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What is a Bureau Closet? Organizer explains

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After reorganizing my home, I realized that there is a lot of confusion online as to what a bureau closet actually is. So let me clarify once and for all.

A bureau closet is a piece of furniture generally found in an office. It generally refers to a chest of drawers used to store papers. But a bureau can also refer to an office desk.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg here. Let’s dive a little further down into the differences between bureaus and some other common home furniture that it may be confused with.

The Difference Between a Bureau and a Dresser

A dresser is typically used for storing clothes and is kept in the bedroom. While you can usually find a bureau in the office where it is used for storing papers. Bureau is also sometimes used to refer to an officedesk.

Here is a picture of my bureau in my office during the middle of a workday. As you can see it is designed to hold office supplies, and in the modern world, computers as well.

The word bureau is quite widespread as you can hear it refer to everything from a dresser to an office building generally full of government workers. The word originates in France and refers to a tablecloth generally used to cover a table, or desk. It has since then evolved to meaning the desk itself. And from there it is spread further to meaning an office full of desks.

Here is a dresser found in my bedroom. As you can see it is designed for holding clothes. Learn more about folding clothes here.

The Difference Between a Dresser and a Chest of Drawers?

Generally, a dresser is used to store clothes and can be found in the bedroom. A dresser is a chest of drawers, but a chest of drawers can come in many shapes and sizes and can be found in any room of your home, or office.

Why People Call a Dresser a Bureau

Generally, a dresser is located in the bedroom while a bureau is located in the office. Both are chests of drawers.

So as you can imagine they are easily confused with one another due to the similarities between the two.

What is a Dresser with a Mirror Called?

A dresser with a mirror attached to it is called a vanity or vanity dresser. Not to be confused with a bureau which is usually found in offices.

The difference between a vanity and a dressing table is that a vanity is exclusively a dresser with a mirror placed on it, or attached to it. While a dresser does not need to have a mirror on it. Both are found in the bedroom, and generally contain clothes.

What is a Man’s Dresser Called?

Both men’s and women’s dressers are called dressers. The word comes from “dressing table”, which is a chest of drawers found in the bedroom. Sometimes lowboy is confused for a man’s dresser, but this is a term generally only used by collectors to refer to a specific type of dresser.

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