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What is a Bedroom with a Bathroom Called? Organizer Explains

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If you have ever purchased a home or spent time looking at listings, you have likely noticed some terms that may or may not be familiar.  Usually, the terms used are to explain different rooms of the home or features that have been put into the home.

One term that you may have come across is En Suite. This is what a bedroom with a bathroom is called. It is important that this not be confused with the master bedroom because they are different. 

In this article, you will learn about an En Suite and how it is different from a master bedroom.

What is an En Suite?

En Suite is the term used to refer to a bathroom that is directly attached to another room. Usually, the bathroom is attached to a bedroom.  To be referred to as an En Suite, the size of the bedroom isn’t a factor. 

Benefits of an En Suite

When looking at homes, you may wonder what the exact benefits of an En Suite are.  After all, there seems to be quite a leverage placed on a listing to advertise this feature.  

Value: Emphasis is placed on the feature of an En Suite because it adds value to the home. Market research has shown that the addition of an En Suite has been proven to add nearly 5% to the home’s overall value. (Source: Quality Bathrooms)

Convenient:  Think about all the times you have had to get up and wander down a hall to use the restroom.  Most people have experienced this at least once and know it is not as convenient as stepping through a doorway in your room.  Many people prefer an En suite because it is more convenient. 

Personal: If you have ever had to share a bathroom with someone, you know that privacy is virtually nonexistent.  When you have an en suite, you have an added layer of privacy built-in.  Because the bathroom is likely attached to your bedroom, it is an area that can be off-limits to other members of the house, and you can make it your oasis if you wish.

Size:  An en suite bathroom can easily fit into a current design scheme or be easily added to an existing room.  Because it is likely to be used by one or two people, it can be a bit smaller than a traditional bathroom.

Saves time: This bonus isn’t necessarily something that comes to mind right away. Having a bathroom with direct access to your bedroom and wardrobe will likely save you several minutes each time you get ready.  Moving through a doorway to access everything you need in your wardrobe is much faster than moving down the hallway and through the house.

Cons of an En Suite

There are many positive things about having an en suite, but it is also important to recognize some of the negative things that may come with it.  If you live in a home with multiple bathrooms, you will likely not find many cons to the situation.  However, there are situations where one-bedroom homes or apartments have an en suite, which can become problematic for many reasons.

Limited Privacy: If the en suite is the only available bathroom in the home, you will forfeit privacy because it is likely that the entrance is through your bedroom.  If you are like most people, your bedroom is a private area that you don’t want a lot of foot traffic in.  If this is the case, an en suite could be problematic. 

Sharing: If you have a roommate who needs to share the ensuite with you, it could be problematic when it comes to getting ready in the morning and just having your own space.  Because an en suite is likely smaller, you will need to consolidate your belongings to accommodate more than one person. 

Clean:  Having an en suite that is private from everyone else gives you some wiggle room when it comes to keeping the space tidy.  If you don’t feel like cleaning the bathroom one day, you can close the door and know that nobody will see it.  However, if you share with other members of the house, you will need to make sure it is neat and clean each day. 

As you can see, there aren’t many cons to having an en suite, but some considerations need to be made.  These considerations are especially important if you are in a one-bedroom home or need to share the space with others. 

What Size Should Bedroom Have a Bathroom?

The interesting thing about an Ensuite is that it can be in any size bedroom.  Typically, an en suite is added to an existing room, which means you must make partitions.  Because of this, the size of the en suite is usually much smaller than a master bath.  

Because an en suite is usually smaller than a typical bathroom, you must get precise measurements before putting fixtures into the bathroom.  The planning phase is especially important if you are working with an extremely tight space because you may need to special order fixtures for the space. 

What is included in an En Suite?

Knowing that an En Suite is smaller than a traditional master bathroom may leave you wondering what is included in the space. Remember, an en suite will likely not be as spacious as most bathrooms, but it will include; a sink, toilet, and shower or tub. Many college housing properties offer the option of an en suite. It is a simple amenity with great benefits. 

EnSuite Vs. Master Bedroom

Master bedroom is one of the most common terms that you will see in real estate listings.  Not to mention, the master bedroom is one of the drawing factors of any home. Typically, this term refers to the largest bedroom in the house.  Usually, this is where the head of the house sleeps.  It is not uncommon to have a bathroom attached to the master bedroom.

Unlike the master bedroom, an En Suite can be about any bedroom in a house.  As long as a bathroom is attached to a bedroom, it can be considered an En Suite.  Typically you think of larger rooms with attached bathrooms, but that doesn’t always need to be the case. 

Final Thoughts

An en suite can be a fabulous addition to any bedroom in a home, but it is important to keep both the pros and cons in mind when you are building one.  While an en suite can add value to a home, it may not be considered valuable to everyone.  Because of this, you need to use careful consideration if you are planning to include one with hopes of a quick resale.


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