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About Tor Rydder

portrait of tor rydder

Tor Rydder is a minimalist traveler turned professional organizer.

He is the creator of the Organizing.TV website, Organizing TV on YouTube, and the 14-Day Wardrobe Organizing Challenge.

His videos and articles help millions of people with laundry and organizing every year.

My Work Story

After living in a tiny hotel room for over a year, I graduated with an IT diploma back in 2015. The same year our financial overlords decided that a recession was overdue here in Norway, which dried up most prospects for young IT professionals, and set me on a different path in life.

So in 2016, I packed my bags and permanently moved back to my tiny, little loft apartment (which is even smaller than the hotel room!) and started working for myself.

Pre-YouTuber Days

During my years as a sole proprietor, I started traveling a lot as a minimalist backpacker.

This is really where I honed my organizing skills. Living out of a 5-6 KG bag for months at a time takes a lot of discipline and planning.

Minimalist Packing Tips (7 Years of Experimenting)
Here is my pack for a five-week motorcycle trip in 2021. It was even smaller back in 2016.

During this time, I primarily worked as a freelance translator for English to Norwegian online. I also love fishing and have worked on many fishing boats (including my own!) during fishing seasons.

Tor and a large angler (scary but delicious!)

Starting Small Space Organizing (Now Organizing TV)

Back in mid-2019, I quit my freelance work to laser focus on building my YouTube channel.

It was originally supposed to focus on packing luggage and other cool travel hacks, but as you can imagine, this wasn’t really the best time to start a travel-focused channel with 2020 right around the corner.

So during the early 2020 lockdowns, I made a pivot and started teaching viewers how to organize wardrobes at home instead of out of a suitcase, and how to clean their laundry in the washing machine instead of in a dodgy hostel sink.

Filming for Small Space Organizing (Now named Organizing TV) in my tiny apartment, fall of 2021.

This pivot was a bigger success than I could’ve ever imagined, and I am very proud to say that the channel now helps millions of people every year.

Here is a look at the YouTube analytics for 2022.

Below, I have listed some of my favorite videos that I’ve made over the years.

It’s funny; If you watch from the first to the last one linked, you can see me slowly aging.

How to Remove Odor From Shoes PERMANENTLY
How to Fold a Blanket (With ENGLISH Instructions)
3 Clever Ways to Fold T-Shirts (and Save Space)
3 Steps to Organize Your Wardrobe (Start to Finish)

Since I am already bragging a little, here is my favorite comment I received over the past three years:

In January 2023, the YouTube Channel changed its name from Small Space Organizing to Organizing TV.

Starting Organizing.TV

After obsessing over folding and washing clothes for a good year, I decided that I should also create this website, Organizing.TV as an extension of the YouTube Channel.

Staying true to the channel’s “origins,” the website also focuses on laundry and organizing clothes.

Tor writing for Organizing.TV (if you look closely, you can see that I am actually writing this about page)

And over the past two years, after writing over 300 articles, the website has grown quite a large following as well, helping out thousands of people every day.

What is even cooler to me personally is that a bunch of my favorite websites, like Yahoo!, Real Simple, House Digest, Ideal Home, Homes & Gardens, The Mirror, and Woman & Home (1), (2), (3) have quoted my work!

I’ve also done exclusive interviews on organizing and cleaning with prominent online publications like MSN, Daily Mail and Express, which I could’ve never imagined would be possible only a few years ago.

Below I have listed some of my best articles. As you can imagine, the “folding clothes for travel” one is my personal favorite.

In 2022 I also started a newsletter for both my YouTube viewers and my website readers that teaches about laundry and organizing in a hybrid style, as I usually make both videos and write in these to cater to everybody.

In addition to this, in 2023 I finally signed up and started posting regularly on both TikTok and Pinterest.

My Folding Booklets and the 14-Day Wardrobe Organizing Challenge

Over the past three years, I have created two PDF booklets that teach everything there possibly is about folding clothes. I call them Space-Saving Rolls and Fast File-Folding. I sell them independently through Teachable and Podia.

The early feedback from my customers was so encouraging that I started thinking about creating something more to sell.

So after three years of full-time work on the website and the channel, I decided that it was finally time to leave my mark on the organizing world.

So I created the 14-Day Wardrobe Organizing Challenge.

As its name suggests, it helps the participants reorganize and create their perfect wardrobe over the span of two weeks.

This was by far my biggest undertaking ever. The challenge contains daily videos, worksheets, and much, much more. As you can imagine, I am very proud of it.

That’s it for my work story so far. I’ll share a bit more about myself personally for the remainder of this article.

My Personal Story

I live on a little paradise island outside the city of Bergen in Norway. Around here, I am pretty sure I’m known as the overly-neat, nerdy guy who fishes and is never home.

From the outside, my life probably looks really exciting, being a YouTuber/blogger, always visiting new countries, or being out on the water.

But in reality, I spend most of my time working on the computer to create content for you guys, fishing with frozen fingers, or going for walks in the forest near my little home. 

I am currently single and living by myself, which I enjoy a lot since I love to travel and enjoy spending time alone. I do wish I had a cat though… They are my favorite.

Cat-sitting my parents’ cat Diva. It looks like she is cat-sitting my laptop too.

When I’m not busy filming, writing, fishing, or walking in the forest, I usually obsess over where to visit next and how to organize my little backpack as effectively as possible.

I am also a big fan of YouTube and could easily binge-watch videos all day if I had the time. I also love reading books and listening to audiobooks and podcasts.

Usually, I try to read or listen to something useful like self-improvement, business, or organizing-related. My guilty pleasure is high fantasy books. 

Besides living on this little island to spend time with my parents, siblings, and grandparents, I also lived in the Norwegian cities Bergen and Trondheim when I was a student back in 2012-2015.

So that’s me.

You can also check out my Google Business Profile here or learn about Organizing.TV’s Editorial Policy here if you’re interested.


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