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7 Best Washing Machines for a Laundry Business (+What to look for)

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Now that you are here, chances are you are looking for the best commercial washing machines to start your laundry business. Or maybe you want to add a new one to an existing business. 

Whatever the case, choosing the right washer is a real hustle. The commercial washing machine market is awash with all types of washing machines with different features and specifications. 

And this can be pretty confusing. But luckily, you are in the right place. In this article, we will bring you 7 of the best washing machines for the laundry business. 

These are the same models used in the most successful laundry businesses you see in town. So read on, and find more about them below.

The best washing machine for the laundry business must tick several points in its features and specifications to satisfy your customers’ needs. 

These include:

  • Fast wash speeds.
  • Large wash load capacity.
  • A wide array of programs to choose from.
  • Coin operated to keep running costs to a minimum.
  • Energy and water efficiency.

Below is our list of the seven best washing machines for the laundry business at a glance.

  1. Best Overall: Whirlpool Commercial Top Load Washer, Coin Equipped
  2. Best Washer and Dryer Set: Crossover 27″ Washer and Dryer set, With Front Load and Gas Dryer
  3. Best Cost-Effective: Speed Queen 27″ Washer and Dryer Set With Front Load Washer and Electric Dryer
  4. Best High Capacity: Miele PW 6137E 32″ Commercial Extractor Washer
  5. Best Innovative: Electrolux Front Washer WH6-11CV
  6. Best Features: Commercial Grade Residential Washer MVWP575GW
  7. Best Smart Washer: LG 5.2 CU Ft Titan Washer

More details about each of the above commercial washing machines follow next.

Afterward, you can read our comprehensive buying guide, frequently asked questions, and more.

Breakdown of the 7 Best Washing Machines for a Laundry Business

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1. Best Overall: Whirlpool Commercial Top Load Washer, Coin Equipped

When it comes to commercial top load washers, few models can rival Whirlpool 3.27 commercial top loaders. 

This washer boasts of a variety of features and specifications, which benefit your customers.

First, in a laundry business, you need powerful and fast washers. This is essential, as few customers are willing to wait forever to wash their laundry. In this aspect, this washer doesn’t disappoint. 

With its ½ HP motor and the flex vane agitator, you can trust it for a clean job real quick. The flex agitator enables a deep wash cleaning system for thorough washing and rinsing of clothes.

This is thanks to the agitator’s four wash programs, ranging from aggressive to gentle. In all four programs, the mechanism ensures efficient load rollover even for a large load.

Another unique aspect is its convenience. You can pop up the top lid at any stage of the cycle to either add more clothes, rinse some, and add more detergent or water.

And the best part is the machine is equipped with an easy-to-use control panel, even for first-time users. Furthermore, the controls are sturdy as they are designed to withstand frequent use without getting damaged.

Additionally, it is designed with a heavy gauge galvanized steel front panel for maximum durability. And finally, it is coin-operated so that you can cut operational costs.


  • Powerful ½ HP motor for heavy wash loads.
  • Flex agitator wash mechanism for deep-cleaning clothes.
  • Versatile; you can remove or add and rinse clothes portions mid-cycle.
  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel front for durability.
  • Coin operated for operational cost reduction.


  • Some customers complained of malfunctioning keys

2. Best Washer and Dryer Set: Crossover 27″ Washer and Dryer Set, With Front Load and Gas Dryer

The Crossover 27″ washer and dryer is designed for a commercial-grade level of washing if we were to abide by its features and specifications.

First, considering how frequency in usage can take a toll on these machines, it is designed for durability, as it can withstand up to 15000 wash cycles. 

This washer is quite a worthy investment for your laundry business.

In contrast with the snail pace washers, the Crossover 27″ washer-dryer set is a robust combination that shells out wash loads of crispy clean clothes.

This is thanks to its high-speed 300 G-force extraction technology, making the machines spin much faster than most competing models. 

That means faster clothes drying times which is the desire of most customers.

Another gem in this machine is its 8-point suspension feature technology. The advanced technology enables the washer to keep wash loads in balance, control suds, and clear cycles faster.

And when it comes to durability, this is a washer with essential parts designed with strong steel for stability and longevity. 

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the sealing design is one of the most robust compared to most other washers. That means the washer is unlikely to need repairs or replacement of parts soon.

Programming is another key benefit of this washer/dryer. With this versatile system, you can set normal and promotional pricing, even differentiating them by the date and time of promotion.


  • Durable washer/dryer combo with over 15000 wash loads
  • 8-point suspension technology feature for faster washing
  • Versatile vending and promotional programming
  • High-speed G-force extraction for faster drying
  • Different payment options; card, coin, OPL ready
  • 22lbs of wash load


  • Not WIFI enabled

3. Best Cost-Effective: Speed Queen 27″ Washer and Dryer Set With Front Load Washer and Electric Dryer

Speed Queen is, without a doubt, the commercial washer and dryer combination you would want in your laundry business. 

For starters, this is a model designed with a stainless steel tub for durability. Think of an interior tab that is corrosion-resistant, scratch, or crack-proof if used normally. 

Aside from durability, this is also essential for keeping the clothes from getting entangled in the wash cycles.

Speaking of wash cycles, you’ve got many options in its programs. You can choose between Heavy duty, Normal Eco, perm press delicate, rinse and spin, spin. 

All this ensures your customers are not limited by choice of programs that suits their needs.

The spins are even more dramatic, with a 440-G Force final spin at 1200 RPM that few other washers can beat. With this level of spin speeds, drying takes a fraction of the time taken by its peers.

Other fantastic features include a door opening on a 180 degrees swing, making loading and unloading a breeze.

The washer is equipped with features that take into consideration the needs of the people living with a disability. That is why it is ADA compliance certified.


  • Variety of wash programs for customers to choose from.
  • Powerful final spins of 440-G-force to remove moisture for easier drying.
  • 180 degrees door swing for ease of access.
  • ADA compliant.


  • No steam cycle.
  • No soaking setting.

4. Best High Capacity: Miele PW 6137E 32″ Commercial Extractor Washer

Miele is a large-capacity premium washer by any account. We’ve taken the time to analyze their features and specifications. Without a doubt, they check a lot of boxes for a powerful commercial extractor washer.

To start with, it is a huge 32″ washer that can handle 30lbs of wash loads with ease. This power comes from its high spin speeds averaging 1100, with a force of 500-G which is the highest in the industry. 

This and an array of wash programs make it a wise investment for any shrewd business person.

That is why most buyers do not mind its premium pricing, considering it’s a core business asset that will pay itself many times over. 

Remember, most customers may prefer using laundromats, for their washers such as this one, due to their high capacity compared to the home use types. Therefore buying it is a terrific business choice. 

We also liked its intuitive controls that even first-time users can use.

Others include the stainless steel drum construction, low consumption values, and a large, easy-to-use graphic display panel. 


  • 32″ can handle large wash loads.
  • High spin speeds and massive G-force for a fast wash.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Low consumption values


  • Not ADA compliant.
  • Not stackable to save space.

5. Best Innovative: Electrolux Front Washer WH6-11CV

Electrolux is a well-known brand in the appliances market that inspires confidence in the quality and performance of the WH6-11CV washer.

The washer has some of the most innovative features and specifications. An example is intelligent dosing, which is an ingenious precision in detergent dispensing. 

With this technology, the washer senses the wash load and automatically discharges the appropriate amount of detergent. This is huge if you want to cut down on detergent wastage and reduce costs. 

Another feature is power balancing using G-force adjustments for faster drying to cut costs and save time.

Moreover, an easy-to-use 7″ color control panel, with a variety of editable programs to suit your business needs, is something you won’t want to miss.


  • Intelligent dosing to avoid detergent wastage.
  • Intuitive control panel.


  • Lacks steam settings

6. Best Features: Commercial Grade Residential Washer MVWP575GW

Maytag’s are washers backed by years of innovative research, explaining why their exceptional features and specifications can boost your laundry business.

The washers run on a ½ HP motor, ensuring a powerful, smooth laundry process for your customers. 

Additionally, all its components are designed to withstand frequent and often rough use by customers. 

The drum interior is galvanized to resist corrosion from constant usage. All handles and knobs are made to serve your customers for a long time without needing replacement.

Other mechanisms include a dual action agitator, which enables frequent turning of the clothes to ensure uniform and deeper cleaning. 

We also liked the spin fill feature. With this feature, the drum turns as they fill with water, thereby saturating the clothes before the start of the washing.


  • Powerful ½ HP motor for a powerful wash.
  • Dual action agitator for a more thorough wash.
  • Spin fill for complete clothes saturation.


  • None worth mentioning

7. Best Smart Washer: LG 5.2 CU Ft Titan Washer

This is another of the smart large-capacity washers for customers with high-volume laundry needs. It features twin spray rinses, increasing rinsing washing and rinsing speeds.

This boosts confidence in your business as most customers want to clear their laundry as soon as possible and save time for other chores. 

Also, the washers are made with inverter direct drive technology, which is great for the durability of the machine. This not only saves your repair costs, but it is another way to show reliability in the eyes of the customers.

One other cool feature we found with this machine is it is super quiet. That means you do not have to fret about disturbing your customers or neighbors.


  • Super quiet to avoid disturbing neighbors and users.
  • Twin spray washing and rinsing mechanism to save time.
  • Durable washer.


  • Some users have reported excessive vibrations.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Washing Machine

When buying a washing machine, there are key requirements for the machine to be a good fit for your business. Let’s take a look.

Is It Top Load or Front Load?

Top load washers are popular due to their versatility, low cost, and faster washing and rinsing, making them excellent energy and time saver. 

For instance, you can always pop it open in mid-cycle to add clothes, remove some, or simply inspect the wash progress. However, one of the downsides is they are water and energy inefficient. 

In contrast, front loaders use sensors to automate water requirements. Additionally, they are not designed with agitators, which is excellent for gentle clothes washing. 

Not to mention, you can stack them to save on space.

Loads Capacity

Washer capacity varies in size. This can range from an average of 3.1 cu ft to above 4.5 cu ft. 

This, in turn, determines the load size, which can be as low as 12 pounds to as high as 20 pounds. Be sure to have a mix of washer capacities to serve different customer needs.

I wrote on washer load capacity in more detail here.

Whether Card or Coin Operated

Coin operated is the most popular washers in laundromats due to their simplicity and convenience to customers. 

But they have their own risks and challenges. One of them is difficulty in getting coins and manipulation by fraudsters to steal money or gain free washloads. 

Optionally you can use card operated one, though the installation cost may be dearer. But overall, you must do proper research to know the best fit for your target customers.


The space will determine the type of washers you can buy. If you are short of space, you can use a stackable one to stock more per space.

Power Consumption Efficiency

Power bills are a major part of operational costs in a laundry business. So look out for washers with energy star marks. They are the EPA-approved washers with the best power consumption rating.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Commercial and Domestic Washing Machines Different?

Both types of washing machines differ in how they are used. In general, commercial washers are more frequently used, so their parts are more durable to withstand this. Also, most have higher load capacity, larger drum size, and a few other features.

Where Is the Best Place to Place a Commercial Washer?

This depends on factors such as space, washer type, and design. For instance, unlike top loaders, you can stack up front loaders. 

Another factor is the drainage position, so you can easily drain water. Also, consider vibration to avoid interfering with other items in the house or people.

Can I Install a Commercial Washing Machine on My Own?

Commercial washing machines are not as simple to install as residential washers. Furthermore, installing them on their own may void the warranty. This is why it is best to have a professional install it for you.

I have also written a guide on whether it is worth it for a hotel to start a laundry business that may interest you to read next.

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