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Refund Policy

When you sign up for any of our courses or guides you are immediately given access to the entire library of videos as well as the PDF worksheet with step-by-step instructions. and potentially other bonuses like the spreadsheet calculator tool.

Since we only charge a one-time fee for the Information Products, giving refunds would open us up to being taken advantage of since people could easily download the tools permanently, and go through all of the videos then request a refund.

So because of the nature of the Product, we can’t provide refunds for Block Rolling: Folding Clothes Course, the Fast File Folding Guide, nor the Space-Saving Rolls Guide.

This protects both the website from being abused and you as the customer from losing the value of this exclusive course.

For the 14-Day Wardrobe Organizing Challenge, we can provide a full refund if requested within 7 days after purchase.

You can contact us here for a refund or by using our direct email address: [email protected]