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Editorial Policy


All content published on Organizing.TV is written and edited by Tor Rydder, or quality-checked and edited by Tor Rydder.

Most of the content is written and edited by Tor Rydder personally. At times, Organizing.TV also uses professional writers to provide high-quality content on certain topics. In these cases, the articles are heavily scrutinized by Tor Rydder before publishing.

The articles go through multiple stages of quality checks before they are published.


All the factual statements in the articles are checked against multiple credible sources to make sure everything is up to standard.

Grammarly is used for spellchecking all articles before they are published on the website.

In the case that a writer other than Tor Rydder has written the first draft of an article, the articles will also be plagiarism-checked using Grammarly’s plagiarism checker.

Readers are encouraged to contact Organizing.TV if there are facts in the articles you believe to be false. We are always happy to be challenged to create the best possible resource for our readers.

Subjective statements and information in the articles are, of course, the writer’s own. The writer Tor Rydder has substantial expertise in the laundry and home-organizing fields.


Per Organizing.TV guidelines, every image used in the articles is one of the three options below:

  • An original photo made by Tor Rydder for the purpose of being used in the article.
  • Is sourced from our YouTube channel Organizing TV, also owned and operated by Tor Rydder.
  • In case nothing else is available at the time, photos will be sourced from a third-party stock photo provider. We currently use or, which we have licensing agreements with for use on Organizing.TV.

All images on the website are strictly quality-checked to ensure they are as helpful as possible. Please note that the original images are all taken by Tor Rydder using a camera simple camera, i.e iPhone or cheap Canon M50, not a professional photographer.

Editing software like Adobe Photoshop and Canva are frequently used to enhance the descriptiveness of photos.


All videos embedded in articles on Organizing.TV is meant to supplement or enhance the articles.

A large majority of the embedded videos are currently hosted on YouTube under the Organizing TV channel, or on our ad manager Mediavine’s platform.

All videos hosted by the channel Organizing TV on YouTube are created and owned by Organizing.TV.

The videos have been quality-checked upon creation and are rewatched before embedding to make sure they are suitable for the article.