straps

Stretch straps are exactly what you’d expect them to be. They are rubber straps that stretch around the sides of the mattress to hold the sheet in place. 

Forming a band around the mattress, stretch straps come in different sizes to fit with the various mattress sizes available on the market. They are easy to find online and cost a few bucks. However, the tricky part is getting the exact size that fits your mattress. 

How to Use Stretch Straps

  1. Start by placing the fitted sheet over the mattress as normal. Make sure there are no creases, although you can always adjust the sheet afterward.
  2. Make sure you have enough room around all sides of the mattress. It might help to pull the mattress away from the headboard to give you access to that side.
  3. Place the stretch straps over the bed and connect all four pieces together to form a band. Make sure the locking mechanisms are secured, then pull stretch straps down to the side of the mattress over the fitted sheet.
  4. When the stretch straps are in place, give the edges and sides of the sheet a tug to keep it tight.

Bed Sheet Suspenders

Suppose you’re familiar with the concept of suspenders and how they keep pants firmly around your waist without the need for belts. In that case, you’ll like bed sheet suspenders (Amazon paid link). They work in the same way and latch onto the four corners of the sheet to prevent it from coming off or becoming slack. You can find them in many stores as well as online. You can buy them in sets of 4, 8, 12, or 16. I recommend getting a 16-clip set just in case.

How to Use Bed Sheet Suspenders

  1. The bed sheet suspenders have clips that need to be fitted around the four corners of the bed sheet. 
  2. Each clip has three arms that latch onto the corner, forming a triangle. Pull the corner of the mattress up firmly and start applying the clip.
  3. Adjust the length of the arms of the clip to keep the edge of the sheet taut and firm.
  4. Do the same with the other 3 corners of the fitted sheet.
  5. Review the results and tighten the clips as needed.

Knotted Edge

You can use the knotted edge when you have a top sheet, often a flat sheet, over a fitted sheet on the mattress. The top sheet will often slide off, wrinkle, and crumble, which can be uncomfortable during sleep. However, you don’t need any special tools or gadgets to keep both sheets smooth and taut on the bed. All you have to do is tie the edges of the top sheet and use the corners of the fitted sheet under it to keep them in place.

How to Use Knotted Edge

  1. Fit the fitted sheet over the mattress and give the corners a tug.
  2. Stretch the flat sheet over the fitted sheet and tie each corner into a knot. Make the knot fat and lumpy. That will help to secure it in the fitted sheet.
  3. Pull the corners of the flat sheet firmly by tugging at the edge and slip the knot into the fitted corner of the fitted sheet. If the knot is big enough, it will slide in and stay inside.
  4. Do the same with the other knots. Pull at the top sheet every time you tuck a knot into the fitted sheet.


When your fitted sheet starts to come off every time you roll over in your sleep, chances are the elastic bands around the corners of the sheet are becoming loose. You can use safety pins to secure the corners of the fitted sheet to the underside of the mattress. Stretch straps and bed sheet suspenders are also cost-effective ways to stop the fitted sheet from coming off.

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