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How to Remove Eyeshadow Stains From Clothes

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Eye shadow is phenomenal in accentuating the glow and the beauty of the wearer. However, no matter how deft you are in applying eyeshadow, some will land on your garment. Soon your lovely makeup moment might become upsetting as you imagine your ruined white top.

However, if you thought of dumping your best garment, stop it. Instead, use the following tips to remove the stains and restore your garment.

The best method to use to remove eyeshadow stains is to use a blower. Naturally, eye shadows’ are powder stains. Therefore when using a hair blower, it blasts out the dust unless the stains have been rubbed and set into the fabric. With most of the stains blown off, laundering normally removes the rest of the stain.

How to remove eyeshadow stains from clothes with a dryer. 

Like most powder makeup stains, eyeshadow stains do not immediately get stuck on the garment. The problem arises when out of panic, the first we do is to rub the powder stain away, making the stain stick deeper into the fiber. 

To remove the stain, first, shake the eye shadow stain dust off the garment. Next, place the clothing on a flat surface to make the stained part visible. And with the hair blower nozzle directed at the stained part, switch it on to blow the dust stain away. 

Remember, the best trick is to blow off from one end of the stained part to avoid spreading it into the rest of the garment. You can then wash with a heavy-duty detergent.

Alternative Methods of Removing Eye Shadow Stains

Sometimes blowing away the stains might not work, especially if the eyeshadow stains have sunk deeper into the fabric. If that is the case, the following methods will be helpful in clearing the eyeshadow stains.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is fantastic for removing eyeshadow makeup stains from clothes. Once applied, it penetrates deeper and breaks down the talc, mica, and kaolin clay, the main ingredients in the eyeshadow. 

Apply a few drops to the stain and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then deep a clean piece of clothing into alcohol and use it to dab the eyeshadow stain with it. Repeat this step several times until the stain is removed, and wash the garment normally.

Using Soap and Water

The good old soap works wonders with eyeshadow stains. First, shake off the excess eyeshadow from the clothes before dripping a little amount of cold water onto the stain. Thereafter, with a clean wet piece of clothing, dab the stain to move it. 

Then, apply one tiny drop of hand wash soap and gently spread it over the stain before rubbing it against itself several times to loosen the stain. And lastly, with a wet piece of cloth, wipe out the stain before washing.

Shaving Cream

Other than its usual protective use during shaving, shaving cream is also quite effective in clearing stains. Due to the foaming ingredients in the shaving creams, it penetrates into the clothing fabric and breaks down eyeshadow stains. 

To use shaving cream, spread it evenly on the stain before gently scrubbing it with a toothbrush. You can then wait for 10 minutes and wash as usual.

Using Makeup Wipes

Makeup wipes are great for removing all makeup smudges and stains, including eyeshadow ones on clothes.

Before using makeup wipes, shake off the loose eyeshadow dust from the clothes to avoid messing further.

Thereafter, use wipes to blot out the stain off the clothes, and you can launder them later with your usual detergent. 

Hair Spray

Most people know the use of hair spray in hairdressing. They do not know; hairspray is also a tremendous eyeshadow stain remover.

Hair spray stain removing power is due to alcohol as one of its ingredients. And as we found earlier, alcohol is an excellent stain remover. 

So, for this to work, be sure to use only alcohol-based hairy sprays. Before applying the hair spray, shake off the unstuck eyeshadow dust from the clothing.

Next, spray on the stain and wait for 20 minutes before rubbing it off with wet wipes. If the stain will not have cleared, you can follow the procedure before hand washing or tossing it into the dryer.

Detergent Pens and Wipes

This is probably one of the most convenient eye shadow stain removers. This is a light item that can easily be tucked inside a handbag as you go about your business.

Then if you stain your top when refreshing your makeup, you can get out your detergent pen and work on the eyeshadow stain. 

The pen, for example, Tide To Go, works by releasing the detergent when its tip is pressed on the fabric. The more you press the pen tip, the more detergent solution comes out over the stain.

Tide To Go Pen Liquid Stain Remover for Clothes, Tide To Go Pen, Instant Spot Remover for Clothes, Travel & Pocket Size, 3 Count
  • Powerful solution breaks stains down; microfiber pad lifts and absorbs them; Doesn’t contain bleach
  • Portable, pen-like design – fits neatly into briefcases, purses, drawers, or car compartments
  • No mess, nothing to throw away, nothing to get on hands
  • Works well on tomato juice, ketchup, BBQ sauce, grape juice, coffee, wine, tea, chocolate syrup and more
  • Doesn’t contain bleach

The obvious advantages of the detergent pen are convenience, reusability, and economical. Also, they make it easy to treat the stain when it is fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Eyeshadow Come Out of Clothes?

Eye shadow is a removable stain if washed immediately and correctly. There are several cleaning methods you can use to remove eyeshadow stains. These include rubbing alcohol, hair spray, makeup wipes, detergent pens, and shaving cream, among others. For best results, be sure to clean the stain at the earliest time possible.

Can I Use Bleach to Remove Eyeshadow Stains on Clothes?

Bleach is quite an effective eye shadow stain remover. However, remember bleach bleeds dye on colored clothes. So, be sure of the colorfastness of the clothes you’re washing. 

For white clothes, mix ½ a cup of oxygen-based bleach in one gallon of water, and soak the garment in cold water for a minimum of 2 hours before running the normal wash cycles.

Can I Use Makeup Remover to Remove Eyeshadow Stains?

Makeup removers are impressive eyeshadow removers on clothes. The same mechanism used to remove and dissolve the makeup works wonders when applied to clothes. 

Next, you can check out my complete guide to removing all makeup stains.

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