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Wet Yourself in Public? Do This Next

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Wetting in public can happen to anyone. The reasons are varied, from medical reasons to delay before going to the bathroom. And then there are unexpected causes. 

For example, few people would associate a burst of laughter or sneeze with accidental wetting. Yet this can happen. For whatever reason wetting yourself in public is an unenviable situation. 

Keep reading to learn tips on how to conduct yourself in case this happens to you.

  • If you wet yourself in public, the first thing is to avoid panicking.
  • In any case, most likely, no one else has noticed. So keep calm to avoid attracting attention.
  • Next, conceal the pee spot by wrapping up whatever you can find around your waist.
  • Finally, look for the next available bathroom to clean yourself and freshen up.

What to Do After Wetting Yourself in Public

Hide the Pee Spot

Since wetting is accidental, no one is prepared for this. So all you can do is to improvise whatever is available to conceal the urine spot.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Wrap a sweater or a long-sleeved shirt around your waist to cover up. Other tricks include strategically placing a handbag, purse, or hat to hide the spot.
  • Adjusting your body in a concealing manner. This could be a camouflaging walking style or covering the spot with your palm while pretending you are doing something else. 

For example, you may cross your hands on the crotch area and slightly heave your shoulder in a manner suggestive of feeling chilly.

  • Use other fluids to cover up the urine spot. Use colored drinks to hide the spot and mask the smell if available. For example, pouring orange-colored juice will make it look less embarrassing compared to a urine stain.
  • Make the spot inconspicuous. One of the ways is to spill water over the spot and make it larger. You can pour water around the entire bottom to make it look like you accidentally sat on a pool of water on a bench.
  • If it is obvious, you do not have to struggle to explain it. Sometimes telling the truth will make the people around you more understanding than a blatant lie. 

But if you can, look for a credible explanation for what is going on. For example, something like accidentally slipping and falling on a paddle or sitting on a wet bench. 

Whatever excuse you use, do not force it with a winded explanation. The more you try to explain it, the more unbelievable it will be.

Divert Attention

Look for a way to make people concentrate on other things to avoid realizing what is going on. There are several things you can do to divert people’s attention. 

For example, you might say something like: Is that Joe? I thought he migrated to Canada! Or, what is that looking smokey over there? Someone needs to investigate it. What’s that stuck on Kevin’s shirt?  

Be creative to look for an excuse to divert attention and slither away.

Cleaning the Urine Spot

Hopefully, you spotted a bathroom and safely landed there. However, even there, you might encounter people, so find ways to blend with the surrounding. 

But do not fret too much as most people are unlikely to be aware of your issues.

In any case, you might find trustable friends who can help you in the bathroom. Remember, even after cleaning up, you will need something to cover up with. 

If you can have someone lend you a scarf or a jacket, that would be pretty helpful.

Nonetheless, if no help is forthcoming, summon your confidence and trust the decision to be the best.

After you’re securely in the bathroom, it’s time to look closely at the urine spot in order to know what to do next. 

Sometimes the spot may not require much attention. Just a little sprucing up may cover it up, and you will be good to go.

On the other hand, it could be a grave problem that might require work. Proceed by removing the clothing item and spilling a little water on it. This is to dilute the urine stain and reduce its odor from it. 

While doing this, avoid messing up the clean parts of the clothing to avoid worsening the situation. 

Then if available, apply some hand soap to the stain spot, and scrub the spot against itself. Once done, hold the garment carefully and rinse the spot under a running water tap.

You can then wring the spot and hand dry it with a hand dryer if available. If not available, use your handkerchief or a paper towel to dry as much of the moisture as possible. 

The key is to use whatever is available to help you mop up the moisture.

How to Dry Clothes FAST (Quick Method That Actually Works)
More on drying clothes fast here.

Cleaning Yourself

After this, you need to clean the part of your body soiled by the urine. You can do this with your handkerchief by dipping it into the water, applying some soap, and wiping yourself with it. 

Remember to squeeze the handkerchief slightly to avoid transferring the soil and the odor to the cleaned garments. It is also a way to avoid breeding infectious bacteria. 

When finished, rinse the handkerchief with clean water, wring it, and use it to wipe and rinse the spot. You can then use a paper towel to completely dry it. 

Finally, you can wear your garment and head out. If it is not completely dry, you can conceal the spot with a jacket tied around your waist or whatever is available.

Wipe the Spill Spot

If you were sitting on a chair, the wetting might have permeated to the seat or maybe to the floor if you were standing. 

So do not forget to carry the same moist handkerchief, towel, drying paper towels, or toilet paper back there to clean up the spot.

If it was on a seat, discreetly wipe it in a way that can avoid arousing any suspicion. But if it does, have a credible excuse for wiping it up. 

Afterward, collect all the used cleaning materials and place them in the trash bin for safe disposal. Then, you can go on with what you were doing if you managed to remedy the situation well. 

But if it doesn’t work out well, you can ask for a sick day off at work rather than be uncomfortable the rest of the day.

Handling the Embarrassment

Phew! It’s all over. Nonetheless, if not well handled, the embarrassment can still bog you down. However, you can handle this by giving yourself a pep talk. 

Tell yourself it is not the end of the world. Whatever happened is not unique to you, as it can happen to anyone else. 

If you decide to go about your business as usual, do not show any change in your temperament. Showing any mood change may arouse unwanted curiosity.

If nothing else works, force yourself to smile. It is a well-known scientific fact that if you act happy, your entire body responds in kind and vice-versa. 

Additionally, you can try to remember other people that had the same experience and try to relate. This is psychologically soothing as it makes you feel you’re not alone.

Whatever you do, try to move the incident out of your mind and move on with your life as if nothing happened. After all, it wasn’t intentional, so it is not something to fret about.

I also wrote a list of the best laundry detergents to use for urine smell and a step-by-step guide on cleaning urine spots when you have some more time.

What Causes Urine Accidents?

Urinary Tract Infections

These infections affect the bladder, causing a burning sensation and sudden urge to urinate. That means that if you do not act immediately, you risk wetting yourself. 

To know what kinds of infections they are and how to treat them, see your medical health provider.


Considering that both the rectum and bladder are close together, hard stool causes irritation in the bladder. This causes the urge to go to the bathroom. If this is not done fast, urine will leak.


During pregnancy, there are bound to be hormonal changes in the body. This, among others, can lead to stress, which will cause urine leakage.


The nature of giving birth can reduce the power of the muscles and the nerves that control the bladder. Without effectively controlling the muscles, it will be hard to control urine.

Aged Bladder

With age, the structural integrity of the bladder is reduced, making it hard to hold urine. Related to that are the age-induced involuntary muscular movements.

This causes the bladder to release urine involuntarily.

Enlarged Prostate

This is especially a problem with older men, with the risk being higher for those above 40 years old.

At this age, the prostate gland starts to enlarge and press on the bladder reducing its capacity to store urine.

Avoiding Repetition of Future Incidents

Understanding Your Body’s Behaviors Is Key

If this has happened to you for the first time, now you have some experience with it. From now on, learn to listen to your body and act accordingly. 

One of the ways is to avoid holding on for long before going for bathroom breaks. If it is time to go, just go. Delaying farther than is possible will only result in problems. 

It is easier to avoid temporary inconveniences and to protect yourself from a potentially embarrassing situation. 

Regulate Fluid Intake

Some events and situations might make it hard to get places to relieve yourself. Notable examples include sports events and concerts. 

Another occasion is when using travel means without bathroom facilities. That means it can take you a long time in between bathroom breaks.

If you know you will be in such events, then go slow on drinking fluids.

Know Your Alcohol Intake Capacity

Alcohol is in the class of diuretics and causes the body to absorb a lot of water which is passed down as urine.

That means the more you consume, the more your urinating urge. 

And the problem is worsened by its ability to impair judgment leading to a loss of capacity to control your bowel. 

Perhaps to help reduce this confusion, you can do some simple things, such as knowing the surroundings before starting an alcohol intake session.

If you are in new surroundings, be sure to know where the bathrooms are for a quick dash if need be. 

Related to this is coffee intake. Caffeine, the main ingredient in coffee, can induce more urine than usual.

Protect Yourself From Urine Leaks

There are a variety of products in the market designed to prevent urine leaks. For example, adult diapers and sanitary pads are commonly used for people with problems with urine leaks. 

If you know you have got this problem, it is best not to leave the house without wearing these items.

Seek Medical Help

As we found above, the persistence of the problem can result from an underlying medical condition. However, the common culprit is urinary tract infections which may impair the bladder muscles. 

If this is the cause, it is best to consult your healthcare provider. They will conduct some tests and advise accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Discreetly Pee in Public?

If you are in places with no bathrooms and you’re pressed, you can be forced to urinate in public. One way is to squat behind a tree or any item that can hide your modesty. 

However, be careful to avoid running afoul of the laws and regulations of the particular neighborhood.

Is It Normal to Wet Yourself in Public?

Accidental wetting can happen once in a while. However, frequent leaking of urine is not normal and should be investigated. Causes are varied and can range from urinary tract infection and kidney stones to prostate problems.

Can Thinking About Peeing Make You Urinate?

It is a psychological fact that thinking about something might make you want to do it. Since most body actions are controlled by the brain, thinking about urinating is likely to send a urination urge to the nerves controlling bowel movements.

I also have guides on what to do if you poop yourself and how to clean up vomit. It could be useful for you to familiarize yourself with them as well in case you end up in a similar situation in the future.


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