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About Organizing.TV

Organizing.TV is a content marketing website that teaches people how to do laundry, fold clothes, and organize their wardrobes with a focus on saving space.

Organizing.TV is best known for its popular YouTube channel Organizing TV which teaches people to fold clothes, clean various things like electronics and laundry, and how to live happily in a small space.

We help people master wearing, washing, and organizing their clothes to feel more confident and comfortable.

Tor from Organizing.TV

Our Story

After being a semi-nomadic traveler for the better part of the last decade, Tor Rydder was forced to stay home due to the situation that started in early 2020.

During this time, he integrated his minimalist travel lifestyle into everyday life in his small home on the west coast of Norway.

This included reorganizing the overstuffed closet and dresser in his bedroom. Having been a long-term traveler, Tor’s wardrobe at home was a mess.

Being stuck in lockdown with a mess was not going to work, so he decided to attack his wardrobe with his travel packing skills: Creating capsules, purging unneeded clothes, and rolling clothes in a space-saving way.

Starting a YouTube Channel

Tor Rydder quickly realized he could share this with others and started the YouTube channel Small Space Organizing (Now named Organizing TV)

The channel has grown steadily since its inception and is at a point where it helps millions of people every year.

A look at the growth of the YouTube channel in 2022.

Over the three years that the channel has been active, Tor has added additional topics that interest him, like washing and drying clothes.

Here are some of my most popular YouTube videos:

How to Fold Shorts (Quick and Space-Saving Methods)
How to Dry Clothes FAST (Quick Method That Actually Works)
How to Fold Fold Jeans (Quick Ways to Save Space)
How to Fold Men's Underwear (3 Space Saving Ways to Fold Boxer Briefs)

Starting This Website

This website, Organizing.TV was originally created as an extension of the YouTube channel, but has slowly grown into a large resource of its own that helps thousands of people every day.

In addition to embedded videos, you will also find illustrations, infographics, and written guides on most laundry topics here.

You can learn about our Editorial Policy here.

Here are some of my articles to check out. I especially recommend the one on folding clothes fast.

Running a Newsletter

In 2022, Organizing.TV also officially launched its newsletter, which focuses on teaching even more about laundry and organizing.

This newsletter is generally taught using a hybrid between video and written content to get the point across properly. Tor did, after all, start out as a YouTuber.

TikTok and Pinterest

In late 2023, we finally joined the rest of the world by signing up and starting to post regularly on both TikTok and Pinterest.

The content is primarily short-form in addition to image pins for Pinterest of course to help more users find our articles.

Premium Content

Organizing.TV also hosts the 14-Day Wardrobe Organizing Challenge, which teaches people to completely organize their wardrobes over the span of 14 days.

In addition to this, we offer two premium folding guides in the form of PDF books, one for folding clothes fast and one for folding clothes to save space.

Check out our Google Business Profile here and our Linktree here.


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