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Hanging Shorts: The Complete Guide (How to + Best Hangers)

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Hanging shorts is actually a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. In this guide, I’m going to teach you all the ways you can hang your shorts, and recommend the best hangers for you to use on your shorts.

4 Clever Ways to Hang Shorts (Step-by-step guide)
Here’s a video I put together demonstrating all the ways to hang shorts that I will teach you in this guide.

How to Hang Shorts On a Coat Hanger

The simplest way to hang shorts is the classic way. This mostly avoids creases, and also holds reasonably well onto the coat hanger.

  1. Place the shorts down with the front facing up.
  2. Fold the shorts in half from side to side.
  3. Lay your coat hanger on the middle of the shorts thigh with the hook facing up towards the shorts’ waist.
  4. Pull the waist of the shorts through the hanger and pull it down so that the waist nearly meets the leg openings on the shorts.
  5. Let the shorts rest on the bottom of the coat hanger.
  6. You can now lift it up and hang it in your closet.

How to Hang Shorts So They Don’t Fall Off Coat Hangers

Generally, the best way to hang shorts so they don’t fall off coat hangers is by Seville folding them.

How to Fold Short Denim Shorts

Hanging short shorts on a regular coat hanger is both fast and easy. This will not work for short shorts with slippery fabric as they will slip off, but for regular denim shorts and the like, this works great.

Place the shorts down flat with the front facing up. Place a coat hanger in the middle of the shorts, making sure that the hook of the hanger just barely doesn’t touch the crotch of the shorts. Now, fold the shorts over in half from side to side. Now you can lift your shorts and hang them in your closet.

How to Hang Shorts on a Pant Hanger

The easiest way to hang your shorts is using a pants hanger. Not only will they hold on tightly, they will not wrinkle when hung like this.

  1. Lay the shorts with the front facing up. If you have very wide shorts, consider folding them in half from side to side.
  2. Place your pant hanger over the waist of the shorts, and adjust the clamps so that they grab the shorts at the same point on both sides. Preferably as far out to the sides as possible.
  3. Fasten the clamps on both layers of the shorts’ waist. Make sure that there is no fabric hanging loose between the two clamps as this can crease the shorts.
  4. Now you can hang the shorts.

The Best Hangers for Shorts

When it comes to storing shorts, there are two schools of thought. The first is to just fold them and keep them in a drawer. The other school adamantly recommends hanging the shorts as you would do with the pants, shirts, skirts, and coats in your wardrobe. Each group insists that its method is the right one. But I tend to lean toward using hangers for shorts.

For one thing, folding the shorts is a quick way to leave creases and folding marks on them that everybody will quickly notice once you put the shorts on. The other reason for hanging the shorts rather than folding them is that you get to air them and prevent the stuffy smell that folded clothes have when you leave them in a drawer for a while.

I researched the best hangers for shorts in the market so you don’t have to. I grouped the hangers for shorts together by their best features for your convenience and to help you zero in on the best hangers for you.

Best Shorts Hangers to Save Space

Admittedly, shorts tend to take up precious space in your wardrobe. If you have a half dozen shorts then it doesn’t make sense to hang each one on its own hanger. That will leave little space for the shirts, pants, and other garments. Instead, you should find hangers for shorts that save space.

These hangers are specifically designed to hang more than one pair of shorts which allows you to hang your shorts while also keeping enough space for the rest of the clothes. I recommend these space-saving hangers for shorts when you have a small wardrobe. They can keep the wardrobe organized and prevent clutter. Here are the top space-saving hangers on the market.

Please note: The recommendations are paid links to Amazon.

  • ZOBER Space Saving 5 Tier Metal Hangers Not only does Zober provide a 5-tier hanger, but it’s also made of metal and comes with clips. Each tier can accommodate one pair of shorts comfortably. And instead of folding the shorts over the bars of the hanger, you just clip them to avoid creasing them and to improve the ventilation of the fabric. The swivel hook gives you more flexibility when arranging the hangers inside of the wardrobe.
  • MOONIGHT TIME Plastic Hangers: These hangers follow a different methodology when it comes to saving space. Each hanger has 5 tiers of hangers united by one hook. But that’s not all. The clips on each tier allow you to hang more than one pair of shorts on the same tier. One hanger can hold as many as 10 shorts at a time without crowding them. The hangers are made of plastic to keep them light.

Best Affordable Shorts Hangers

Since each one of us has a dozen or more pairs of shorts in our wardrobe, buying hangers for each one of them can be quite an investment. But rather than wait for the hangers for shorts to go on sale on Black Friday, I scoured the market for hangers that are quite affordable without sacrificing the quality of the hangers or using hazardous materials in them.

The key feature of affordable shorts hangers is that they come in a pack of 10 or 20 together. Each pack sells for under $15 which means each hanger will cost you less than a dollar and a half. I also made sure these are heavy-duty hangers for shorts that will serve you for many years to come without breaking or damaging the shorts. 

  • Heavy-Duty Add-On Metal Hangers with Clips: These hangers from Zober come in packs of 10 and 20 hangers making them quite affordable. But that’s not the only reason they’re on this list. These metal hangers allow you to stack more hangers to create a chain of hangers that hold a dozen or more shorts on the same hanger. In addition to saving money, you’re also saving space in your wardrobe.
  • WEYANG Black Plastic Hangers with 2-Adjustable Anti-Rust Clips: These plastic hangers come in a pack of 10 hangers and sell for under $15 at a discounted price. The sturdy clips are the best feature of these hangers. They are adjustable which allows you to hang two pairs of shorts on the same hanger. The anti-rust clips are safe to use with different fabrics and materials without the risk of staining them or leaving marks on the shorts.

Best Value Hangers for Shorts

Best value hangers for shorts are hangers that give you top-quality, space-saving, and multi-purpose hangers that sell at a good price. Although they might have a slightly steeper price, the durability of the hangers and toxic-free materials are well worth every cent you put into these valuable hangers for shorts. 

  • ESEOE Non-Slip Hangers with Clips, 12 Pack: What sets these hangers from Eseoe apart from the rest is the sheer size of each metal hanger. Measuring 11.8 inches in width, you can hang two pairs of shorts on each hanger with ease. The metal clips and metal bars don’t rust and make the hangers quite durable. And if you have a large collection of shorts, I recommend buying the 50 hangers pack.
  • GoodtoU 30 Pack Hangers with Clips: GoodtoU offers multi-purpose metal hangers that work for everything from shorts to skirts, and pants. This can come in handy if you throw your old shorts and end up with more pants than shorts. You can use these versatile and sturdy metal hangers with many garments in the wardrobe regardless of their length and weight. They’re quite slim and save space while keeping the shorts crease-free. The 30-pack should be enough to hang most of your clothes and get your wardrobe organized. 
  • DOIOWN 4 Tier Skirt Hangers: Although designed mainly for skirts, you can use these metal hangers for your shorts as well. Made of metal with a swiveling hook at the top, each tier has two hangers with 4 clips. That means you can hang up to 16 pairs of shorts on a single hanger.

Check out my guide on how to fold shorts next to take your wardrobe game to the next level.

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