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About Tor Rydder

portrait of tor rydder

Tor Rydder is an internet entrepreneur, founder of Organizing.TV, Small Space Organizing on YouTube, and creator of the folding course Space-Saving Rolls. His articles and videos get millions of views every year.

My Work Story

After graduating with my diploma in Network Administration in 2015, there was a financial crisis here in Norway, so jobs were sparse.

For a good year, I worked with my municipality’s gardeners as an assistant while also working full-time for a grocery store whose boss I could not stand!

At this point, I knew there must be more to life than being bossed around.

Taking a big risk, I quit both jobs within months of one another in 2016. I started working for myself for the first time.

Me and my father catching an enormous angler in the local fjord.

I bought a boat and became a seasonal fisherman for half the year and an aspiring internet entrepreneur/travel bum during my time off.

Since then, I have traveled four continents and learned to live with next to nothing.

I would usually only come home to Norway for fishing seasons.

Me, travel bum.

To sustain my life on the road, I started working as a freelance translator for Norwegian and English and doing tech support for a large Canadian company remotely.

At least I got some use of my degree.

Most of this came crashing down during early 2020 since I was morally stuck in Norway, and fish prices plummeted.

Instead of working more online, I decided to start filming for YouTube. I had recently learned that I had an unusually high interest and skill in cleaning, folding clothes, and organizing small homes. 

Filming for Small Space Organizing in my tiny apartment.

You see, since I travel so much, I have lived in a tiny, tiny apartment for years to save on costs. And I don’t really mind since I have lived from a backpack for years on years.

Nearly three years later, we now have this website Organizing.TV, and Small Space Organizing on YouTube with millions views in the last year alone!

Recognition & Awards

My Personal Story

I live on a little paradise island outside the city of Bergen in Norway. Around here, I am mostly known as the nerdy guy who fishes and is never home.

From the outside, my life probably looks really exciting, always visiting new locations or being out on the water.

But in reality, I spend most of my time working on the computer, fishing with frozen fingers, or going for walks in the forest near my little home. 

I am currently single and living by myself, which I enjoy a lot since I love to travel and spend time alone. I do wish I had a cat though… They are my favorite.

Cat-sitting my parents’ cat Diva.

When I’m not busy working on fishing boats or creating content for you guys, I spend my time planning where to go next or actually going there!

I am also a big fan of YouTube and could easily binge-watch videos all day if I had the time. I also love reading books and listening to audiobooks and podcasts.

Usually, I read and listen to something useful like self-improvement, business, or organizing-related. My guilty pleasure is high fantasy books. 

Besides living on this little island to spend time with my parents, siblings, and grandparents, I have also lived in the Norwegian cities Bergen and Trondheim when I was a student back in 2012-2015.

I also lived in Bangkok, Thailand for a while since it is a great hub for going out and discovering Asia.

So that’s me.

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